It’s your birth-rite to feel sacred

butterflyIt is time to reclaim the most sacred and alive parts of yourself, to unleash your inner wild woman, to uncover the ancient wisdom stored deep inside of you, and to harness all of this to midwife massive transformation & healing for your clients.

It is your birth-rite to walk this Earth embodied and empowered.
It is your birth-rite to fully align with the magic of the Earth, the moon and all her cycles.

It is time to claim your sacred role as Priestess and create groundbreaking results with your clients.
And it is time to come home to yourself.

18 years ago, I was disconnected from my deepest self, I felt empty about most things, and I wasn’t able to unleash my full potential when it came to supporting others in transformation.

Everything changed when I learned Ritual and Archetype work.
Everything changed when I was initiated into the powerful women’s traditions that have been the bedrock of empowerment and deep soul connection for millennia.

By literally walking on fire, dancing with snakes, activating the Warrior Woman inside of myself, befriending the Crone, and honoring the power of my womb, I was healed.

Through ritual, I learned how to love myself fully, how to hold myself sacred, how to create real meaning in my life, and how to become a leader who helps my clients transform in the most profound ways possible.

And this is what I now teach my students (including gurus in the coaching, speaking and training fields – word has gotten out about the power of the work I do, and heavy hitters come to me privately to learn it for themselves). They thank me time and again for showing them how to get close to Spirit, how to embrace their truest souls, how to live the magical way of the Earth & the Feminine Divine, and how to become master facilitators who know exactly how to shift & heal rooms full of people.

My students are successful because the self-love, self-authority and connection to Spirit I lead them into not only creates a transcendent experience of life, but it also helps them become outrageously effective coaches, teachers and healers. (My students are told all the time that the retreats they lead, the circles they facilitate, and the sessions they provide BLOW their clients away. They are regularly told that the ritual work heals issues that decades of therapy couldn’t do. This is why they can charge higher rates and why they have repeat business without even trying).

We do all of this together by learning how to align our energy with the Elements and the cycles of the Earth, by learning how to create rituals that are so sacred they will bring our clients to their knees, by learning how to hold space for others to find their souls, and by learning to believe in our core that it’s our birth-rite to feel sacred and holy.

I am leading an intimate training on all of this and more, and it nearly filled through word of mouth before I had the chance to share it with the public. There are 4 more spots that are available. That means if you are DONE with feeling disconnected from your curriculum and yourself, if you are done with hiding your spirituality in your coaching practice, if you are done with feeling you’ve lost the sacred meaning in your life and business, then this is for you.

If you are ready to come home to yourself and your power as a leader that creates massive change, then this is for you.

You can learn more and join me here.


P.S. – The bonuses you get with this program could easily pay your entire tuition before you even attend the event. But they disappear on Saturday, April 9th. Join this transformational program here.

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