How to embrace mastery as a coach, facilitator and transformational leader... so that you can get more clients, fill your events and change more lives. 

(and no, this isn't about another *brand new* marketing strategy.)

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The Invitation

I believe that it is time for our industry to make mastery the destination of our work, versus the holy grail of the 7-figure coaching practice. 

Not that having a profitable business isn’t an honorable goal - it’s simply that I believe that when we focus on our clients and their results, we build a stellar reputation and a profitable business comes much more easily…

Ready to join me in this mission? 

Take the Facilitation Mastery Assessment Now.

In this assessment, you’ll learn about each of the 5 Pillars of Facilitation Mastery and take a test to evaluate which ones you’re rocking, and which ones need improvement.

I am committed to empowering transformational leaders with the knowledge you need to attain mastery, as I believe that we are being called to greatness for the good of all. 

Mastery is the goal. Commitment to our ever expanding learning is the path. Expanded and more easeful business is the result.

Take me to the Facilitation Mastery Assessment

What she said...

  • Joanna’s understanding of ritual is vast, deep and rich. I learned things at this training that were completely new to me – and I’ve got 20+ years of ritual experience myself! 

- Elizabeth Purvis

  • With Joanna's leadership, I learned to trust other women and let go of comparison and competition. I now passionately believe in helping other women support other women knowing that it is when we link arms that we heal the world. 

- Regena Garrepy

  • I have become a more empowered public speaker… I have sensed a deeper connection in my group work…I also feel a sense of light heartedness, fun and play in my work. 

- Brenna Smith 

About Joanna Lindenbaum

Joanna Lindenbaum teaches master level facilitation and coaching skills to coaches, healers and speakers so they can respond more powerfully to the issues their clients bring to them.

Using her extensive background with Ritual, Archetypes and working with the shadow side of ourselves, Joanna’s approach to facilitation and coaching brings wisdom from the past into modern day dynamics. Her clients gain a level of skill the majority of their peers don’t have. They become the best of the best at what they do and many experience personal shifts as they step into this mastery level. This, in turn, positively impacts their businesses as they get proven results that attract more clients and opportunities. She’s also successfully shared this training with medical professionals, eating disorder specialists, and therapists.

Joanna has led hundreds of retreats, circles and workshops with thousands of participants and clients in the US and abroad. She apprenticed for over four years in learning the art of Ritual, cycles of life, and how they apply to our goals, dreams, and daily lives. 

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