As coaching professionals it is our responsibility to hone our skills and deepen our craft.

Our clients don’t hire us to be their cheerleader… or their friend… 

They hire us to change their life.

Catalyzing Breakthroughs

Master Potent Coaching Skills that Create Quantum Leaps for your Clients

Exceptional coaching isn’t just about helping someone feel good in the moment (no matter how tempting it is!)

It’s the art of allowing your client to see her actions, thoughts and behaviors in the clearest light possible…and then expertly supporting her in creating change.

Through real Coaching Mastery… we can create reliable and life-changing BREAKTHROUGHS for those we serve.

And Breakthroughs are the gateway to Transformation. 

Regardless of your methodology, modality or framework, there are essential skills that underlie ALL that we do… 

Some might call these the BASICS, but the truth is that even the most experienced and effective coaches in the world return to these POWERFUL COACHING BUILDING BLOCKS to deepen their knowledge, understanding and embody these skills in a more potent way. 

If you’ve ever… 

  • Had a client stop working with you before your engagement was finished
  • Noticed that a client keeps acting out the same stuck pattern over and over, despite your guidance and illumination
  • Gotten in over your head when doing shadow-work, or pointing out a blind spot and experienced the backlash of your client’s ego
  • Felt confused that you don’t get more referrals and continuations from your clients
  • Known you haven’t been bold enough when creating awareness for clients
  • Felt your questions weren’t going deep enough to create breakthroughs
  • Let your lack of confidence or beliefs about a client (or yourself) get in your way or expertly guiding them 
  • Held yourself back from even working with clients because you have the talent, but not the basic skills

Then it’s time to deepen your core coaching skills - as a testament to excellence.

This jam packed course is a Deep Dive into some of the most potent & transformational skills that we bring to bear as coaches and facilitators. 

You’ll experience what it is to go deeper in the work that you do with your clients, thereby creating more powerful breakthroughs for the people you serve. So that they keep coming back for MORE. 

Your experience will include a powerful mix of teaching, transformative inner work, demonstrations and practice. You’ll expand, deepen and enhance your most fundemental coaching skills and have a new understanding of the delicate balance required to deliver epic breakthroughs to those you serve. Because of the skill building, this workshop is suitable for all coaches & healers, from beginners to very advanced practitioners of transformation.

You will walk away with amazing new knowledge and content and with confidence in new skills that you can use to Create Breakthroughs immediately! 

“The tools I have received are allowing me to tap into my wisdom and with so much love and confidence to direct my clients to find the right answers for them inside them.” 

— Elinor Miller, Elinor Miller Coaching

"I have a graduate degree in counseling and never encountered the depth, wisdom and sheer practical instruction that is woven into each training session with Joanna."

— Moira Shaughnessy, Catalyst Training and Coaching

Course Curriculum 


Amplify The Energetics of The Coaching Relationship

The foundation of any masterful coaching, healing or supporting is the Coaching Relationship. If you don’t create a safe, sacred and transformational Coaching Container, you can never truly be as effective as you’re meant to with clients.. 

Some Highlights of What You will learn:

  • How to shift your own belief systems and your own fears in order to powerfully guide your clients to Breakthroughs
  • The Seven Energetic Principles of Extraordinary Coaching Relationships (that are MUST HAVES for client Breakthroughs!)
  • How to create safe and sacred containers for your sessions so that your clients are ready to be open and do deep work. 
  • How to help clients integrate all they are learning through your work together (so the new awarenesses & learnings don't fall through the cracks)
  • How to create a container that lasts over the period of your client’s work with you so that when she comes to a session after a week or even month’s break, you don’t have to waste time re-building your container


Activate Trust and Create Lasting Change with Advanced Deep Listening Skills 

Listening is a skill that is absolutely necessary in order to be a stellar coach. Most coaches know how to listen WELL…but they don’t know how to listen masterfully. They don’t know how to hear 3 layers beneath the surface. When you become a masterful listener, you stop wasting time, you move clients toward results way more quickly, and most importantly, your clients feel seen and heard by you…which creates much more trust, vulnerability and motivation. 

Some Highlights of What You will learn:

  • How to hear the true meaning beneath the words your clients share (this is tricky, yet VITAL to creating transformation)
  • To accurately read verbal and non-verbal cues to avoid confusion and frustration 
  • How to detect what’s NOT being said (usually one of the biggest doorways to a Breakthrough!)
  • About your own Listening Filters & Assumptions, when to use them powerfully and when they become a distraction, and how to leave them behind 
  • Why clients often lie to themselves and how to know when this is happening 


Part 1: Full Group Listening Practicum (with feedback from Joanna) 

Part 2: Partner Listening Skill Building (with feedback from partner and Joanna) 


Activate Deep Healing by Creating Awareness and Reflecting Truth 

One of the hardest, most courageous…and POWERFUL things a coach can do is create awareness for clients around the Truths that clients are, perhaps, not willing to see. A masterful coach knows exactly how to present & reflect the Truth in ways that are loving, supportive, and results-oriented…in ways that don’t shame their clients or shut them down, but instead, create massive breakthroughs and healing. 

Some Highlights of What You will learn:

  • The quickest way to detect your client’s blind spots 
  • The 3 ways clients respond to becoming aware of their blind spots, and how to navigate each one
  • Why most coaches shy away from Reflecting the Truth and how to strengthen yourself to move beyond those fears
  • How to Acknowledge & Celebrate Authentically so that your clients joyfully receive and accept their brilliance and progress
  • The Art of Honoring What Is (so that you don't mis-use Positivity and instead teach resilience and self-acceptance for greater Breakthroughs)
  • The Power of Personal Anecdote and exactly how to share them as transformative and transcendental Breakthrough tools for your clients 


Create Rapid Client Breakthroughs: Deep Dive Questioning Skills 

Knowing how to craft masterful and effective questions is an art. Each and every word counts. Your specific word choices count. The content direction you choose as the coach counts. Your tone of voice counts. One question can make or break a breakthrough waiting to happen. Good questioning creates progress. Masterful questioning changes your clients’ lives. 

Some Highlights of What You will learn:

  • Basic AND Advanced Questioning Skills to easily integrate with your private clients and groups
  • The 15 Principles that Create Breakthrough Questions every time
  • A deep dive into the coaching ninja tool of Aligned Language, and a breakdown of how to use language that will bring your clients to their greatest clarity and open heart.
  • How to avoid the biggest pitfall that stands in the way of exceptional breakthrough questioning
  • How to formulate questions that go beyond revelations and even breakthroughs…and into cracking your clients’ hearts wide open
  • The 3 questions you can ALWAYS ask to produce learning and awareness if you’re not sure which direction to take your client in 


Part 1: Full Group Questioning Practicum (with feedback from Joanna) 

Part 2: Partner Questioning Skill Building (with feedback from partner and Joanna) 

Here's how we'll do this together...

  • Eight 90-Minute Training and Practicum Calls jam packed with solid gold content and exceptional techniques and skills
  • Worksheets for each module to powerfully deepen and integrate all you learn
  • FB group so you can get questions answered in between sessions, receive additional resources and connect with like-minded community
  • Optional Coaching Partner to practice and master your new skills 
  • Two amazing bonuses, see below!

“I’ve taken many trainings but Joannas’ are by far the most practical, sacred, and easy to bring into client sessions right away for incredible breakthroughs.” 

— Krissy Leonard, Business Coach for Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs

"My colleagues in my mastermind have already commented on the breadth, depth, and clarity of my energy and skills"

— Lea Artis Mystic, Coach, Alchemist to High Achievers, 

The Bonuses

BONUS #1 The Archetypes of Resistance Advanced Training

Client Resistance is inevitable in your role as a coach (because part of human behavior is to have resistance to the things we want most). It affects everything that you do from enrolling clients to fostering real and lasting change in client behavior. 

Resistance shows up in many forms and faces. This training will support you to identify the FIVE archetypes of resistance - The Victim, The Judge, The Flake, The Know It All, and the Needy One - and know exactly how to navigate each with confidence and success. 

BONUS #2 Being In Integrity With Issues of Race Inclusion, & Diversity in Your Coaching Sessions 

Practice With Makeda Pennycooke 

If you're reading this page, we know it’s important for you to make your practice nourishing, supportive, and empowering for EVERYONE, regardless of race, religion, gender, and more. Even for “well meaning” coaches, the topic of race and inclusiveness in your coaching can be tricky. In this session, we have the privilege to learn from guest speaker Makeda Pennycooke teach us the ins and outs of making your practice & business empowering and welcoming without bias.

Here are some of the things you will walk away with:  

  • You’ll stand out as a transformational coach who is known for co-creating incredible Breakthroughs with your clients
  • You’ll discover exactly how to develop questions that create transformation and deep learning
  • You’ll know exactly how to create an open, loving and trusting client relationship
  • You’ll know exactly how to make sure your clients don’t get stuck in Fear or their Resistance Archetypes, and what to do to quickly bring them to center if they do
  • You’ll feel confident and clear as a coach, knowing how to make the best decisions in the moment & how to support clients who are struggling
  • Get lovingly thanked by your clients over and over again for the incredible work that they have done with you
  • You’ll know exactly what to do if your client has a meltdown – and how to turn it around for growth and learning
  • You’ll understand how to have a MUCH deeper impact on your clients 

Perhaps you weren’t quite ready for the full immersion into The Sacred Depths Coaching Program… (YET!)  

Maybe you wanted to start a bit slower or try on this flavor of coaching first…  

Catalyzing Breakthroughs is a perfect, easy-to-say-yes-to offering to quickly up your coaching game.

Join Us.

There are people who need you to be the best of the best when it comes to real and lasting transformation. 


"I now have so much confidence when serving clients who needed to go deep or get uncomfortable in order to move forward... As an experienced coach, I'd highly recommend this for both new and seasoned coaches!"

— Gwenn Prinbeck, Personal & Professional Life Coach 

"I would not have been able to create such a powerful experience for my clients without Joanna’s support. "

—Christine Dyan Thomson, Christine Dyan International

Here's what I want for you:

More than anything, I want for you to finally leave all of your self-doubt behind. I want you to know in your heart and soul that you are a transformational facilitator who makes massive impact on the people you serve. I want you to create the most amazing results for you clients and audiences so that first and foremost YOU feel fantastic about the work you do, and then from there so that you create a tribe of raving fans who buy from you over and over and over again, and who tell everyone they know about you.

I want you to stand as the leader in the room, in your full power, and to activate the power inside of every person you reach. I want you to know that your business is built on quality and on integrity, instead of feeling like you’re always needing to do slimy marketing to get to the next place. 

I also want for you to join me in this revolution to raise the quality of the transformational and self-help industries, because I believe fully that those of us who commit to mastery and who commit to being the best of the best are the ones who will change and heal the world. And let’s be honest, the world really needs us right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a seasoned and accomplished coach. Is this training for me? 

A: In short, YES! As a seasoned coach and as a transformational leader, I’m sure you know the importance of constantly holding yourself to a higher standard & being on a journey of continuous learning. I’ve been coaching for nearly two decades, and I am both an expert at it as well as in the perpetual mastery experience. Some of the tools I teach in this program will reinforce what you already know, thus making you more masterful at them. And other of the tools I teach will be completely new to you, and will help you become even more effective at creating Breakthroughs.

I haven't yet started working with clients. Is this training for me?  

A: Creating Breakthroughs is 100% suitable for new practitioners who are very smart and learn quickly, who enjoy going deep with others and are committed to doing exceptional and transformation work. It’s not a full Coach Training or Certification, but will certainly give you many foundational skills you need to start working with clients.

Do I need to attend the trainings live? 

A: While I do encourage everyone to make as many training calls as you can live, I understand that this isn’t always possible. We have certainly had very satisfied participants successfully complete the program and get certified who have listened to the recordings of each training. Our training calls will take place on Mondays from 1:00 – 2:30pm EST, and recordings will be available that evening.  

I’m not a coach. I am [massage therapist, yoga instructor, real estate broker, fill in the blank here]. Is this training for me? 

A: YES, YES, YES!!!! If you are in the business of creating client transformations or supporting clients (or team members) to create a result, then Breakthrough Coaching skills are vital. 

"For years, I have secretly wished for an experienced, mastery-level coach to step up and create the certification I wish I’d had back when I was new to coaching. Something that could cut YEARS off the learning curve of an ambitious, highly driven yet empathic woman like me; something with the repeatable secrets of how to REALLY move clients to their success. Joanna is that coach, and Sacred Depths IS that certification."  

Elizabeth Purvis, 7-Figure Goddess

Join Us.

There are people who need you to be the best of the best when it comes to real and lasting transformation. 

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