Guest Post: Celebrate Who You Are Being

paula-photoI am so excited to have Paula Gregorowicz, owner of The Paula G. Company, guest posting on the blog today! Paula is a close friend of mine and I am thrilled with the amazing work she does. She helps people get out of their own way and make wiser decisions through the power of Intuitive Intelligence(tm). She helps people break free from the terrorist of negative voices in their own minds that hold them back from discovering and successfully creating the work they are most meant to do in the world. If you are searching for a way out of feeling confined, restricted, and frustrated and are ready to breakthrough these limitations you can learn more about Intuitive Intelligence and get the free report: Your Own Uniqueness: The Path to Purpose, Prosperity, and Playfulness at

Celebrate Who You Are Being

By Paula Gregorowicz

I recently had the opportunity to reflect on my experiences from the powerful time I describe in this post as I create a new, cutting-edge group program called A New Lens on Your Life: Reinvent, Reinvigorate, and Rejoice in You. While the actual experience of documenting a year in my life through my own eyes is almost a decade behind me now, the ripple effect and impact it had on my life is as real to me today as it was back then. Hope you enjoy the post and can join us in the program (see below for details).

Being Celebrated

Have you ever stopped to consider your own unique perspective that you bring to the world? Do you honor your own unique gifts and views or do you look to others for validation and confirmation of what you think, say, or do?

Much of our life is spent on autopilot seeing and doing things without much conscious intention. We tend to discount the very fact that we can see things through our own eyes in a way that is unique to us. It is unique to us based on many factors-who we are, what we are taught growing up, the experiences we’ve had throughout our life, and who we cause ourselves to be on a given day. It today you are being creative and confident, how do you acknowledge yourself for that?

Do you feel like what you think isn’t important? That you aren’t very creative? Wonder how time flies by so fast, where the time goes, and how you missed life along the way? Is your soul yearning to be heard, acknowledged, and honored? Do you want a record of your life to share with your children or grandchildren? Would you like to make each day a celebration of who you are being?

Being Acknowledged

A few years ago I realized that a part of me felt unacknowledged and in need of having my view of the world validated in some way. I knew that this need had to be met from within myself. While being acknowledged by other people can be wonderful, I’ve learned that looking to someone else to meet our emotional needs is a long, lonely road to feeling hollow inside. So, I set about determining what action or practice I could take to really honor my unique view of the world on a regular basis.

What came up for me (a total surprise, I might add) was the inspiration to create a photo journal of my 32nd year. The practice I structured into my life was, starting on my birthday I would take at least one picture every single day for one year. It could range from a well-thought-out artistic photographic effort or a simple snapshot depending on my mood for a given day. It could be a photo of any person, place, or thing as long as it was my personal experience of perspective each day.

It was an interesting project to say the least. Some days it was very easy to find my picture of the day—holidays, birthdays, special events. Other days I captured something I never would’ve been able to capture and share otherwise—something unique or on a bike ride. Still other days I’d find myself towards the end of the day without having taken my picture, searching for something, anything to photograph.

Believe me, over the course of this particular year, my partner, neighbors, and family often didn’t even know what hit them when a blazing camera flash would surprise them in the middle of a wedding, gardening, cooking, hanging pictures, or sleeping. The good news was my cats were always willing to bail me out with a photo opportunity when necessary and they rarely complained.

What’s the point of all this you might ask? Well, besides being fun, it really gave me the opportunity to honor and acknowledge my unique angle on my small corner of the world while allowing me to be more present and aware of the blessing and gifts to be found each day. It even had a side benefit of rekindling my photographic passions, which resulted in me furthering my education in this area and launching the photography side of my business.

4 Great Ideas

To Celebrate and Acknowledge Who You Are Being

No matter who you are or what you do, how you see the world and who you are being is uniquely yours. You can start taking a more active role in your own life by practicing the art of honoring your own perspective.

Consider some of the following activities to stimulate your creativity and bring some of your authentic self to your life experiences:

  • Create a daily photo journal of your life. If a year seems too intimidating, starting with the next month, quarter, or season. Share this journal with loved ones or choose to keep it as a private testimonial of your life.
  • Start a daily journal. Ponder one question, topic, or area of your life each day and learn more about your most important asset–you.
  • Organize a scrapbook. A book honoring the milestones and activities of life is not only for babies, teenagers, or retirees.
  • Create a daily photo or written journal of your next trip or vacation. Have every member of the adventure create his or her own or contribute to yours. It doesn’t have to be fancy or cost much money. Disposable cameras make this an easy and inexpensive activity for all ages. Share them at some point when you’re back home to relive the memories and celebrate everyone’s experience.

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