What you can expect of me in 2017

jan202017newsletterIt’s been a powerful few months here of reflection, planning and visioning. I’m writing to share the commitment that came out of this time of diving deeply into my own business…

My own purpose.

My sacred mission.

I believe that the coaching and transformational leadership industry has lost its way.

Everything we see is about how to market better, become an overnight success, create Facebook funnels…blah, blah, blah.

We’ve forgotten the most important part: How do we create a sustainable, long-lasting business that fulfills us deeply? How do we change lives?

And the answer is clear: Be totally masterful at what you do, how you communicate, make your service delivery and commitment to creating results for your clients your top priority.

You embrace mastery.

You become the best of the best at transforming your clients’ lives.

And so, you’ll be seeing a shift here this year. A claiming. A stake in the ground.

I’ve been coaching, facilitating workshops and retreats, and teaching others to do so for the better part of 20 years. I’ve gathered women into circle, and I’ve stood at the front of the conference room for corporate retreats. I am a masterful facilitator and a creator of rituals that allow for deep transformation.

I can say (because it’s true) that my events always deliver. Even when there’s a challenging attendee. Even when things don’t go as planned. Even when I don’t attract enough people and even when I attract too many.

And I can also say that my clients buy from me over and over and over again. Because my coaching is the best of the best. Because the transformation they experience is life-altering.

And I have a business, that because of this, is pretty easy. Clients come because they’ve seen my results. They’ve heard their friends speak of me. I don’t have to dig into their pain to get them to commit. I simply continue to commit to mastery.

And so, my dear, this is the invitation I have for you, too.

Our work here together is about a commitment to greatness, confidence and effectiveness. I want you to be among the best of the best at what you do. I want you to be one of the TOP people in your industry co-creating results for your clients. And I want you to know it, all the way to your bones.

So, here’s (some of) what you’ll see and participate in:

  • The Transformational Coaching Practicum: Free, live calls where I will be modeling coaching skills with a volunteer client. We’ll break down exactly what I’m doing, as I’m doing it. You’ll have a front row seat to exploring the emotional arc of a coaching call, how to craft questions that break through resistance and ego, how to activate archetypal energies for change, and so much more.
  • Our new Facebook group – Coaching & Facilitation Mastery: Our new Facebook group, just for coaches and transformational leaders who’ve made a commitment to mastery and who want to deepen your coaching, curriculum and facilitation skills. Look for an invitation to join me next week!
  • A lot more of me… Yeah, I’ve been hiding a little bit. Being on video…gah! But I wrote a Facebook post about this recently and I’m ready…
  • Lots of free resources: guides, templates, assessments and more. I want you to be supported in all of the best ways to hone your craft and sharpen your skills. Confidence is the greatest indicator of success. So, let’s get you there.

This is going to be a powerful year. A year of new beginnings and deepening commitments. Thank you for walking with me.

Much love,


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