Overcoming Fear – Skills Guide

Discover how to help your clients overcoming procrastination, resistance and self-sabotage
This content-rich resource guide will inform and inspire you to feel more confident in creating change for your clients, regardless of their fears… a veritable treasure trove of skills, scripts and templates to deepen your coaching practice, with ease and confidence.

Meet Joanna

Meet Our Contributors

Hillary RubinHillary Rubin
The Permission Statement Principle & the Rubber Band Awareness Practice
Regena GarrepyRegena Garrepy
Give Fear a Voice
Tina ForsythTina Forsyth
CEOs & Leaders: Clear the Decks to Clear Resistance
Jonathan FitzgordonJonathan FitzGordon
Overcome Fear through a Yogic Approach
Umoh LunaUmoh Luna
The Power of Deep Listening
Amy Jo GoddardAmy Jo Goddard
Fear & Resistance around Sex and Sexuality
Christina Morassi
5 Steps to Making Pleasure Bigger than Fear
Elizabeth PurvisElizabeth Purvis
Surrendering to Fear with Magic & Manifestation
Michelle VandepasMichelle Vandepas
The Philosophy of Life vs. The Philosophy of Fear
Leisa PetersonLeisa Peterson
Overcoming Resistance to Money & Abundance
Christine Dyan ThomsonChristine Dyan Thomson
3 Key Questions for Women Who Desire to Lose Weight
Tanya LynnTanya Lynn
Helping Circle Leaders Overcome Fear
Jordanna EyreJordanna Eyre
Your Resistance, Your Client’s Resistance
Shawn DriscollShawn Driscoll
4 Resistance Red Flags for Entrepreneurs
Sarah OlinSarah Olin
The Importance of Activating Humor & Being for Mothers & Everyone Else
Amanda MoxleyAmanda Moxley
Become a Dragon Slayer
AmiraAmira Alvarez
Activating Universal Laws to Overcome Fear
ShereneSherene Schostak
A Jungian Approach to Fear
Monika Nataraj
Fear & Resistance in Embodied Group Work
VanessaVanessa Codorniu
The Chakras as a Guide to Overcome Fear