The Curriculum Lab

with Joanna Lindenbaum

A 4-week container to create signature coursework, exercises and content that gets your clients the highest level results

Welcome to the Foundation of Your Thought Leadership 

The ability to stand out and create incredible, life-changing results for your clients lies in the power of your curriculum.

Curriculum can make or break your retreat, workshop, circle or online class. 

You don’t want good enough curriculum. You want a masterful curriculum.

The difference between good enough and masterful?

A good curriculum is nice enough, but it doesn’t fully penetrate the minds, hearts, bodies and souls of your clients, and it doesn’t yield results that they will remember forever.

With good enough curriculum, even if your participants feel excited during class time, like they quote unquote “got” what they needed, they actually won’t fully follow through with your content in order to create true long lasting results.

With good enough curriculum, your content sounds & feels like everyone else’s. 

You could be mistaken for any one of the thousands of coaches or healers in the industry. 


A masterful curriculum literally has the power to move your audience to results that leave them amazed and so grateful.

Masterful curriculum is absolutely necessary to be effective on every level of learning and processing: mind, body, heart and soul. 

It helps you stand out from the sea of teachers that are selling courses out there.

And it highlights YOU as being on the cutting edge, and your work as unique and noteworthy.  

So that you are seen as experienced, as wise, as knowledgeable and as someone who has the ability to create transformational experiences for those she serves.  

I believe that you are here because you are ready to leap into your next evolution as thought leader...

...and level up your curriculum & exercises so that your audiences never forget it… for you, and more importantly, for those you serve.  


If you are reading this, I know that you’re already a brilliant teacher. (I’m so glad you found your way here!).

And you’re here to make a decision about how to evolve as a leader and as a business owner.  

You could keep doing things the way that you’re doing them…  

Working with individual clients, having a nice coaching practice, maybe leading groups… 

But dreaming of the day when the content you share is uniquely yours (i.e. – it doesn’t even have a chance of being confused with the work of your mentors), and it goes really deep to create amazing outcomes for your participants.  

You are done with feeling like the courses you teach don’t go nearly as deep or are as effective as you know they could be.  

You are done with wishing your group participants could experience the magic your private clients receive.  

You are done with always having to enroll new clients because old clients don’t continue with you.  

Or maybe you’re done with simply dreaming that one day you’ll teach a course, but for now you can’t get the content together to teach something kick-ass.  

You are ready for your soul-connected work to impact people you don’t even know, nor have ever met, and to create an actual transformational business that doesn’t require your 1:1 presence to truly change the lives of the souls you serve.  

"Many of the women who came to my first retreat have attended others and have become 1-1 clients. They all have asked when my next retreat will be!" 

I can’t speak highly enough of Joanna and her commitment to excellence when she knows transformation is at stake. I’ve been working with Joanna since 2017 and it was because of her training that I was able to have the confidence, direction and focus to create my first 9-month program. Since that time, I’ve facilitated 2 retreats that were incredibly transformational. I know that it is because of the training and wisdom that I’ve received from Joanna that allowed me to facilitate in a masterful way, creating true breakthroughs for my clients.  

The breakthroughs that my clients experienced allowed them to integrate what they learned and bring it back and incorporate into their lives to make the shifts they know they needed to make but were previously afraid to. Many of the women who came to my first retreat have attended others and have become 1-1 clients. They all have asked when my next retreat will be! I am a masterful coach and facilitator and I owe so much of my growth to Joanna. If you are tired of playing small and really want to be a masterful coach then working with Joanna is really a no brainer!

 — Erin Elizabeth (Esser),  

The thing that allows you to create all this? 

Curriculum that gets results.

Not just any curriculum that you haphazardly put together or hope will be effective.  

I’m talking about using your curriculum to express the culmination of your all of your experience, wisdom, teaching and creative expression that has brought you to this moment.

Curriculum with true substance.

I’m talking about knowing how to craft your content so it doesn’t fall flat or leave people confused or stuck…  

…about not staying surface level, but going really deep with your participants…  

…about understanding how to develop an outline that takes your clients on a sacred journey to real and lasting transformation…  

…about developing exercises that truly CHANGE your participants on a cellular level. 

I’m talking about your Thought Leadership 

It's time to create a body of work that is unique and distinctly yours. Yes. You.  

This is your invitation to create distinctive and cutting-edge content that deeply transforms & influences your participants on all levels.

This is your invitation to create powerful classes and courses that keep participants engaged and excited.  

This is your invitation to have your content stand out and be known as exceptional.

And when you have your body of work captured in this way, there are infinite ways to re-purpose it to reach those you are here to serve… Your curriculum can:  

  • Become a virtual program, and teach your work, on your behalf, to students all over the world
  • Be the outline of your book
  • Provide the framework for in-person retreats, workshops or events
  • Give you all of the content to use in your blog, social media, videos, podcasts and other syndication platforms for years to come

But more importantly…

When you’ve created a stellar curriculum that you love… You literally become a different person.

You gain confidence.  

You can stand powerfully in the knowing that your work rocks. It has gravitas. And it’s changing people’s lives on a deep level.  

This is the mark of a true transformational teacher. 

“I’m addicted to results and excellence. And I’ve gained yet another layer in mastery with Joanna’s teachings"

I've been creating and doing events and workshops for over 14 years. And I have had lots of success! But so much of it was learned through trial and error, and hoping that I would get it right. With Joanna’s guidance, I understand what I am doing as a facilitator and can predict and guide the energy in the room. And the effects have been glorious! So much more fun and participation in the room, and huge deep breakthroughs for the participants. I’m addicted to results and excellence. And I’ve gained yet another layer in mastery with Joanna’s teachings - so grateful and excited for what is to come.”  

— Monica Shah, Founder and CEO of Revenue Breakthrough

Marketing becomes easier.

Sales become easier.

And delivering outstanding results for your clients happens over & over & over again. 

Referrals to you become routine and clients re-sign over and over again.  

Having excellent curriculum is the core foundational element of claiming your space as a thought leader, and of building your reputation as a teacher who provides the highest quality service.

And the Curriculum Lab is going to support you to do just that.

This is not your run-of-the-mill “Create Your Course” course.

I don’t think that more of the same is what is required, especially when it comes to transformational content and curriculum. If your work was clay, we’d be starting with a block. If your work was a painting, we’d be starting with a blank canvas.  

This is about creating your work as if it were ART. This is an exercise in creativity to give a unique voice and experience to your work, so that it leaves a mark on every soul it touches.  

That’s how we roll around here. We go deep. Or we don’t go.  

Over the course of our 4 weeks together, you will learn how to create the most transformational exercises possible and craft a full curriculum based on your unique leadership.

Here's what you’ll receive: 


Mine Your Thought Leadership to Create Unique & Highly Effective Content 

When your curriculum lacks intention and flow, your students can’t connect to the work. They end up feeling overwhelmed and dissatisfied. They may have a ‘nice’ experience. But we want to create a transformative experience.  

We’ll unpack the core elements of your unique thought leadership and create the framework that allows your work to stand out, and your students to experience learning through arcs, pacing, crescendos and culmination. This will create the core teachings and content flow of your curriculum.  

You will:  

  • Learn all 5 Content Elements you MUST include to make your Curriculum potent and effective (without these, your classes generally fall flat)
  • Understand how to take your complex content and simplify it in a way that retains its depth but doesn’t confuse
  • Uncover your unique Thought Leadership so that your work stands out (& so that you don’t fall into the trap of teaching content that is “in the ballpark” but not totally aligned)
  • Learn how to create teaching topics that go beyond sounding nice on paper but truly change your clients’ lives.


Create Exercises that Go Deeper for Massive Transformations 

Clients are done with content that doesn’t go deep. They’re sick of the “Step-by-Step” methods to ANYTHING. They’ve figured out that “Step-by-Step” doesn’t really yield results if it’s not paired with real inner work.  

Yet most teachers – without intending to – keep their content on the surface level. You think you’re doing deep inner work when really you’re just getting started. We will cover how to create masterful curriculum that gives power back to your participants, leaving them to discover their own insights, breakthroughs and self-awareness.  

You will learn:  

  • How to craft your curriculum exercises that are simple, yet massively transformative
  • How to use penetrating questioning techniques in your curriculum to deepen the experience for your participants
  • How to replicate the power of your 1:1 work into your coursework
  • Best techniques for crafting experiential exercises & ceremonies that impact clients deeply


Craft Curriculum Anchors so that Clients Don’t Check Out 

Some of the worst things that can happen when you’re teaching is for your participants to get bored, check out, get confused, or get pissed off at what you’re teaching.  

It’s important that your content engages and captivates your students from beginning to end, and that they see & truly believe it’s relevant to their lives and will make a difference. It’s also important to know how to support your students in their inevitable resistance to change.  

We’ll build in the core components of your thought leadership that keep your students connected to the work to completion.

You will:  

  • Models for the exact opening activities you need to create engagement & investment in the work you do together
  • Create exercises to re-activate and captivate your audiences from the get-go, so that they are excited and engaged with the work they’re about to do with you
  • Develop exercises to nip in the bud any resistance to your content and teaching so that your students are fully open and ready to receive (if you are truly teaching your Thought Leadership, it is cutting edge, and there will be resistance to work through)


Learn the Art of Curriculum Alchemy for More Client Breakthroughs 

Most of the content out there reaches people on one plane… the conscious intellectual plane, where it is easily discarded by the more powerful forces at play… the heart, the body, the subconscious, and the emotions.  

When your curriculum is set up to reach ONLY one level of processing and learning, it doesn’t do the job of transforming your clients on ALL levels of processing and learning. It lacks lasting power. It fleetingly speaks to the mind without fully creating new patterns in the entire participant….and new patterns are what create the results your clients desperately long for.  

One-dimensional curriculum is good. Multi-dimensional curriculum is masterful and memorable. And in our last week together you’ll put the finishing touches on your curriculum to make it stand out and create client results in Technicolor.

You will:  

  • Infuse your curriculum with exercises and practices to reach students with different learning styles
  • Balance the types of curriculum exercises you use to connect to their emotional range as they go through your work
  • Learn the exact techniques to engage your participants' minds, hearts, bodies and souls
  • Weave the entire experience of your curriculum into a cohesive whole that packs breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough for your participants

PLUS: Weekly Get-It-Done Sessions 

These powerful weekly sessions are designed to create accountability for you to complete the work of this program, and also to have me holding space & answering questions for you in REAL TIME as you create your curriculum. This is not a learn about curriculum program. This is a container for you to develop, craft & complete your curriculum. 

By setting sacred time aside to come be with your community to work on this program, you'll overcome the procrastinator within, and protect yourself against any subconscious resistance to creating your POWERFUL PROGRAM. 


Facilitate Like a MASTER Online! Value: $497 

Once you create your amazing Curriculum, you’ll be ready to level up your online facilitation skills so that you fully bring alive all the content you’re sharing. I don’t want to leave you hanging with this one, so I’ve added a 2.5 masterclass on how to facilitate online circles and workshops.  

Online facilitation skills are different than in-person skills, and in some ways trickier. You’re not face to face in the room together, so you really need to know how to go deep and engage powerfully so that you don’t lose your clients’ interest.  

In the masterclass, you'll have the opportunity to not only experience a very sacred online ritual, but then we’ll spend time unpacking all the ways I led and facilitated them so that you are fully armed with online facilitating skills that go beyond the actual content you teach.

NEW ADDED BONUS: How to Fill Your In-Person Events! (3 Training Sessions)Value: $297 

In-person workshops, circles and retreats are some of my favorite things, and they work really well as marketing avenues for 1:1 clients. PLUS: they are a fantastic way to utilize your shiny new curriculum!!  

Over the course of these 3 sessions, I will teach you some of my most potent techniques for filling live events, as well as using them to attract private clients. These same skills could be used for online programs as well.  

"Joanna’s understanding of ritual is vast, deep and rich. I learned things at this training that were completely new to me – and I’ve got 20+ years of ritual experience myself!"

Elizabeth Purvis, 7-Figure Goddess

"I had the opportunity to implement her amazing training at my own 4-day retreat. I felt more confident, less drained and the retreat seamlessly flowed together."

Wendy Swanson, BE Yoga

"If you are on the fence about working with Joanna, I am here to tell you that it is WELL worth the investment. The ROI you will receive cannot be measured in only dollar amounts."

Makeda Pennycooke, 

Your Invitation

I’ve been coaching, facilitating workshops and retreats, and teaching others to do so for the better part of 20 years. 

I’ve gathered women into circle in the woods, and I’ve stood at the front of the conference room for corporate retreats. 

I am a masterful facilitator and a creator of rituals that allow for deep transformation. 

And much of the success that I’ve enjoyed myself and witnessed in those who I am blessed to serve is because here…

Content matters. Curriculum matters. And our clients’ results… Matter the most.  

I can say (because it’s true) that my events and programs always deliver. And I can also say that my clients buy from me over and over and over again. And refer everyone they know. Because my programs are the best of the best. Because my content is unique and not copy-catting anyone else’s. Because the transformation I provide is life-altering for those who choose the journey.  

If I can do this, so can you.

And so, my dear, this is my invitation for you. 

“Clarity. Inspiration. Confidence. These are just a few of the gems I received from participating in Joanna’s Curriculum Lab program.” 

The tools and strategies Joanna articulated and modelled so masterfully over the four-week course opened a generative space where I was able to fully realize my goal of creating a new group coaching program. This program sparked a deep integration of all that I have gathered across 15 years of teaching and facilitation. The work we did together in CL illuminated and filled in the missing pieces— creating a solid container of understanding that I will carry forward to other projects and programs.  

Joanna possesses a keen awareness of how thought leadership informs curriculum creation, and her masterful facilitation skills allow her to fully share her vast experience and knowledge with you. She is generous and focused with her feedback, giving you all the support you need to robustly succeed. The Curriculum Lab journey will not only give you everything you need to create a curriculum that activates your full potential as a leader and facilitator, you will also take away deeper layers and nuances regarding how it is that curriculum becomes transformative. Joanna is brilliant at what she does, and I wholeheartedly recommend her Curriculum Lab program.

 — Brooke Hofsess,  

Our work here together is about a commitment to greatness, confidence and effectiveness. Our work is about you making a massive impact on your audiences as you claim your rightful role as a Thought Leader. 

Here’s what The Curriculum Lab will look like:

  • Four LIVE & Interactive 90-minute Training Modules packed with tools, techniques, models and ninja tricks to create life-changing curriculum
  • A four-week Facebook Group where you can not only connect with community, but share your curriculum with me for critiques
  • Weekly Get-It-Done Sessions with my feedback to work ON your program and implement what you've leared
  • Bonus 2.5 Hour MasterClass: Facilitate Like a MASTER Online!

Next Session Beginning Summer 2020  

At the end of our month together, you will have a Curriculum that over-delivers and meets your clients’ needs like never before.  

Curriculum that will serve for years to come. That can reach people regardless of where they are in the world. And that will provide a framework for everything that you do from this point forward.  

But even more than a curriculum, you will know and understand exactly how to easefully and effectively create new curriculums over and over and over again.  

No more inventing of the wheel. No more worrying that your content isn’t powerful enough. No more waiting till the last minute to create your curriculum because it feels so daunting. No more being mistaken as a beginner or as your own coach’s copycat. No more knowing in your heart that you’re not delivering the best results possible.

It’s time to do the work so that you have unwavering confidence in your courses. And so do your clients.

“Joanna doesn't waste your time with fluff. She over delivers because she genuinely cares. 

I had a difficult time with other programs that claimed to help you create a course. They were more focused on the marketing of the course without actually assisting & guiding you on a journey to source your education, life experiences, and wisdom to create a course that is unique and powerful. A course that is aligned to your truest self and your deepest mission.  

Joanna takes you on a journey that shows you how to activate your client in a myriad of ways so she has the opportunity to learn at a deep level that stays with her.  

Each call is rich with information and I've happily listened to each a number of times cause there's always a new nugget to discover.  

Facebook groups are overdone but this group was a goldmine of interesting questions and seeing other participant's processes were an inspiration and helped me "see" things from a different point of view." 

— Loha Raphael, 

Let's get you started...

The Curriculum Lab

  • Four 90-minute live training modules
  • Weekly Get-It-Done sessions where you come do the work  
  • Lifetime access to module recordings + resources
  • Participate in our highly interactive, private facebook group (Joanna is in there every day!)

Registration is now closed.

However, you can save your seat on our Wait List by signing up below:

"I’ve worked with MANY of the “top coaches” in the industry and none have compared to Joanna... Joanna has the ability to masterfully co-create business strategies that yield results, while also being soul-aligned."

Lexi D'Angelo

"I am forever grateful for Joanna's wisdom and her coaching mastery. She's definitely the best of the best!"

Christine Dyan,

"Being a participant in Joanna Lindenbaum’s Curriculum Lab was a game changer for me... I highly recommend the Curriculum Lab if you are looking to deepen, transform and rise 100% fully in your work, and raise the bar in sharing your gifts with the world."

Brooks Haislip, 

Meet Joanna

I’m Joanna Lindenbaum and I’ve facilitated hundreds of Rituals and Transformational Experiences for individuals and groups for over 15 years. I’ve discovered that there are certain skills and elements the Facilitator must master to successfully create REAL shifts, healing and openings for participants.  

In fact, I’ve learned the hard way that without these tools, things can go very, very wrong. Your workshops and rituals can fall flat, or someone in the group will dominate and upset everyone else, or you will complete it feeling exhausted and spent.  

That’s why I’ve created the Curriculum Lab and the Master Facilitator Training. Both programs help you create amazing experiences and deep transformations for your attendees, leaving them raving about the power of your work.