• Elizabeth Purvis

    Joanna’s understanding of ritual is vast, deep and rich. I learned things that were completely new to me – and I’ve got 20+ years of ritual experience myself!
    —Elizabeth Purvis

  • Brenna Smith

    I have sensed a deeper connection in my group work, which has allowed my teaching to support others in even deeper transformation and life changes.
    —Brenna Smith

  • Rita Garnto

    My number of clients increased by 156%!
    —Rita Garnto

  • Jessica Michaelson

    I have a clearer vision of my business structure and…my income has doubled.
    —Jessica Michaelson

  • Megan Slaven

    I have a list of clients that is continuing to grow, and I now see opportunity where I used to see defeat.
    —Megan Slaven

  • Bryce Goebel

    What would have taken years on my own has been accomplished in months.
    —Bryce Goebel

  • Elizabeth Saunders

    I had my most successful financial year to date and my first successful product launch.
    —Elizabeth Grace Saunders

  • Regena Garrepy

    Since working with Joanna, my entire life has changed.
    —Regena Garrepy

  • Meggie Winchell

    In just three months my income doubled, my clientele grew, I taught a fantastically successful teleclass, and my group coaching program filled with ideal clients.
    —Meggie Winchell


I’m Joanna Lindenbaum. Welcome!

I am on a sacred mission, and I’d love for you to join me.

You see, there is a deep dark secret that massively impacts pretty much everyone in the coaching and personal growth industry:

It’s the fear that you’re not delivering true transformational results for your clients.

It’s the knowing that you could be co-creating much better outcomes with your clients.

It’s the realizing that your work basically looks & feels likes EVERYONE else’s in your industry.

It’s the truth that a new coach is born every 90 seconds, and the self-help industry is flooded.

It’s the concern that your ideal clients aren’t satisfied enough with your work to re-sign and to tell their friends about it…

This is why mastery matters.

Because here’s the thing:

It’s one thing to become a coach or a healer or facilitator; it’s a completely other thing to be AMAZING at it.

When you know in your heart that you’re delivering a superior product (in your groups, retreats, workshops, 1-on-1s), then EVERYTHING changes.

You don’t have to use manipulative marketing, you don’t need to embellish, and instead you’re in a place of truth, confidence and ability to grow your business in big ways.

There is a psychological and energetic freedom that comes when you know 100% in your bones that you’re not faking it…that you are creating kick-ass transformation.

And the way to create kick-ass transformation is through MASTERY.

Care to take the challenge and become among the best in our field?

Well then… I welcome you.

You’ll be joining among the ranks of myself, my amazing clients and students who ROCK THE HOUSE with their 1-on-1 clients and at their events and retreats.

You’ll also be joining those of us in the Transformation Industry who are truly here to help heal the world. Our world needs this now more than ever.

I’m so excited to share with you the tools, tips, and strategies I use to have clients and audiences become raving fans, repeat customers, and the best referral angels in the world.


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