• Julia Taylor
    Working with Joanna is the single most important thing I have done in my adult life.
    —Julia Taylor

  • Rita Garnto
    My number of clients increased by 156%!
    —Rita Garnto

  • Jessica Michaelson

    I have a clearer vision of my business structure and…my income has doubled.
    —Jessica Michaelson

  • Megan Slaven
    I have a list of clients that is continuing to grow, and I now see opportunity where I used to see defeat.
    —Megan Slaven

  • Bryce Goebel
    What would have taken years on my own has been accomplished in months.
    —Bryce Goebel

  • Elizabeth Saunders
    I had my most successful financial year to date and my first successful product launch.
    —Elizabeth Grace Saunders

  • Regena Garrepy
    Since working with Joanna, my entire life has changed.
    —Regena Garrepy

  • Meggie Winchell
    In just three months my income doubled, my clientele grew, I taught a fantastically successful teleclass, and my group coaching program filled with ideal clients.
    —Meggie Winchell


I’m Joanna Lindenbaum. Welcome!

Want to know the fastest way to grow your sacred business? Grow your sacred self while implementing fully aligned marketing & operations strategies.

That means:
Get real about your fear of visibility.
And your fear that you’re not brilliant at what you do.
Bust through beliefs that say you’re not valuable enough.
Become your own independent woman, free of your mother’s rules and your friends’ opinions.

Learn to honor your time (because your time IS your life).

Live your life and lead your business based on your inner wisdom & the earth’s rhythms.
Find the confidence to speak your Truth, no matter what.

Step into your Priestess self, creating rituals and experiences that transform those you serve.

Become the leader you were meant to be.

Connect to your wisest self.

Market in ways that feel authentic and in integrity to you.

And most importantly, always remember that you are sacred and your work is needed in the world.

This is how I help my clients—the thought leaders and future thought leaders of the world – grow their income, expand their platform, live their mission and their values, and become happier. As we do this courageous and necessary inner work, we overlay savvy marketing & operations strategies that are aligned with YOU, your values, and in integrity to create the business of your dreams.

Want this kind of experience of your sacred self and your sacred business?
Then let’s talk!


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How to Effectively Analyze Your Marketing Efforts

When your marketing and outreach aren’t yielding the results you want, a common mistake is to try to change everything about the marketing at once — you scrap your launch or your entire funnel or your system for bringing on new clients and you start from scratch.

For example: You send out an email to your community about a new program. The email leads readers to your sales page, and you don’t make too many sales.

My Top 3 Business Blunders of 2015

1-8-16MistakesI get deeply annoyed and sometimes angry when I see “gurus” pretending that their lives and businesses are perfect because…NO ONE’s life or business is perfect. We all have our challenges, our frustrations, and I am pretty sure we all make our fair share of mistakes.

I always strive to be as transparent as I can with YOU (my beloved community!) because I know that your personal and business growth will accelerate if you know that you are in very good company when things don’t go your way — it will help you refrain from beating up on yourself, comparing yourself, and judging yourself… all things that slow down your growth.

So here’s what you need to know:
I make mistakes.
Lots of them.
Sometimes, after I’ve made them, they are seriously painful.
They may cost me time or money or opportunity or peace of mind.