Sometimes the TRUTH hurts [Part 1 of 5]


It occurred to me recently that I’ve been so focused on sharing the benefits of Mastery, that I’ve been a bit quiet about…. well, me.

I also know that there are many lessons to be gleaned from my journey that might be helpful as you navigate the waters of discovering your own authentic path.

This week, I’d like to share more about my own journey with you – in 5 blog posts!

Let’s begin. With some TRUTH…

My journey to the business I have today, the coaching and training practice that I have today, and the leader I now am has been paved with lots of joy and celebration, but also many heavier, harder and downright gut-wrenching moments.

The bumps in the road have sometimes felt like massive mountains with difficult, risky cliffs to climb. These cliffs have taught me so much. About who I am. And what I am actually capable of…

Particularly in these last two years, I’ve taken the road less travelled and I want to share with you some of those experiences.

These are the kinds of stories that aren’t easy to tell. But they are stories that must be told. Because they represent Truths about Entrepreneurship and Leadership that are important to hear.

It all starts with the moment, about 20 months ago.

I realized it was time for me to change my messaging. I had been moving steadily along for about 10 years as a business coach. I was serving hundreds of clients each year in my programming, and people would come to me to help them build their businesses through better marketing strategies and transformational inner work.

And WOW, did I see a lot of businesses grow. But at that moment, I realized that that the reason my clients businesses (and mine) were growing so beautifully was only maybe 30% about the marketing techniques I was teaching and 70% about the ways that I was teaching my clients how to coach & facilitate masterfully, how to yield massive results for the clients, how to create community, and how to lead with integrity.

The marketing was simply a happy support in building their business. The heavy lifting of income generation and client generation was being done by how they were showing up for themselves and for their clients and how they were leading clients towards results.

And of course instantly, I knew that this was my brilliance all along. I knew that women were coming to me to learn marketing, but once they were in, they were learning what 99% of the industry hadn’t yet articulated: how to be amazing at what you do, and how to continually evolve as a human being as you do it.

And I felt totally on fire to offer more direct opportunities for practitioners to learn this.


It also felt terrifying to change my messaging.

For one thing, I already had a very solid clientele and following based on my old messaging and programming.

Would people even be interested in the new messaging and programming? Would they… would you… “get” it?!?

But my challenge went so much deeper than that. Because this wasn’t just about changing my messaging.

It was about changing something far more essential.

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