An Advanced Creating Awareness Technique To Use With Clients (some coaches may disagree with this)

The Skill of Creating Awareness is one of the most foundational – and also one of the most powerful – that you can use with clients.

Creating Awareness is literally the act of:

— supporting your client to see something about themselves and their situation that they were not previously able to see;


— supporting your client in being able to acknowledge and accept something about themselves and their situation that they were not previously able to acknowledge and accept;


— supporting your client in being able to more deeply embrace something about themselves or their situation that will help them become more confident, more clear, more able or more open.


Mini Podcast: Why Does Mastery Matter?

If you’re in the line coaching or transformation work, you know just how critical the energy you bring to the table is in determining the outcome of your work with clients.

When it comes to what you believe about yourself, your abilities, and your clients, there are no effective hiding places.

It doesn’t even matter how brilliant, talented, or wise you actually are.

If you secretly believe otherwise, it will affect how your clients feel about working with you, and that will in turn influence the depth of the work you’ll be able to do together.

The inner work you do is critical to your practice.

And it’s not just about believing in yourself and where you’re at, it’s about believing in your clients and their ability to show up and do the work.

We all have doubts sometimes and wonder if we’re the real deal. That’s 100% ok. 

It’s what you do with those doubts that determines whether or not you’ll truly move past them to be a skillful, loving, insightful and transformational force in the lives of those you serve.

Because integrity means everything to people, like you and me, who are here to co-create powerful transformations with others.

That’s why this week’s mini- podcast (5 minutes packed with goodness!) will cover everything you need to know about making sure your energy is aligned, confident, effective, and steeped in integrity.

I’m also going to cover the three main things every transformational coach needs in order to succeed.

Don’t miss it.

Mini Podcast: The Connection Between Coaching Mastery and Sales Mastery

Coaches often make the mistake of separating their powerful coaching skills and their ability to have consistent successful enrollment conversations with prospective clients.

I’m here to tell you nothing could be more deeply connected.

They are inextricably related in ways you may not have considered.

This one shift can completely change the momentum of your business.

In this week’s podcast, we’re going to look at exactly how the depth of your coaching skills influence your ability to have enrollment conversations that end with clients deciding to work with you, and what you can do to master both.

We’ll explore how masterful listening allows you to be able to listen three layers down below what’s being said, in order to connect with what’s really going on in their lives. 

I’ll also cover why having exquisite breakthrough questioning skills will ensure you’re asking the right questions, so your prospects can see precisely how you can help them.

You can have the best marketing in the world, you can be writing killer posts, and having non-stop engagement with your audience, but if you can’t create stellar enrollment conversations that convert, you can’t build your business.

So join me for this week’s mini-podcast (5 minutes packed with goodness!) to ensure you’re bringing the presence, energetics, and soul set of a transformational leader to everything you do.

Real Talk About Integrity, Part 1 (& my recent journey with it)

If you know me or my work at all, you know that Integrity is at the heart of it.

I am allergic to a lot of the not-so-kosher practices in the coaching, healing, transformational and marketing industries that are passed of as the norm. They make my stomach turn.

One of the most important things I’ve learned over my decades of being an Integrity Seeker and Crusader is that the more Integrity you bring to your work with clients, the BETTER and more transformational and more deep the work becomes.

This is a fact.


A Love Letter to Coaches Who Go Deep

I don’t know about you… but I cringe at surface level coaching and advice…

All of the noise about “live your best life” and “be positive” and “high vibes” is just one half of the equation. (And if I can be so bold… the half where not much real and lasting change happens for our clients).

I love the shadows. The craggy depths of the human psyche. I love to go deep.

How about you?

I wrote this “love letter” for you to inspire you to keep on doing what you’re doing and to remind you of the incredible value that you offer.

It’s too easy to lose sight of this in a transformational industry that can sometimes be a bit flashy or surface-oriented. We can feel as if we’re getting drowned out by pretty instagram pages and quick fix promises.

Those of us who go deep? We need each other. We need reminders to stay the course and keep doing the work.

I wrote this love letter for you. You can read it at the link below.

A Love Letter to Coaches Who Go Deep

One of My Deepest Struggles… And Its Gifts

I’ve got this dichotomy inside of me:

On the one hand, I know deep in my heart, body, soul, and mind, that my work is really good. That the work is super-valuable and transformational. I know I’ve earned my place as one of the best coaches in the industry. And I know that no one comes close to me when it comes to teaching master level coaching and facilitation skills to individuals who like to dive deep and who desire to get into the depths with their clients.

On the other hand…I sometimes wonder if I suck. If the work just isn’t good enough. If I’m a fraud.