“ To acquire knowledge, one must study. But to acquire wisdom, one must observe.”

~ Marilyn Vos Savant

The Coaching Mastery Practicums with Joanna Lindenbaum 

  • In these sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to witness Joanna coach a volunteer, break down her methodology, and teach the coaching skills she uses, so that you can model and apply them to your own coaching practice. 
  • You’ll receive immediate access to the library of current practicums, as well as notification of live future sessions and recordings. 
  • Gain immediate access when you enter your information. 
  • PLUS: Bonus training on moving through the Archetypes of Resistance…a MUST have skill if you’re a transformational coach.

Uplevel your coaching skills

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About Joanna Lindenbaum

There is no greater marketing tool for your coaching practice than being a masterful coach with a stellar reputation. 

The art of coaching is being lost in a world where everything that we see is about the art of selling. 

Joanna Lindenbaum is a master coach and facilitator, who for the better part of 20 years has been creating powerful shifts in her clients, and teaching others to do the same through her facilitation and coach training programs. 

A beloved mentor and teacher, Joanna is committed to advocating for mastery in the field of transformational leadership.

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