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What if you knew with absolute certainty that every time you step to the front of the room that your audience is going to have an amazing experience?

How great would it feel to finally make the impact you know you can?

What would that do for your confidence and your ability to grow your business?

I’m here to tell you that not only is this possible, it’s actually easier than you think.

One of the fastest ways to grow your business and your reputation in your market is through mind-blowing transformational experiences.

As Maya Angelou said, “People may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”

There’s nothing like powerful workshops for expanding your business and your earning potential – when you do them the right way. That’s what I’m going to teach you.

joanna lindenbaum


I’m Joanna Lindenbaum and I’ve been facilitating Rituals and Transformational Experiences for individuals and groups for over 15 years. I’ve discovered that there are certain skills and elements the Facilitator must master to successfully create shifts, healing and openings for participants.

In fact, I’ve learned the hard way that without these tools, things can go very, very wrong. Your workshops and rituals can fall flat, or someone in the group will dominate and upset everyone else, or you will complete it feeling exhausted and spent.

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After developing hundreds of rituals and workshops, I’ve identified 7 Facilitation Master Skills.

In order to fully serve your mission and create the impact you’re here to have, you must be able to:

1) Create and Hold a Tight and Safe Container

This is the most important tool of facilitating any kind of ritual of transformational experience for an individual or group. If your container is leaky, your participants will get bored or won’t go as deep as they could, or get upset at you or others in the group.

From the very beginning – literally from the moment you walk in the room – you must make sure you are creating a very tight container, an environment that feels safe enough for your participants to open up, be vulnerable, share with you and the group, and transform.

2) Create a Sense of Community & Sisterhood

If you are leading a workshop, ritual, or any other transformational experience that includes a group of people, creating a strong sense of community, sisterhood and belonging is critical.

Instead of having a “flat” workshop, you’ll create one that is engaging and transformational – where clients participate, open up, learn from you and learn from each other.

Any group experience isn’t just about the leader or guide who is facilitating; it’s about everyone in the room. You need to have a solid step-by-step process for creating a sense of community that will help everyone feel welcomed, seen, and connected.

3) Take Your Participants on a Journey

One of the biggest mistakes I see facilitators make is having good content that doesn’t flow. They just throw a bunch of pieces together for a ritual or workshop or retreat, but the content doesn’t take the participants on an intentional journey.

When you lead a group through any kind of experience, you need to be very clear on where your clients are going to start and where they are going to end. You must thoughtfully and strategically craft that experience into a step-by-step journey where each ritual or experience builds on the next.

4) Take Care of Yourself and Your Energy

The very first time I led a retreat on my own, it was when I was living in NYC. At the end of the first day, I got in a taxi to go home to Brooklyn from Manhattan, and was so utterly exhausted, spent and overfilled from the day that I threw up all over the back seat of the taxi.

It was a hard (& gross) lesson in the value of taking care of yourself and your energy when you facilitate. I have created many different little tools and tricks to make sure I only stay energized and healthy throughout extended retreats. And I help my clients stay energized throughout for greatest learning and transformational capacity.

5)Use the 5 Senses for Deepest Learning and Processing

Think back through the most transformational and healing experiences you’ve had. Chances are, they engaged all 5 of your senses.

Deepest learning and receptivity happens through your participants’ bodies. In order to fully process emotion, you must learn through your body. In order to not only have a breakthrough, but activate the shifting in your cells to break pattern, you must learn through your body.

For your rituals and workshops to have maximum impact on your clients, you must craft ritual actions and exercises that use all 5 senses.

6) Don’t let 1 Client or Participant Take the Group Hostage

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen to unseasoned facilitators over and over again. You’ve created a beautiful ritual or retreat, your clients are engaged and learning, and then all of the sudden one participant takes the group hostage.

This participant has no boundaries or awareness of other people’s boundaries so she speaks for way too long, or demands more and more of your attention. She may have an inappropriate outburst or say something very offensive to someone else in the group.

When this happens, it’s extremely difficult to recover without getting frustrated and entering a power struggle.

When I teach Ritual Facilitation, I give step by step instructions on a number of facilitation tools that are crucial so that you know exactly how to respond when someone has taken hostage.

7) Going Deep: Harnessing the Energy in the room for transformational change

Ever notice that the BEST sporting events, shows or classes are the ones where the ENERGY is working well? Being a Transformational Leader and Facilitator who makes a REAL impact on your audiences means being able to change, manipulate and shift the energy of the room in an instant. It means being able to shift the energy within an individual. And it means being able to lead your entire group into an “entrainment” of energy – to all be in the same energy.

Learning how to masterfully work with your own Archetypes and Shadows as well as those of your clients is one of the biggest factors to have you completely stand out in your industry as the go-to person that transforms others. When you master these skills, you never again have to worry about client’s blocks, fears or limiting beliefs showing up to sabotage the room or their own success. Together, I will lead you to heal your Archetypes and Shadows FIRST because you aren’t truly able to do this level of deep work with other until you do it for yourself.

Elizabeth Purvis

Joanna’s understanding of ritual is vast, deep and rich. I learned things at this training that were completely new to me – and I’ve got 20+ years of ritual experience myself!

And yet…what most impressed me was Joanna’s ability to create and hold space for transformation in group environments. I completely shifted an important issue that had been holding me back for years, in a way that no other coach had even seen. What’s really wild is that Joanna didn’t have to see it either – she created the container, provided the focus and the ritual did the work!

—Elizabeth Purvis, 7 Figure Goddess


Have you ever walked into a room and felt embodied by a “love” container? This is my experience in Joanna’s Ritual Facilitator Training. She created a sacred space where I was able to claim who I am without shame, judgement or apology. During this deep process, I realized anything is possible.

Her sacred training is for women who are ready to experience who they are meant to be to share their gifts in the world”. Take the deep dive so you can “live fully”.

—Susan Gala, Heal Your Sacred Body?


I took the course because I knew that I wanted to deepen into this work with my clients and I couldn’t think of anyone more powerful and skilled to learn from than Joanna Lindenbaum.

I have been doing ritual work and facilitating groups for the past four years and find it to be one of my gifts. I took the course because I knew that I wanted to deepen into this work with my clients and I couldn’t think of anyone more powerful and skilled to learn from than Joanna Lindenbaum. Her ability to create sacred space with community, craft transformational rituals and lead women intuitively by has deeply impacted the way that I create retreats. Joanna is a master facilitator and mentor. I have learned how to read the room, handle emotions that come up and how to create more transformational content. I’ve also learned how to honor my own sacred rhythms and honor those of my clients. I feel more confident in the programs I lead and know that the value I deliver has increased. This year I went from running one full 9 month group program to leading two and bringing in another coach. Part of this is because I so many of my clients wanted to continue working with me because of what they receive. My work is deeper and richer because of what I’ve learned as a facilitator from Joanna.

—Regena Garrepy, Red Hot Visionistas

Your Program Includes:

I’ve created a powerful training to help you with all 7 of these Facilitation Master Skills

Obviously, you want to make a bigger difference in the world and impact more and more people… so, here’s what I’m going to show you…


My exclusive 5-step process

for creating a container that honors your participants and your sacred work – no matter what work you do!


The 3 most powerful exercises

you can use at your next workshop to create an intimate & trusting sense of community and sisterhood. Their walls will come down quickly, and they’ll instantly fall in love with each other, making your work much easier and much more powerful.


My top secrets

for putting your pieces of content together in a way that makes transformation inevitable. Your participants will go on a powerful journey, and you’ll get all the credit for being the transformational leader who took them there.


The 3 big facilitation mistakes

that cause facilitators to burn themselves out and how to prevent them. I’ll show you how to leverage the group energy to serve the group instead of providing all of the energy and transformation from your life-force alone.


The ONE simple tool

you need to be able to easily create experiences that support your clients in making breakthroughs that go way beyond what they merely intellectually understand, and into literally owning & living new shifts, patterns, beliefs and behaviors that will change everything for them.


My top strategies

for regaining control of the group when you’ve lost it. With everything you’re going to learn, you’re going to be set up to prevent anyone from taking the group hostage. But if it does happen, you’ll know exactly what to do to get control quickly.

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What’s included in your All-Access Pass?

Full Access to our 4-Hour Training Session which will bring you through ALL the tactics and strategies so you can create mind-blowing experiences for your program participants.


Who this training is for:

If you’re an experienced facilitator or workshop leader, you’ll get tools and information that you can use right now to make your experiences much more powerful for your participants while making the process a lot easier on you. You’ll be able to pull your curriculum together quickly and effectively. Just one new tip could add thousands of dollars to your bank account while saving you hours of your valuable time.

If you’re a new facilitator or workshop leader, this training will give you valuable tools that can immediately put you on the map in your market. Your participants will be buzzing about their experience and sending people your way because of your expertise and how you made them feel.


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This workshop will give you all the tools you need to lead and facilitate more powerful rituals, workshops and retreats. But I also want to make sure you are able to FILL YOUR WORKSHOPS with ideal clients so that more and more people can experience your amazing work.

So, when you register for the workshop, you’ll also receive – my gift to you – this BONUS FILL YOUR WORKSHOPS & EVENTS TOOL GUIDE. In it, you’ll receive four Guidebooks and one 75-minute step-by-step audio training on the exact steps you need to take to fill your workshops, events and retreats. It’s a $147 value that I’m thrilled to gift you for participating in this workshop with me!

satisfaction guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I fully stand behind everything I’m going to share with you. You’re going to get the best of my 15 years of designing powerful rituals and workshops. However, if for any reason you’re not completely thrilled with the training, simply email us, and we’ll refund the entire amount of your purchase, no questions asked.


The tools presented at the retreat are now at the center of what I am offering to my clients, it’s the thread that weaves it all together. I can’t imagine what my professional tarot practice would look like now if I hadn’t taken the training.

—Lauren Beurskens, Wise Woman Birth Services


Joanna has created a sacred train-the-trainer course for women ready to step into their leadership. It had been a year of my co-facilitating women’s circles and I was ready for a teacher to guide me through the next level.

Joanna, a shaman spirit, one whom I can trust, and be/feel held by, came into my life in divine timing. She skillfully and symbiotically facilitates whilst integrating “the behind the scenes” of a facilitator. Joanna is a role model of love and humility, and takes us deep in real bare bones work without the glitz BS. I am grateful.

—Nicole Libschik, Holistic Hands


Joanna is an incredibly intuitive and powerful facilitator. She has an amazing way of welcoming everyone in a group into the circle and holding a safe space.

I have learned from her many personal practices for how to set up an experience for groups, and how to lead the group to invite more connection, sharing, collaboration, and community. With these tools and facilitation practices I now feel more peaceful and grounded when I am leading a group, and feel much more confident in what I am providing in my group programs which shows in the growing group size and enrollments.

—Frances Darnell, Dynamic Woman Pilates

Brenna Smith

I have become a more empowered public speaker… I have sensed a deeper connection in my group work… I also feel a sense of light heartedness, fun and play in my work.

I have been able to successfully apply several of the concepts from the training in my work with great success. I have become a more empowered public speaker, which has resulted in an increase in my private client practice. I have sensed a deeper connection in my group work, which has allowed my teaching to support others in even deeper transformation and life changes. I also feel a sense of light heartedness, fun and play in my work, which has inspired more creativity around areas of my business that I have been wanting to cultivate and flourish.

–Brenna Smith, Meditation and Mindfulness

Wendy Swanson

I had the opportunity to implement her amazing training at my own 4-day retreat. I felt more confident, less drained and the retreat seamlessly flowed together.

A few months ago, I participated in Joanna’s 4-day Ritual and Facilitation Training Workshop. I had the opportunity to implement her amazing training soon after at my own 4-day retreat. I felt more confident, less drained and the retreat seamlessly flowed together. Joanna’s training was a perfect balance of practical and experiential allowing me to digest the material intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Joanna’s unique gifts helped me to take facilitation from the mundane step-by-step process to the life changing level. I personally am not the same person as I was before training with Joanna. I can’t wait for more!

–Wendy Swanson, BE Yoga

Linda DeCarlo

I learned so much watching her coach women throughout the 4 days with precision, compassion and ease. I found myself constantly writing down questions she asked effortlessly in some pretty serious situations.

As someone who has conducted well over 600 workshops myself, I came to learn from and observe the unique blend of workshop leadership that is one of Joanna’s gifts. Joanna is one of the very few people who manages to attain a Leadership Presence (organized, structured, on point, on time) while being Present in the Moment (able to read the group, not rushing through things to get to the next exercise and missing what is happening, reading the group’s confusion, overwhelm and/or fear and dealing with it on the spot). Most facilitators do one or the other competently. It is rare to have the opportunity to be part of an experience that showcases both so well simultaneously.

–Linda DeCarlo

Elaine Torrance Gingrich

My business is shifting due to this experience as I continue to digest the powerful teachings and integrate them into my own work. I am owning my Queen and am standing in my power.

For some time, I had been feeling that my work was meant to go deeper – to be more of a spiritual experience. Joanna’s Wise Woman Ritual & Facilitator Training Retreat was an answer to my prayers. I just knew that I was meant to be part of that program. It called to me at a deep level that I am not even sure I am able to articulate, and the experience of this program is beyond words for me. My business is shifting due to this experience as I continue to digest the powerful teachings and integrate them into my own work. I am owning my Queen and am standing in my power as the Goddess of Laughter & Possibilities in my work and in my life. If you are considering this program, if it calls to you in any way, then your Inner Goddess is speaking to you. Listen to her.

–Elaine C. Torrance-Gingrich, Avalonian Moon

Catherine Ewing

The training has had a significant impact on both my personal life and my business …[It] provided me with tools, techniques and an approach to creating ritual that I have incorporated into my own Women’s Circles.

Leading up to, and during the four days of the retreat, Joanna skillfully created the tone and the container for our time together. She is both a masterful facilitator of ritual and workshop leader. Those skills, combined with her authentic and intentional personal sharing, created a safe container and the opportunity for deep healing, open sharing and personal risk taking.

–Catherine Ewing, Sacred Heart Alchemy
$297 $97

Add to Cart – $97

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