Move Beyond Feeling Stuck – 3 Proven Principles for Creating Abundance in Your Life

businesswomanDoes this scenario sounds familiar? You know deep inside of you that there are things you want, fulfillment you were MEANT to have, riches – material and not – that seem they should be yours. Yet, you walk through your days feeling like some things are missing, feeling lack, feeling like you don’t have enough, feeling resentment about what others have.

The experience of “not having enough” is  common for way too many people. And I want you to know it doesn’t need to be this way. I know you can live an abundant life because I was able to transform my own. Here are my powerful top 3 principles on creating abundance in your life:

Principle 1: Re-Write Your Money Story and Live By It

We each have a very unique and important relationship to money and beliefs around it. Everyone has a money story and it’s your money story that either allows you to attract in prosperity or completely blocks you from having what you want in your life. Your “money story” is a series of beliefs that we have developed about money and our personal relationship to money. If you are in a place in your life where your bank account doesn’t reflect what you want then you can be 100%, absolutely sure that you are operating out of a personal money story that is sabotaging you!

Getting clear on your internal messaging about money is a deep process, and requires you to look closely and courageously at your beliefs around what you deserve, what you really think about wealth, and much more. We learn all seven parts of the process in detail the Women’s Intuitive Leadership Program, but here’s a few pointers: Identify Your Voice of Scarcity – that voice that says “you aren’t enough”. Listen to that voice and the message, then take a moment and ask yourself – what is the thing you are scared of most around money? Whatever it is, work with it, or else it will begin or continue to sabotage your life and your bank account.

Principle 2: Learn the Female Art of Reception

There is an abundance of everything in the world – money, love, opportunities.

Yet, often times, you live and take action and set your mood according to your fears, instead of acknowledging and choosing to live by the incredible abundance that is available to you. Abundance is  your birthright. The Female Art of Reception is vital here. If you don’t know how to receive, then all of the abundance in the world won’t matter because you aren’t prepared and able to allow it in. Learning how to receive starts with acknowledgement and being able to open your eyes to what you have and what is available to you. Make a list of everything you have, all the abundance in your life. No matter what the size of your bank account, this list will help you to step on the path of the female art of reception by attuning you to what you already have.

Principle 3: Create Your Sacred Blueprint & Include Your Bottom Line Numbers

If you don’t have a well thought out action plan or a blueprint for creating abundance, then you are left to navigate your journey without a road map or recognizable landmarks. This can be a frustrating challenge. So, how do you create your Sacred Blueprint? Clearly define the scope of your what you’re creating or what your project is, the time frame you’d like to do it in, and this is so important – the amount of money you’d like to make. Next, you would get very clear on all of the larger action steps that need to happen to accomplish your goal. From there, you want to break each of your action steps into what I call mini-action steps! The smaller you can break the mini-action step into, the more effective your action plan will be because you will be able to get clearer and clearer on exactly what you have to do and how long it will take. Creating a Sacred Blueprint that includes your bottom line numbers, and then fitting your blueprint into your schedule in do-able and manageable chunks is one of the absolute essentials that set successful leaders apart from everyone else.

If you are interested in creating more abundance for yourself and so much more, then I highly recommend the Women’s Intuitive Leadership Program (WILP) that begins on June 15th – so here’s the nitty-gritty:

It is a transformative 12-week program that includes weekly – 60-minute Intuitive Leadership Training calls that take you step by step through the Woman Wisdom Principles for achieving what you want in a feminine, nurturing, connected and soul-centered way. You also receive six 60-minute Circle of Women calls that are set up as masterminding time for group support, focused coaching around particular topics, and suggestions and resources from the group AND you ALSO receive six group laser coaching calls with me. Both myself and a trained-by-me coach are holding your hand through this entire process as you learn on a very deep level and in a very profound way how to move forward with your goals in your life.

In this “rock-your-world” tele-program, I will teach you not only how to transform your inner blocks, but also how to put the practical pieces in place so that you achieve all of your dream goals with ease and joy. And, you get to learn all of this in the company of like-minded women who will be there for you as support, resources, and so much more.

This program is for anyone who is looking to up-level their abilities to soul-centered success.

Here is a quick look at what you will learn in the program:

Week 1: Connect with Your Body Brilliance and Inner Wisdom
Week 2: Vision Your Life, including it’s Scope, Vision and Mission
Week 3: Create a Blueprint for your Life
Weeks 4 & 5: Take Control of Your Schedule and How You Spend Your Time
Weeks 6 & 7: Powerfully and Courageously Work with your Fears
Week 8: Re-Wire Your Negative Thought Patterns
Week 9: Eliminate Distractions
Week 10: Re-Write Your Money and Abundance Story
Week 11: Intuitive and Loving Self-Care
Week 12: Measure Your Progress and Celebrate Yourself

From my heart, I want you to have all this and more. I want this for your personal satisfaction, and also because the world needs you to be in your full power and confidence right now. This is how we are changing the world.

To learn more about how the Women’s Intutitive Leadership Program can transform your life and all that you do, go to:

There are only 2 spots left in the program, so if you know that you are ready for this powerful experience, claim your spot right away.

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