A Coaching Skill That Will Increase Client Satisfaction

I’m so excited to share this week’s article with you…which actually isn’t an article at all – it’s a short video with some super-important coaching pointers for both beginner and advanced practitioners.

(Please excuse my workout clothes in the video – I get very nervous to do videos. The inspiration struck me right after a workout and I decided to just go with it before I chickened out!).

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  1. Jessica Kuznick

    Joanna – this is incredibly helpful! I have learned to be more open to being “in the mystery” in my own life, and I love these specific questions – as a way of exploring the mystery rather than trying to rush past it!

  2. Hi Joanna, wonderful information. True to the core. Thanks for your vivid authenticity, it’s inspirational. Love the in-the-moment presentation and role modeling. ;-)

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