1. Joanna, another GREAT post. I like the fact you addressed what lies beneath! Getting to the core of your thoughts, behaviors, actions is essential. Otherwise, if you don’t, you simply address the “symptoms” of what is being manifested. Great insights Joanna.

  2. Great four-step process! These are questions we need to ask ourselves and so seldom do.

    I agree with Zenobia. We cover ourselves with so many layers of nonessentials and reasons for why we can’t do certain things we want or need to do, it’s no wonder time management has us in a loop. When you look at what you do make time for, you may find you’re spending too much time on things that don’t help you at all.

    Part of the way I look on our relationship with time is how I look at goals: Once you see that all those big, seemingly-insurmountable goals are made up of little pieces, you realize that those pieces are all manageable and all lead to getting the big project done.

    It’s the same with managing time. If you look at it as one giant lump instead of breaking it into manageable chunks, of course you’re not going to get anything done because it’s far too much for anyone to handle.

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