My favorite Springtime Ritual for Business & Life

spring-06-310As you may know, I love rituals. I use them to create peace, balance, joy and success in all areas of my life, and I take special care to use the power of the Seasons to do all this.

Springtime is the moment of Re-birth.

It’s the time when the days are finally as long as the nights, the animals begin to come out of their hibernation and give birth to new little ones, colorful life and buds appear on trees and bushes, and it even smells like new beginnings and new life in the air.

Our lives reflect what happens in nature: It is so normal and natural for things to get dusty during January and February, even if you were on fire for them while making your New Year’s Resolutions.


Because after making New Year’s Resolutions – or New Year’s Visions for the Year – your seedling ideas need time to incubate and gestate. Just like seeds do over the winter time, deep in the earth, and just like babies need to gestate for months before being born. So while we think we’re going to act on all of our new ideas right away, in reality many of them need to go through a natural process of gestation and seemingly “gathering dust and cobwebs” before they can be brought to life.

Early Spring is the perfect moment to re-birth, re-energize  and re-commit to business and life projects that had become stale and lifeless over the long, dark, cold Winter.

In other words, this month our business and life could use some good old-fashioned Spring Cleaning and Re-Birthing!

For example:

  • At the beginning of the year you resolved to finally write your book, but haven’t really gotten anywhere with it.
  • Your work with your clients is feeling a little monotonous or outdated.
  • Your romantic relationship seems a little stale and low energy.
  • You feel very ready to launch that new group program that you envisioned a few months ago, but never took action on.
  • Your New Year’s commitment was to create more SPACE in your life and business, but your schedule is crazier than ever.

Here is one of my favorite  – simple yet powerful – Spring rituals to help you clear out the cobwebs and breathe new life into your projects that are ready to be fully born!:

  1. Connect in to what has become dusty or filled with cobwebs over the Winter: The first step is to get really clear on the parts of your business or life that are still stuck in Winter. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and then begin to scan your life and your business. Scan all the little details, all the nooks and crannies, looking for places that are dusty and filled with cobwebs.

    For example, as you scan your business, really visualize your current schedule, your protocols and boundaries, visualize your current programming, your clients, your space rentals, your team. Visualize your branding, your headshots, your marketing, your newsletter. Visualize your work space, your desk, your content and curriculum …Visualize your projects.

    Write down any places that seem dusty or stuck in a Winter slumber.

    Do the same for your personal life – parts of your home, your sex life, your friendships, your health-care regimen, etc. Write down any particular areas that have gathered cobwebs.

  2. Clear out the dust & cobwebs Next, you want to be able clean away any of the cobwebs or dust so that your projects feel fresh and new. You’ll do this in two ways:

    First, visualize dusting off everything that needs dusting. See yourself dust off your stale newsletter format, or dust off your stale hair-do. See yourself clear the cobwebs from your book idea or clear the cobwebs from your idea to create a play space for your kids.

    Take your time as you visualize this. Savor each moment of the dusting and the clearing, and notice what it feels like for these important things to feel cleared and freshened up.

    After you visualize clearing everything out, take this a step deeper and literally clean yourself! You can take a duster or a feather and dust yourself – start with your legs, and sweep away and cleanse! Cleanse your shoulders and your arms! Cleanse and dust down the front of your body! (You can do this with a partner, too).

    Take your time in doing this. Feel clean and fresh and ready for Spring life. You will feel amazing and refreshed!

  3. Clarify Your Re-Birthing Intention Now that you’ve dusted and cleansed everything that’s needed new life, it’s time to Set Your Re-Birthing Intention.
    Take a moment and answer the following question: What do you want to really see bud and blossom this Spring? What is the TOP thing that is ready for new life & re-birthing in your business or life?

    In order to focus, I suggest picking just 1 thing – the thing that is most important.

    Once you’re clear on what’s ready to be birthed, close your eyes and visualize it in its full form.

    For example, if you are ready to Birth a new ideal client, take some time to really visualize this new ideal client, see all of the details of this one as well as see yourself interact with this new ideal client. Take note of how it feels to birth this and see it in its fullness.

  4. Set Your Re-Birthing Intention On a pretty piece of paper (or a plain white one will do, too), write out your intention. Take a few minutes to really put your full energy and intention to the paper. Use different colored markers, draw on it, and use pretty handwriting – anything that will make this intention feel special and important.
  5. Craft the Next 3 Actionable and Concrete Steps And finally, get concrete around bringing your project into reality.

    What are the very next 3 action steps that are required?

    Is it to write out the chapter titles of your new book? Is it to write down the top places your new ideal client hangs out? Is it to clear out your silverware drawer?

    Get clear on your next 3 steps, AND…also write down WHEN you will accomplish each of these next 3 steps.

    And you’re on your way to Re-birthing your next project!

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