World-class training for transformational coaches, spiritual teachers and industry leaders:

Sacred Depths


Program Overview & Syllabus

Deliver Life-Changing Results to Your Clients (& Powerfully Grow Your Business!) through the Art of Human Transformation

In a world where anyone can call herself a coach, there are those of us who know we must go deeper.

To rise above the noise of "good" service to total excellence, to shine the light of truth & clarity into the dark craggy corners of the psyche of those we are here to serve…  

To intimately understand human nature and the very human tendencies that keep clients stuck in circumstances that they don't like or want. 

This isn't about surface level coaching. This is about cultivating the skills, expertise and confidence to go deep, deep, deep with your clients. So that you can co-create RESULTS & real and lasting transformation. 

Knock-their-socks-off Transformation.

So that you can look your clients in the eye, knowing you can handle their deepest fears & resistances, and deliver on your promise to help them experience something new... something better.  

This is that invitation to go deeper with your clients... to fulfill their desire to navigate, heal and integrate their own Sacred Depths. 

When you can do this, you stand out, you sell more, and your work is way more valued.

  • If you’ve ever wondered if you’re actually creating lasting, transformative results in the lives of your clients… or if you're just skating over the surface of their psyche.
  • If you are nervous about client resistance, fear, self-sabotage, and defensiveness...  
  • If your clients aren't following through on their commitments, if they aren't having the difficult conversations, if they aren't implementing your strategies...  
  • If you don't know how to respond when clients disengage from your work, blame you or create conflict as defense mechanisms...  
  • If your work and business are good... but you know they are meant to be exceptional...

This invitation is for you.

Are you ready to be having a FLOURISHING, IMPACTFUL and DEEPLY RESONANT coaching business, with clients who come back again and again, and recommend you whole-heartedly to everyone they know? Then you MUST become masterful at transformation. Mastery of your craft is the ULTIMATE Business Success Strategy. 

Here's why: The self-development industry is totally saturated & done with "OK" practitioners (though there is PLENTY of space for you if you become a SACRED DEPTHS PRACTITIONER). 

Download the Full Syllabus Here

"I’ve been a full-time coach for 13 years now. Each year I have a constant drive to get better, go deeper and learn more about my clients."

The Sacred Depths Coaching Program gave me more tools to recognize my client’s fears and resistance, and to help them walk through them. I’ve become a better coach and gotten out of ruts that I didn’t even know I was in. The program has also supported me to go deeper into myself to fight my own resistance and procrastination. My clients now regularly rave about their sessions and send me emails afterwards saying how helpful they were. The program is a must on the path to become excellent and masterful as a coach.

Monica Shah, Business Coach, CEO Revenue Breakthrough

“I would not have been able to create such a powerful experience for my clients without Joanna's support.”  

Prior to enrolling in the Curriculum Lab, I had a desire to host a retreat weekend, but I wasn’t clear on how to create the structure or the content. After taking the Curriculum Lab, and following Joanna’s thorough process, I now have the confidence to move forward with my retreat because my curriculum is complete. I would not have been able to create such a powerful experience for my clients without Joanna’s support and the Curriculum Lab. Thanks, Joanna!

— Christine Dyan,

The world NEEDS the transformation industry to STEP UP right now so we can truly help heal the planet. And, your business needs YOU to focus on facilitating world-class transformation.

“This is not your every-day coach training program. You will walk away with the skills you need to become a master and leader in the coaching industry.” 

I have had the pleasure of working with Joanna on a number of different occasions. She has always proven to be a master at whatever she sets her mind to do. All of that said, working with her in Sacred Depths was a whole other level of goodness. I had already been through a coach certification program but what Joanna covers in the course took my coaching skills to a much deeper level. The name Sacred Depths speaks perfectly to the work of deepening into my skills as a coach. After Sacred Depths I feel much more able to hold space for my clients to not simply reach their goals but to also experience profound transformation in the process. This is not your every-day coach training program. You will walk away with the skills you need to become a master and leader in the coaching industry. Joanna doesn’t do fluff – it’s deep work and it’s work that will challenge you personally and equip you to support those you feel called to serve. If you’re on the fence about this program, do yourself a favor and take the leap. You won’t regret it!

— Makeda Pennycooke,

I am committed to training HIGH LEVEL PRACTITIONERS who approach their clients with integrity & advanced skills  

If we want to go beneath the surface of what is truly driving a client’s behaviors, actions and results, we need to have the willingness, confidence and skills to do so.  

You see, exceptional coaching isn’t just about helping someone feel good in the moment.

It’s the art of allowing your client to see her actions, thoughts and behaviors in the clearest light possible…and then expertly supporting her in creating change.

Every program and every entrepreneur looks like everyone else. 

Very few practitioners STAND OUT for helping their clients create stellar results and REAL CHANGE:

  • The marketplace is FLOODED with "get your certification in a weekend" coaches
  • Many are having trouble with client retention, with client satisfaction, with client re-signs
  • Practitioners are so focused on marketing that they’ve moved away from becoming masterful coaches & facilitators that revolutionize people’s lives
  • Very few people have learned how to effectively and expertly move clients through the very natural human tendencies of defense, denial, validation and fear….or help them create visions that are actually aligned….or hold them accountable in ways that count
  • We don’t need more "wanna-be-preneurs" with better personal branding or fancier marketing…what we need is more kick-ass transformational coaches, healers and facilitators

“I have learned so much about myself as a woman and as a coach that I never could have imagined.”  

Working with Joanna in the SDCT has been (and continues to be) transformational. I became aware of something new and wonderful during each training session, and I have learned so much about myself as a woman and as a coach that I never could have imagined. Through the training, I have come to peace with traumatic events in my life that I didn't even realize were still open wounds. If you have the chance to work with Joanna, TAKE IT! It's a long program, but it is worth every second you will spend in it. 

Gailyc Braunstein 

“I highly recommend the Sacred Depths Training both to new and seasoned coaches. There is so much gold here.”

Sacred Depths Coaching Training has been an incredible training program that I have benefited from both on a personal level, as well as a business level with my clients. As a mentor, Joanna’s soft and loving presence makes you feel seen, heard, loved and understood which is also the red thread throughout the whole training that we're consistently working to embody when we're working with our own clients.I highly recommend the Sacred Depths Training both to new and seasoned coaches. There is so much gold here. Johanna Arnesson

“I have grown immeasurably...”

I have grown immeasurably from participating in the Sacred Depths Coaching course. Before the course I had a lot of self-doubt -- I had internal 'knowing' but the doubt sprang from not knowing how to use that knowing and how to interact in the world with it, as a whole part of me. Because my 'wiring' is so in line with the underlying basis and assumptions of what you teach, AND because the course gives me an exceptionally practical way for bringing the teachings out into the world, I now feel truly whole and strong. I get to claim something that has always been a part of me and feel there is a place for me professionally as I am in the world. This is a precious floor of confidence. I'm integrating at a heart level and in the last few weeks, I've been able to speak up more and be seen more as who I am in groups. That is a shift.  

Monisha Mittal  

By wading into The Sacred Depths of our clients' inner worlds…

We can create reliable and transformational results as a coach, healer, facilitator or transformational expert.  

Sacred Depths is the potent blend of Coaching Skills, Spiritual Wisdom, Human Nature Research, Neuroscience, Embodied Tranformation Techniques, Shadow Excavation, Transcendental Visualization Tools, Ritual Secrets, & Energetics that you've been looking for.

 Download the Full Syllabus Here 

“The tools I have received are allowing me to tap into my wisdom and with so much love and confidence to direct my clients to find the right answers for them inside them.”

I am usually so good with my words, but I am having a hard time finding the right words to describe this powerful experience. It has been so profound in my personal and professional life. I had no experience as a coach, as I was taking this journey my confidence level had increased tremendously, I start working with clients and I see how the tools I have received are allowing me to tap into my wisdom and with so much love and confidence to direct my clients (and my potential clients) to find the right answers.  

Joanna shared her knowledge, experience, and wisdom with such dedication and love and was able to create a truly sacred space that allowed me to open up, be vulnerable and go really deep to resolve, understand, accept and figure out whatever it was that needed my attention. I am still impressed with how organized and professional everything was, the way things were presented, the support of the team, the timing, how everything Joanna said that she will do, share, or post was done as promised or more than that. I am so grateful for this program, for Joanna, for the amazing support team -you guys are such blessing. 

— Elinor Miller

Surface level conversations, questions and skills lead to mediocre results...

Let's. Go. Deep.  

Here is what most coaches don't know when they start coaching:

Humans are quite adept at telling others (and themselves) what they want to hear, and creating circumstances to avoid their own truth and evolution. Without the ability to see the unseen, hear the unheard, illuminate what lies in the darkness, and be motivated to change pattern…

Our clients will present with resistance, stuckness, confusion and reversion to the status quo.

And we as coaches, if we aren't properly trained, we become frustrated, doubting our ability, and feeling not so great.

The good news is we can do better. 

“Sacred Depths Coaching has made me a better listener, more present to my clients and myself as a coach and helped me facilitate some amazing internal breakthroughs and transformations almost immediately.” 

Joanna's Sacred Depths Coach Certification Program has helped me create the invaluable internal infrastructure for my coaching and group programs that was sorely missing. I take women entrepreneurs through the journey of getting visible by sharing their stories in talks, blogs and social media. While I could write their stories for them and share my own experiences of working through fears, I didn't have the tools to help my clients effectively do these things for themselves. So, I was consulting not coaching. I was creating polished stories for my clients but not helping them transform into healed and empowered storytellers in their businesses. I am doing that now thanks to this program. Sacred Depths has made me a better listener, more present to my clients and myself as a coach and helped me facilitate some amazing internal breakthroughs and transformations almost immediately. Joanna's work is a gift and business booster....and she is an ever generous, present and wise guide through the whole process. I can't recommend this course enough!  

— Cara Jones, Story Breakthrough, 

Am I the mentor to trust with your evolution toward mastery? Well...  

I’ve dedicated the last 18 years of my life to MASTERY of transformational leadership, coaching and facilitation. Over the last 18 years I have led literally HUNDREDS of Retreats, workshops, rituals, classes and seminars. In that time I’ve led thousands of women and men in the United States and abroad in 1:1 coaching work and in groups. And I have been training coaches and facilitators for over a decade as well.  

I am proud to share that my clients credit our work together as some of the most profound and life-defining work they have ever done. 

They tell me that the experience I lead them through is of higher quality than anything else out there. They thank me for guiding them to achieve their most desired goals, and perhaps more importantly: to become more of whom they are meant to be.

 My leadership has activated and healed participants deeply and in very sacred ways, has yielded results that I would have never imagined, has generated more income for me through clients resigning and telling their friends, and has left me feeling satisfied, connected to my brilliance, and knowing I am living out my sacred mission in the world.

"The work you're doing is deeply important. I recommend you and this course to anyone who wants to elevate their game by going deeper." 

So much gratitude to you for modeling excellence, compassion and ritual, Joanna. I've been coaching for 17 years, but was drawn to your program to find ways to go even deeper with my clients—beyond business strategy. As things like this go, I learned a lot about myself too.  

The highlight of this program was attending the Shadow Retreat in March. Not only did I learn and practice new skills, it brought to light a shadow of my own in the process. One that had eluded me for decades! The work you're doing is deeply important. I recommend you and this course to anyone who wants to elevate their game by going deeper.  

Thank you.  

— Carolyn Herfurth, 

Not only that, but my clients and students that I have trained also receive these rockstar results

My clients are coaches and yoga instructors and business mentors and transformational speakers and real estate agents and massage therapists and music teachers and sleep coaches and pilates instructors and beyond. Some have just begun and others are very experienced practitioners over decades time. But here’s what they all have in common – through my mentorship….  

My clients bring the house down in their 1:1 sessions, and at their retreats and workshops.  

They have raving fans. They are known as the BEST at what they do.  

My students are known as exceptional practitioners & wise mentors in their field. Their client rosters grow naturally because their reputations precede them. They worry less about their performance because they know how to handle any client situation with ease.

They thank me over and over for training them to become truly exceptional at human transformation.

I share all this with you not to impress you, but to impress upon you that becoming a truly transformational practitioner is not optional if you want to have a thriving, impactful business that you feel amazing about.

There are certain skills and elements the practitioner must master to successfully create REAL shifts, healing and openings for participants. 

In fact, I’ve learned the hard way that without these tools, things can go very, very wrong. Your work can fall flat, or your clients will become upset or frustrated with you, or you can do harm because of cultural insensitivity, or you will leave client sessions feeling exhausted and spent.

Most practitioners these days can fall into this trap because they have not been taught how to become masterful coaches. And you aren’t simply born with coaching mastery (even if you’re a “natural”) the only way to become an EXPERT is to learn how.  

Most practitioner trainings out there don’t teach the “secret sauce” to go from good or great to absolutely exceptional.  

“My sessions are definitely richer, I am more skilled and confident taking my clients to more distant places within themselves." 

When I stepped into the Sacred Depths Coach Training Program, I knew I would learn new strategies and techniques for being a better coach. Not only have I worked with Joanna before, but I have been coaching clients for close to 7 years. I was slowly growing my business, but I wanted to expand my skills, go deeper with clients and feel more confident.  

From that very first call, I knew I came to the right place. Every topic had relevance to my work and challenged me to explore and stretch in ways I had not anticipated. Throughout the program I was taking these new insights and lessons into my practice and applying them immediately to my sessions. I could see that my coaching skills were improving because I was listening with new ears, responding with renewed language and maneuvering my clients into more rooted places.  

However, Sacred Depths is more than just skill building. I was also brought deeper, and encouraged to examine myself in relationship to my clients, to address my filters, my own fears and judgements. Weaving together practical skills and expanded self-awareness creates the magical curriculum that Joanna offers in her programs.  

Sacred Depths is a goldmine!  

— Joni Lane, 

Here we are seeking Mastery… 

The potent sum of inner fortitude + outer results to create authentic & in-integrity success as a coach, healer, facilitator or transformational expert. 

The Four Foundations of

Transformation Mastery

Through this life and business changing journey, you will become an EXCEPTIONAL coach & facilitator of human transformation by learning the 3 Foundations of Coaching Mastery

Masterful Coaching Skills:

In this program, you thoroughly learn the Basic & Advanced skills, techniques and tools needed to co-create radical and incredible change with their clients. 

This is a potent blend of Coaching Skills, Spiritual Wisdom, Neuroscience, Embodied Transformation Techniques, Shadow Excavation, Transcendental Visualization Tools, Ritual Secrets, & Energetics that you will have at your disposal for every coaching session or workshop you lead.

Mastery of Human Behavior:

The truth is that Masterful Coaching Skills are vital, but are actually not enough if you are truly committed to your clients results, healing and transformation.

In order to bring your coaching skills alive, you must understand your clients deeply and intimately….to know the right questions to ask, to listen between the lines…this is why Mastery of Human Behavior is not only essential; it’s a game changer for anyone who is a coach. This is the only coaching program that will take you deep into human tendencies, human responses, and human belief systems.

Personal Mastery:

To be an exceptional coach that your clients trust and truly learn from, you must do your own inner work.

You must work through your own fears, look at your own belief systems & biases, challenge your own habits and patterns. This is the only way to be in integrity as a practitioner. And this is also the only way to show up with confidence in the container. The work we do together in this training program will change YOU forever, you will come to know yourself in ways you never thought possible. You will drop old beliefs, you will dance with your Shadows, you will activate powerful parts of yourself you didn't even know existed. Even if you've spent decades on your personal work, you will experience massive breakthroughs and new, powerful shifts.

Business Mastery:

Marketing & Business Mastery are very important components to Business Growth…but not in the way that you think. 

Business Mastery is NOT about the latest & greatest “funnel fad" or the best ways to re-target your ads. Instead, Business Mastery is about rock solid communication with those that are meant to work with you. It’s about effective & in-integrity sales conversations. It’s about knowing how to speak & write to the souls of your ideal client so that they deeply desire the solution you possess.

It’s about being brilliant in how you share your thought leadership. It’s about asking the right questions that pique interest. It’s about knowing how to address resistance. And it’s about owning your confidence so deeply that all of your marketing materials radiate with magnetism. Inside of Sacred Depths is a whole Business Mastery Coaching Program that includes all the trainings, coaching sessions & content you need to either get your business started or take it to the next level of success. 

“The difference for my clients is that I go beyond the surface level, dare to bring them my wisdom on all learning levels by questioning them on all kind of topics, and am not afraid of touching the dark parts. I can help them befriend their fear, touch the negative patterns, and lead them on their path to make powerful choices in their lives.” 

Although I am an experienced coach, I’ve never experienced such a broad and rich curriculum as in the Sacred Depths Program. The advanced part of this training has enriched me with knowledge, skills and wisdom I’ve never found in any coaching program before. And it is Joanna, with her systemized approach and empathetic and open mind who made the difference for me. She helps you where she can. Shares her knowledge and wisdom without holding back. I felt welcome from the first moment. Sacred Depths for sure is no coaching light. It is a training that you will never forget and will make you feel proud you chose to be a professional coach.The difference for my clients is that I go beyond the surface level, dare to bring them my wisdom on all learning levels by questioning them on all kind of topics, not afraid of touching the dark parts. I can help them befriend their fear, touch the negative patterns, and lead them on their path to make powerful choices in their lives.  

I also loved the way we, the coaches, put ourselves out there to be questioned. To journal on all the topics and answer all the questions first. The live shadow retreat was amazing. I learned so much about the darker parts of ourselves and our clients and how to handle tough stuff when shadows pop up. I think I’ve learned not to hide anymore but to trust myself as a professional coach that I can handle all kinds of situations. My clients profit from all this. I dare to ask questions that lead to breakthroughs and, very important, help them along the path of transformation by holding them accountable, step by step, towards their goals and dreams.  

Joanna, I loved every minute of this program. I am so grateful for your wisdom, knowledge, skills, and the true role model you are to us. But most of all: I loved you as a facilitator/coach because you were you; kind, loving, intelligent, open, with humor, wise.

— Nicole Offenberg,

When you can confidently stand in the power of the results that you co-create with your clients, your marketing becomes clear.

You don’t need to over-promise or over-deliver; your results speak for themselves.  

Your business gets easier. Word of mouth about you spreads like wildfire. You are sought out for the results you co-create & the experiences you provide. 

You become known as the best of the best. You feel more confident & authentic in raising your rates or becoming more visible and bold in your marketing.  

You transcend standard online marketing and become the respected leader of a community or mission. When you share an opportunity to be with you at a retreat or workshop, your people come. Without question.  

“If you are considering Sacred Depths don't hesitate, it's one of the best investments in myself and my practice that I've ever made.”  

Choosing to step into Sacred Depths has proven to be a life defining and transformative experience that I will forever be grateful for. I came to the program as a seasoned and successful acupuncturist ready to embark on expanding into more Life & Business coaching. I had some basic trainings and skills already, but knew that in order to be of most service and value to future clients that I needed to look deeper into the study of coaching and Joanna offered just that. The integrity, depth, transparency, and experience with which she delivers the content of the curriculum ensured that I would learn to become a proficient and masterful coach set up for success. The specific coaching methods and skills Joanna teaches were easily applied in my coaching and clients were able to shift and experience deeper breakthroughs. Sacred depths also created space for me to continue being coached. I know that I can only go as deep with my clients as I am willing to go myself. Joanna created a sacred environment within which to do so. And I am so excited to continue on working with her, as the journey is just that. No end in sight for my what's next!!! And for that I am grateful. If you are considering Sacred Depths don't hesitate, it's one of the best investments in myself and my practice that I've ever made.  

— Beth Conroy, Acupuncturist & Life Coach,

What does it mean to be a

Sacred Depths Practitioner?

  • A Sacred Depths Coach knows how to hold the most sacred space possible for clients to become more self-aware and heal.
  • A Sacred Depths Coach doesn’t flinch when clients encounter obstacles, but knows exactly how to navigate them through it.
  • A Sacred Depths Coach knows how to give fully and generously WITHOUT exhausting herself or draining her energy.
  • A Sacred Depths Coach guides in ways that don’t overwhelm others, teaches in ways that the learning & growth actually stick permanently instead of falling away as soon as her client leaves the session.
  • She knows how to not be afraid when big emotions come up.  
  • She holds deep wisdom about human nature and life, and masterfully teaches it through her coaching.  
  • She is totally ethical & in integrity; she knows how to handle client projections, and how NOT to project on her clients; she knows how to check her privilege; she knows how to create nourishing environments for ALL of her clients.
  • A Sacred Depths Coach understands that Equity & Inclusion are core values of true transformation and mentorship. She is committed to equity for everyone regardless of race, gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or physical appearance/ability, and this commitment is integrated into her transformational skills.
  • A Sacred Depths Coach is a person who is REAL and AUTHENTIC, someone who herself shifts, heals and transforms as she steps more and more into who she is as a leader…
  • A Sacred Depths Coach is a guide, a teacher, a coach, a speaker whose clients and audiences remember her, whose clients and audiences have immense gratitude and love for, whose clients and audiences credit as one of the main reasons they are as successful as they are, credit for helping provide the greatest learnings and transformations, and whose clients and audiences talk about and refer to others

“My colleagues in my mastermind have already commented on the breadth, depth, and clarity of my energy and skills - and I see Sacred Depths as being essential to my personal transformation of really owning who I am, and my gifts.” 

The chance to work with Joanna is not something I would take lightly or pass up. Her work and training will put you light years ahead of most transformational practitioners.  

I loved the Sacred Depths training so much I am continuing on to level 2 and to her facilitation training. I am so glad I completed my first round with her at the highest commitment level - that week in North Carolina rewired me deeply, gave me an incredible tribe and sisterhood of fellow soulful coaches, and returned me to my power. The inner shifts I've been able to experience alone because of how deeply we engaged with shadow, fear, and resistance have given me the personal tools to face and befriend my demons rather than to be in constant turmoil with them - no longer letting them stop me in my tracks. I have been able to move internal mountains this year alone.  

What this looks like for my business is that I've launched my coaching company just 4 months after starting Sacred Depths and have filled half my practice in 5 short months. I am gearing up to launch a group program and I have the confidence to go out in the world and hold space for people I barely know, but deeply know I can transform, help, and return them to their own power, brilliance and inner wisdom. The ripples of this work will never stop. My colleagues in my mastermind have already commented on the breadth, depth, and clarity of my energy and skills - and I see Sacred Depths as being essential to my personal transformation of really owning who I am, my gifts, and saying yes to what was a small idea in the back of my mind but a big leap into the unknown of saying yes to creating an entire new career and business.  

If you are a lawyer, a coach, a healer, a yoga studio owner - anyone who practices transformational sales and is called to inner work, this program will transform your practice, your work, your world, and your life.  

I credit the program and my buddy / the buddy system as making a WORLD of difference in my ability to coach, my confidence to coach, and my own internal guidance system, cultivating my curiosity and deeply trusting my intuition to lead me in my sessions - and the perceptibility to tell when I'm off. Joanna really is a master at what she does. I feel lucky and fortunate to have found her.  

Because of my work with Joanna, I have stepped wholly into my power and claiming my vision for the world.  

Thank you, Joanna. Here's to many more cycles in this journey - and the deeper and more wonderous we go.

— Lea Artis Mystic, Coach, Alchemist to High Achievers, 

Become a Sacred Depths Practitioner

Master the Art of Deep Transformation  

  • Stand out as a transformational coach who is known for creating world-class results for participants and clients
  • You’ll discover exactly how to develop questions that creates breakthroughs and deep learning
  • You’ll understand exactly how to lead clients powerfully instead of losing clients and confidence because of mistakes and misfires
  • Instead of spending years trying to figure this out for yourself, I’m going to hand over my decades of knowledge, wisdom and experience in human behavior and transformational skills so you can create real and long-lasting change with your clients
  • You’ll know exactly how to create an open, loving and trusting client relationship
  • You’ll know exactly how to make sure your clients don’t get stuck in Fear or their Resistance Archetypes, and what to do to quickly bring them to center if they do
  • You’ll feel confident and clear as a coach, knowing how to make the best decisions in the moment & how to support clients who are struggling
  • You’ll discover how to bring a sense of depth, sacredness and connection to ANY type of curriculum or material
  • You'll learn how to Re-Wire Negative Thought Patterns so that clients don't continue to stay stuck in old habits
  • You'll master the difference between Breakthroughs & Transformations...and know how to lead your clients towards both
  • You’ll evolve your ability to be responsive to clients of ALL backgrounds and avoid spiritual bypassing & inadvertently causing harm
  • Instead of spending years trying to figure this out for yourself, I’m going to hand over my decades of knowledge, wisdom and experience in human behavior and transformational skills so you can create real and long-lasting change with your clients
  • You'll stop projecting your old family dynamics onto your clients...and support clients to break out of their sabotaging family dynamics
  • Get lovingly thanked by your clients over and over again for the incredible work that they have done with you
  • Get paid for being the priestess and spiritual leader that you are
  • Receive tons of referrals to your private & group work + receive repeat business over and over again
  • You’ll be able to create more group engagement and more feelings of belonging and sharing in your workshops
  • You’ll know exactly what to do if your client has a meltdown – and how to turn it around for growth and learning 
  • You’ll understand how to have a MUCH deeper impact on your clients
  • You’ll learn how to create accountability so your clients don’t lose steam or interest (as well as accountability for yourself & your business!)
  • You’ll shed false identities, become friends with your Shadows, claim your brilliance, and activate the most powerful parts of yourself 
  • On a personal level, you’ll learn how to powerfully attune to the seasons, honor yourself more deeply than ever before, and connect with your most authentic self (all of which are 100% necessary to masterfully coach). 
  • Know exactly how to handle The Judge, The Victim, The Know It All, The Flake & many other personas your clients can get caught in.
  • You'll learn how to listen & respond with integrity
  • You'll learn how to use the Sacred Rhythms (TM) method for more flow & ease.
  • You'll elevate Coaching to a client experience that includes magic, spiritual evolution, embodied transformation and so much more!

“I now feel that I can help my clients through whatever blocks and obstacles may come up for them (fear, limiting beliefs, old wounds).” 

What I am most excited about after participating in the Sacred Depths Coach Training is the confidence I now feel that I can help my clients through whatever blocks and obstacles may come up for them (fear, limiting beliefs, old wounds). Before this training, I had lots of “Coaching Tools” from my previous coach training (ICF Certified – 18 month training), but what was missing for me was the deep inner work I needed to experience myself before I could guide my clients through it. I personally had a transformational experience during my time with Joanna. My clients know on a very deep level that I’ve done the “work” that they now benefit from doing themselves!  

When I start a session now, I feel a sense of calm, instead of nervousness, because I know I have been through what they are experiencing and can help them navigate it so that they can cultivate the confidence they want for themselves. I now know on a very deep level, that they have the answers (not me!)– all I have to do is help them listen…  

The content Joanna presented in the training was worth its weight in gold, but the manner in which she did so is where the magic lies. She not only gave me gave me invaluable information, tools and techniques, but modeled them for me as well, so I experienced them personally. Each step built on the last, in a logical progression, and the questions she asked helped me realize that I was capable of creating a magical experience for my clients as well!  

If you are considering the Sacred Depths, my recommendation, is “Stop looking and take the leap!” You won’t regret it, I promise! I wish I had found Joanna before my first training!  

— Lisa Liljeberg,, 

Sacred Depths


Confidently Promise Deep Transformation & Lasting Change in Client Behavior & Performance

The Sacred Depths Transformational Practitioner Certification Program is an immersion into the depths of decoding the human psyche, understanding the dynamics of archetypes, shadow, fear and resistance, and breaking through to the next expansion of your leadership and mastery as a guide and midwife of human transformation.  

This is an intensive multi-month course of study meant for very smart, very evolved new & seasoned practitioners who desire to be EXCEPTIONAL TRANSFORMATIONAL GUIDES.



The Foundational Competencies are explored over a powerful FIVE MONTH journey.

Competency 1
The Energetics of a Powerful Client Relationships

The foundation of any highly effective coaching, healing or supporting is the Client Relationship. If the relationship isn’t solid and strong, the coaching and the opportunity for results will never really take off. That’s because the Client Relationship is what establishes trust, vulnerability, willingness to take risks, and so much more.

No matter how evolved you are, if you don’t do the inner work necessary to be an incredible coach, teacher and mentor, your ego is going to get in the way. Your judgments are going to get in the way. Your own self-doubts and fears are going to get in the way. You will not operate out of integrity and with a commitment to equity. You need to know how to navigate all of this so that you can come to the coaching relationship clean, clear and open. Most coach trainings don’t teach about relationships, but in Sacred Depths we start off with the challenging yet so rewarding work of looking at all of this and more.

 Competency 2
Deep Listening Skills:
Activate Trust and Real Change

Listening skills are absolutely necessary in order to be a stellar coach. Most coaches know how to listen WELL…but they don’t know how to listen masterfully. They don’t know how to hear 3 layers beneath the surface. When you become a truly effective listener, you stop wasting time, you hear beyond your filters & biases, & you move clients towards results way more quickly. 

Over the course of deeply embodying this competency, you'll be supported with PRACTICUMS, vital to integrating your learning into your practice.

Competency 3
Creating Awareness for True Healing 

One of the hardest, most courageous…and POWERFUL things a practitioner can do is create awareness for clients around the Truths that clients are perhaps not willing to see. A masterful practitioner HEARS the Truth that’s under the surface and then knows exactly how to present & reflect the Truth in ways that are loving, supportive, and results-oriented…in ways that don’t shame their clients or shut them down, but instead create massive breakthroughs and healing.

(This is important in ALL situation with ALL clients, but is especially important if you are working with anyone who has less privilege than you. Without the 5 different Creating Awareness Skills, you run the risk of spiritual bypassing or causing harm).

With this newly cultivated skill, you'll give your clients the gift of discovering their own breakthroughs, shifts and changes. This is a vital skill in the Sacred Depths methodology, as it is our driving value, that we create the space for our clients to decide for themselves (which will be met with action) versus being told by a practitioner (will be met with resistance).

This competency will be supported with a practicum.

Competency 4
Creating Rapid Client Breakthroughs:
Deep Dive Questioning Skills

Knowing how to craft masterful and effective questions is an art. Each and every word counts. Your specific word choices count. The content direction you choose as the coach counts. Your tone of voice counts. One question can make or break a breakthrough waiting to happen. Good questioning creates progress. Masterful questioning changes your clients’ lives.

This competency will be supported with a practicum.

Competency 5
How to ACTUALLY get clients started on their goals:
The Energetics of New Things

Did you know that for exciting as starting on new goals are, most clients will have a hard time with them? As a coach, you MUST understand the principles of New Things.

Clients respond to new ideas, visions, goals, and projects in one of 4 main ways. If you, as the coach, don’t have a good grasp on these responses – and know how to detect them, client goals will get foiled before they even get off the ground.

  Competency 6
Become a Visioning and Strategizing Master
so that Your Clients Execute Like Crazy

Having a vision is the heart and soul of coaching. Without it, there is nothing to coach on. It sounds simple to sit down and create goals and visions for yourself and with clients, but the truth is that most of the visions that get created in coaching sessions aren’t aligned, and aren’t fully in integrity with the client’s deepest desires…and therefore clients become stuck.

No matter what your expertise – business, relationships, health, acupuncture, real estate…strategizing is an art that combines your knowledge & experience with being able to help a client find her pace, her rhythm, her strengths, and her gaps. If you don’t know how to apply effective strategizing techniques to your expertise, client results will never get off the ground, because their plan and blueprint won’t be personalized for them.

This competency will be supported with a practicum.

PLUS: You'll receive all of my coaching systems, protocols and practices.

Holding the highest level of professionalism and ethics is a core value here at Sacred Depths. I'll share my exact client management process with you, so that you can create healthy boundaries, while allowing your clients to feel fully valued, seen and heard.

These tools will allow you to provide the highest level of service to your clients.

Download the Full Syllabus Here


Your Sacred Depths Coaching Certification continues for another FIVE MONTHS together where you will master these additional competencies:

Competency 7
Melting Away Resistance:
Understanding The 5 Resistance Archetypes ™

Something most coaches don’t know when they start coaching: Your clients will at some point naturally go into Resistance not only to their goals…but to YOU. The Resistance Archetypes show up as The Victim, The Judge, The Know it All, The Flake, & The Needy One.

You will learn exactly what each of these Archetypes are, how they operate, how they will show up in your clients to sabotage their goals and their relationship with you…and how to ease-fully and expertly assist your clients in moving past them. (A powerful introduction to working with Shadow!)

Competency 8
Befriend Your Fear Coaching™ Process

Fear is one of the biggest factors that gets clients persistently stuck on the road to their goals. Most clients – as well as most coaches! – naturally reject, vilify and run away from their fears. All this does is make your fears stronger. What’s needed is a new perspective and understanding of how fear works in human behavior.

You'll discover the exact steps to take your client through so that their fear can stop being the enemy that gets them stuck in their tracks, and instead becomes their friend, their strength and their support system to achieving what they want. Once you guide your clients to stop fearing fear…and start viewing fear as a natural growth process, everything will change for them.

This competency will be supported with a practicum.

Competency 9
The ReWire Negative Thought Patterns™ Coaching Process

Negative Thought Patterns are one of the most debilitating obstacles to growth and happiness. It is patterned and learned behavior, as well as limiting beliefs, that have been with your clients for decades, and that literally becomes grooved & wired into the brain. The are strong, old, and persistent patterns to break, but it is totally possible if you have the right tools.

When you are able to support your clients to re-groove new behaviors, patterns and thoughts….everything changes. Obstacles don’t feel so big anymore. Motivation becomes higher. Excitement and joy get activated.

Competency 10
The Wheel of Self Sabotage & The Myth of Perfection 

Way too often, clients will take themselves out of the game because they either get stuck in a cycle of Self-Sabotage or The Myth of Perfection.

As a coach, you absolutely needs to understand both of these phenomena inside out in order to powerfully and lovingly lead your clients out of these closed loop barrier scenarios. They are trickier and more complex than meets the eye, and the more skill you have in breaking the patterns, the more forward movement your clients will make. 

Competency 11
Client Accountability Tools and Strategies

If you aren’t able to co-create Accountability with your clients, they will fail at the goals they have hired you to help them with. But most coaches, even very seasoned coaches, don’t understand human behavior behind accountability as well as the different Accountability Styles of both the coach and client.

When you can master these vital teachings, you will stop spending countless extra hours following up with clients or feeling over-responsible for them, and your clients will be fully empowered to take their actions into their own hands and move forward at a pace that is aligned for them.

Competency 12
Embracing the Mystery, Radical Acceptance and Letting Go 

Sometimes the most important role a coach can have is to support your clients in Letting Go instead of Creating. In our modern world, where so much emphasis is places on more, more, more and Hell Ya, Let’s Do it!….sensitive or deep-thinking/feeling clients can feel forced into going against the grain of their own nature and natural rhythms.

But of course, the absolute best way to grow and achieve desired goals is to work in alignment you’re your rhythms, not against them. Because Release and Destruction are vital parts of the Creation process, this is one of the trickiest jobs of a coach (& MOST coaches don’t even realize that this is part of their responsibility!). It must be done expertly, masterfully and with great care in order to have impact.

Competency 13
Moving in Rhythm with Time for Personal Peace and Motivation

Time is one of those topics that is all-encompassing and that causes deep frustration for those who have not worked on it. If you don’t know how to help clients move in rhythm with time, you will be met with frustration, exhaustion and stress (from your clients and yourself).

No matter what kind of coaching, teaching or healing you do – Helping your clients manage time and creating an aligned relationship with time is a big key to their happiness, their sense of peace and calm, and their ability to create change in their lives. Best part? You'll have this magic available for your own life.

Competency 14
The Most Powerful Coaching Tool:
Fostering Self-Love & Compassion

Many of your clients will not have ever experienced the gift of True Nurturing, True Self-Love and True Self-Compassion. The best coaches out there understand this and know that part of their job is to provide this necessary experience and teach this necessary skill for any human being who truly wants to thrive.

The best coaches out there understand this and know that part of their job is to provide this necessary experience and teach this necessary skill.

Competency 15
The Off-the-Charts Power of Journaling
& Ritual as Transformational Tools

As a ritualist for the last 20 years, I have seen first hand how bringing ritual actions and the body into coaching creates extraordinary results. Over the course of this module, I will teach you how to use both Journaling and Ritual as companions to your coaching process – both in session and in between sessions.

Much transformation happens for coaching clients during their sessions with you. But don’t overlook the incredible progress, healing and shifting that can happen in between your sessions…if you know how to assign homework assignments and Solo Work activities that strengthen and seal the work you’ve done together 

“I now have so much confidence when serving clients who needed to go deep or get uncomfortable in order to move forward... As an experienced coach, I’d highly recommend this for both new and seasoned coaches!”

When I started Joanna’s Sacred Depths Coach Training Program, I was well into my fourth year of coaching and had gone through some great training already. But I am so glad I invested in SDCT! Aside from all the tools and tips, the best thing I learned was how to think about a client's journey and make conscious choices and why and how to work with a client in any given situation or state of mind in order to help her move towards her desired outcome. Joanna honors the intuition of both coach and client, but taught me how to put words to name the intuitive next step or need that I was sensing. This gave me, as the coach, so much confidence when serving clients who needed to go deep or get uncomfortable in order to move forward. I’d highly recommend SDCT for both new and seasoned coaches! 

— Gwenn Prinbeck, Personal & Professional Life Coach 

“Sacred Depths supported me to shine as a coach, and is truly the best decision I’ve made as I step onto this new path of my soul’s work.”

I had already been through a coach training program, but was left feeling in my bones that there was more depth I could access, and more skills that I needed. I wanted to be able to do truly powerful work with my clients and to be an exceptional coach, and knew I needed more training. As soon as I heard about this program, I was a total Yes! Working with Joanna has been powerful both personally and professionally. I used to feel unsure of myself with clients, not knowing if I could truly support them in their dreams. I now feel confident that I can show up, go deep, and get to the root with them, and they are achieving amazing and sustainable results. I’m thrilled to have the skills to create powerful coaching relationships with my clients and my groups, which brings them back for more. Sacred Depths supported me to shine as a coach, and is truly the best decision I’ve made as I step onto this new path of my soul’s work.  

— Jasmine Patten 

Is this for you? 

  • You want to be the best of the best. And you understand that this takes commitment.
  • You want to change lives. And you understand that this means you have an unwavering commitment to your own personal growth and expansion.
  • You consider yourself a true professional. You are unwilling to offer any service unless it is expeceptional.
  • You'll be investing in your professional and personal development for as long as you do what you do. Because it's the right to do for the people you serve.
  • You care about the results that you create for your clients more than the image you portray through your brand.
  • You are committed to INTEGRITY & EQUITY: your values around doing the right and social justice are top priority
  • You KNOW that the strategy for a thriving coaching, healing or transformational business is results... that speak for themselves. Which eans clients re-sign year after year, and refer people to you without you even having to ask.
  • You eschew surface level solutions. You long to go deep, deep, deep. and do so with finess, confidence and gravitas. (You understand that DEPTH is a need to have, not a "nice" to have).

“In my first 30 days working with Joanna, I made $26,000 (!!!!!), sold out a 50-person workshop, booked 32 enrollment conversations, created, launched, and completely sold out. The Aligned Female Entrepreneur (my first digital business-building course) and filled my one-on-one practice.” 

Before working with Joanna, I was experiencing success in my business but was feeling confused about where to go next. I was torn between ideas and had been spinning my wheels for MONTHS. I knew I wanted to up-level my offerings, hit six+ figures, and feel more aligned in my messaging -but I was frustrated because I couldn’t get it figured out on my own. During our first call, helped me gain clarity that had been eluding me for almost 2 years! As someone who prides herself in being a go-getter with a lot of ambition and heart, Joanna was a Godsend –she helped me channel my genius into clear systems for producing revenue that also felt completely aligned with my higher calling and gifts. In my first 30 days working with Joanna, I made $26,000 (!!!!!), sold out a 50-person workshop, booked 32 enrollment conversations, created, launched, and completely sold out The Aligned Female Entrepreneur (my first digital business-building course) and filled my one-on-one practice. The best part was I was able to accomplish all of this from a place of integrity and true heartfelt connection, not complicated click funnels or high-pressure sales tactics. So, not only has my income grown, but I’m literally in tears every week over the breakthroughs and results my clients are achieving through doing this work and modeling these principles. I truly feel like Joanna has allowed me to be of greater service to this world. I was terrified to invest at this level and naturally was skeptical after investing in programs in the past, but after now just 2 months into my 6-month package, I can say for certain this has been the ONE thing that has made all the difference.  

— Krissy Leonard, Business Coach for Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs,



Your TEN MONTH Journey Includes:

  • A deeper immersion into The Sacred Depths Coaching tools, frameworks and processes, giving you potent new tools to add to your medicine bag as a coach, healer, or spiritual teacher.
  • Upon completion, you will be given the designation of Sacred Depths Coach. You can use this in your marketing and will be listed as one of our certified coaches on our website.
  • Personal transformation like you have never experienced it before (because you can't take others where you haven't gone!)
  • 34 Training Calls (6 pre-recorded)
  • 8 LIVE Practicums
  • Private FB Group
  • Worksheets + Important Templates

    Business Bonuses (all recorded)
  • 4 Bonus Expert Calls
  • 5-hour Authentic Enrollment Conversations Workshop
  • 5-hour How to Bring More Clients into your 1:1 Practice and Programs
  • 3-hour Marketing Message Workshop
  • 90-Minute Crafting Your Preview Presentations Training
  • PLUS: 2-hour LIVE Circle for New & Tentative Coaches

Your FIVE MONTH Journey Includes:

  • All of the training, content and wisdom required to take your clients more deeply and impactfully into their personal transformation
  • Lots of time for Q/A and direct coaching with Joanna so that make quantum shifts, & have a new found confidence and certainty in serving your clients
  • Coaching Practicums, Role playing opportunities and LOTS of Power Language modeling from Joanna so that you master your craft & receive a treasure trove of exact phrasing to use for specific situations
  • 17 Training Calls  (3 pre-recorded)
  • 5 LIVE Practicums
  • Private FB Group
  • Worksheets + Important Templates

    Business Bonuses (all recorded)
  • 2 Bonus Expert Calls
  • 5-hour Authentic Enrollment Conversations Workshop
  • 5-hour How to Bring More Clients into your 1:1 Practice and Programs
  • 3-hour Marketing Message Workshop
  • 90-Minute Crafting Your Preview Presentations Training
  • PLUS: 2-hour LIVE Circle for New & Tentative Coache

Additional resource provided:

  • Resource Center with Extensive Worksheets, PDFs Scripts, Exercises & More to implement right away in client sessions
  • Optional Coaching Buddy & Targeted Buddy Assignments for Skill Practice and Building  
  • Accompanying Inner Work & Personal Development for YOURSELF with each Module
  • Highly Interactive and Engaged Private Facebook Group  
  • A Tight-knit Circle of Like-minded Professionals who are dedicated to Going Deep  
  • Many of the exact templates that Joanna uses to create impeccable Client Care & Client Satisfaction in her own Business


  • The Business Building Bundle (over 10 additional hours of training; details below)
  • The Alignment Series: Interviews with Guest Experts on some of the most pertinent issues facing our industry in these turbulent times (details below)

“The whole experience has been over and above my expectations, and so very profound.”

— Marcy Stahl

“Joanna is absolutely masterful at teaching coaching skills, for both beginners and those more experienced. I’ve shared her coaching tools with my clients groups, and they loved her work. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the quality and depth of her trainings. Highly recommended.” 

— Bill Baren

“I started unsure of how I would pay for the course, and ended up with more income than ever before!”  

— Michelle Thompson

That is what I want to help you step into. 

Join the other elite practitioners who have risen to the top of the industry.  

“Joanna’s experience, expertise and perspective are unparalleled in the transformational coaching industry.”

The Sacred Depths Coach Certification program strengthened my professional skills, deepened my personal resilience and honored my unique gifts as a coach. The tools Joanna teaches helped me consciously and consistently guide my clients to their breakthroughs and lasting transformations. As a result, I feel more confident in marketing my work. Joanna’s experience, expertise and perspective are unparalleled in the transformational coaching industry. But, more so, she inspires me to keep learning, growing and becoming.  

— Cory Kemp,

“So confident had I become in my worth and the value of my work that I increased my rates by more than 250%.”

And got 6 existing and 4 new clients into my new signature program to start. I have so far earned more in 2 months than I would have in 12 months in my day job and truly - I've only just begun!  

— Caroline Diana Bobart,

“The experience was everything I hoped for (and more!)” 

I had been thinking about doing a coach training for the past 5 years, but nothing I came across ever felt right. Until I stumbled across Joanna's work. Everything I read about the Sacred Depths Training resonated deep within my soul, and I immediately knew it was time! And the experience was everything I hoped for (and more!). What I really love about Joanna's style, is how she incorporates energetic cycles, ritual, and "spiritual/meditation" tools like visualization. This was honestly the perfect coach training for me!  

— Dana Garced,

You can do this, too…

When you learn to create deep and powerful transformation, utilizing skill and finesse that will bring your clients to their knees, by learning how to hold space for others to find their souls, and by honoring the truth in your core that it’s your birth-rite to feel sacred and holy… EVERYTHING CHANGES.  

And, instead of learning a new coaching “method” – which can only take you so far – you’ll walk away with the confidence and the skills to create your own methods. You’ll be able to create incredible transformational experiences, no matter what content you use. And you’ll step more fully into who you are as a transformational leader. 

"For years, I have secretly wished for an experienced, mastery-level coach to step up and create the certification I wish I’d had back when I was new to coaching. Something that could cut YEARS off the learning curve of an ambitious, highly driven yet empathic woman like me; something with the repeatable secrets of how to REALLY move clients to their success. Joanna is that coach, and Sacred Depths IS that certification."  

Coaching is more than listening; it’s more than asking the right question at the right time. Coaching is the ability to BE with the wild emotional ride that IS your clients’ process of transformation – while being with your own at the same time! Very few coaching certifications out there speak to this, let alone teach it. But Joanna goes THERE, because she knows that your success depends on more than knowing how to get clients, or feeding them tired “done for you blueprints” without REALLY understanding the inner processes at play when making big leaps.  

With Sacred Depths, you’ll get exactly what you need to stand out as a coach in today’s crowded marketplace: mastery-level skills that empower you to facilitate epic results for your clients. Too many coach training programs make OTHER things the focus, like marketing and “done for you” content. Instead, Joanna gives you the real-world skills, AND the personal growth for YOU that is required to succeed – for your clients will only go as far as YOU do!  

Whether you’re new to coaching (just getting started) or you’re an experienced coach looking to get past your own blind spots and triggers so you can take your client results to the next level… Sacred Depths is for you. Joanna will set you up for THE best marketing you could ever have in your business – scores of happy clients you’ve helped in ways greater than you could have ever hoped for, or imagined.  

— Elizabeth Purvis, Master Coach and Founder, Feminine Magic®  

The Bonuses

Create Your Unique Marketing Message, 3 Hour Training

In this powerful messaging lab, you will  unearth and hone your unique and sacred marketing message. Messaging is KEY when it comes to powerful marketing, and being able to magnetize your ideal clients and build community. We’ll go deep together for you to articulate your brilliances and bigger mission on the planet. 

Crafting Your Preview Presentations Training

I will lead you step by step through my secret formula for creating presentations that will knock the socks off of your audiences and have them running to sign up with you.

How to Bring More Clients into your 1:1 Practice and Programs!

In this 5-hour deep dive, I’ll walk you through my easy-to-execute signature system for gracefully introducing prospects to your work and for ease-fully generating ideal referrals, new contacts, and new opportunities. (Watch out, world! Here YOU come!)

The Authentic Enrollment Skills Training , 5 Hour Session

If you’re in the business of enrolling clients into work that will change their lives, then it’s vital that you can do so with consistency, confidence and the grounded knowing that you are doing so in a way that is aligned with your work and your values. This 5-hour workshop will teach you to enroll clients in a way that feels good, never requiring pressure and never resorting to manipulation… While maintaining your confidence and power so that you can work with more people and change more lives. You’ll never think of sales in the same way again! 

Business Templates, Marketing Templates, Outreach Letters, Enrollment Scripts and More!

PLUS…. Meet Your Expert Guest Business Faculty

Money Mindset
with Monica Shah

One of the qualities that sets successful entrepreneurs apart is how you think about money, what you believe about money, and how you use money an as entity in your business. An aligned mindset makes all the difference in visibility, income generation, and income flow. We’re lucky to have Monica Shah, who is the top industry expert on Money Mindset, share her most potent pieces of wisdom with us.

Being Sensitive to Issues of Race, Inclusion, & Diversity in Your Coaching Sessions & Practice
With Makeda Pennycooke

If you feeling drawn to be a Sacred Depths Coach, and to work with Joanna, chances are that similar to Joanna, it’s important to you to make your practice nourishing, supportive, and empowering for EVERYONE, regardless of race, religion, gender, and more. Even for “well meaning” coaches, the topic of race and inclusiveness in your coaching can be tricky. In this session, we have the privilege to learn from guest speaker Makeda Pennycooke teach us the ins and outs of making your practice & business empowering and welcoming without bias.  

The Scope of Coaching vs. The Scope of Therapy
With Rea Wright  

Professionals join Sacred Depths Coach Training because they know they are meant to go deep and really work on the edges of what is possible within the realm of coaching: facilitating profound transformation on many levels. When you do such deep work, it is vital that you are able to recognize when a client or potential client requires psychotherapy, or is in the midst of an active mental health crisis. Join Joanna, in conversation with psychotherapist and coach Rea Wright as they discuss these important distinctions that every practitioner needs to know.  

Easy-Peasy Legal for Entrepreneurs
with Gena Shingle Jaffe

In this super important and informative session, lawyer Gena Shingle Jaffe will share about the most important legal documents you need to start or grow your coaching or practitioner business.

“Sacred Depths took me out from a place of isolation and spiritual stagnancy, and into a place of magic, connection, and joy.”

My business is now a direct transmission of my inner wisdom and light, my relationships are healing, and my dedication to my own well-being is at the forefront. I came home, and I’m not going backward again.  

Erica Shane, Doula, childbirth expert, and certified gentle sleep coach,

“Joanna’s teachings have forever changed me and the impact I’m able to make.”

I joined Sacred Depths to deepen my work as a women’s empowerment coach. Joanna is simply amazing at what she does. She models what she teaches making it really easy to see and get the learning at a core level. She is extremely generous and it’s evident that she deeply cares about every one of her students. I highly recommend working with Joanna. There’s no way you will ever be the same. Her teachings have forever changed me and the impact I’m able to make.  

— Justine Arian-Edwards, Women’s Empowerment Coach, 

“I have a graduate degree in counseling and never encountered the depth, wisdom and sheer practical instruction that is woven into each training session with Joanna.”

A year later, and I'm still referring to notes from my classes. As a training professional, I continue to be impressed by how skillfully Joanna creates behavior change by engaging her students' hearts, minds, and spirits, all the while grounding her teachings in real-world examples. She is an amazing mix of professor, artist and priestess and I wholeheartedly recommend her work.  

— Moira Shaughnessy, Catalyst Training and Coaching

Here is what this program is not…  

This is not “Coaching Lite.” In fact if this program speaks to you it is likely that you may have some ambivalence about even calling yourself a coach. You know you go deeper than most coaches, and you know your work has (or is meant to have) more gravitas. "Coach" is really just the tip of the iceberg of what you really provide.  

This is not a journey you take without deeply desiring in your heart for your work itself to be remarkable, exceptional and truly unforgettable.  

This is not another marketing course. But this program will transform your business. Why? Because when you create the results that come of your commitment to your growth… Clients will come to you. It’s inevitable. 

Mastery of your craft is the ultimate business strategy.

“Sacred Depths was an illuminating, deep-dive program for coaches like myself who are called to take their mastery to the next level so that they can deeply serve their clients.”

— Terra Christoff

“I have so much gratitude for what is genuinely a sacred and deep immersion, and for Joanna’s fearless commitment to holding high standards in this field.”

— Monika Nataraj

“My desire and ability to market are stronger because of the confidence I gained and I’ve very quickly found new clients. Sacred Depths is more than a course, it’s a life changing journey.”

— Sharon Epstein

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered 

What are the requirements to receive my official certification, so that I can promote myself as a Certified Sacred Depths Coach?  

A: If you would like to be officially certified and promote yourself as a Sacred Depths coach, these are the requirements:  

  • 100% Participation (Live or via Recording) in the Program, including completing all homework
  • 18 Documented Buddy Coaching Hours
  • 18 Documented Coaching Client Hours (with either a paid client or volunteer)
  • Submission of one 25-minute Coaching Session for review of Skills & Competencies 

I’m a seasoned and accomplished practitioner. Is this training for me?  

A: In short, YES! As a seasoned coach and as a transformational leader, I’m sure you know the importance of constantly holding yourself to a higher standard & being on a journey of continuous learning. I’ve been coaching for nearly two decades, and I am both an expert at it as well as in the perpetual mastery experience.  

Some of the tools I teach in this program will reinforce what you already know, thus making you more masterful at them. And many other of the tools I teach will be completely new to you, and will help you become even more effective at creating results. Most of the participants who enroll in this program are already incredible coaches & practitioners, forces to be reckoned with.  

I haven't yet started working with clients. Is this training for me?  

A: Sacred Depths is definitely an Advanced and Accelerated training. It is 100% suitable for new practitioners who are very smart and learn quickly, who enjoy going deep with others and are committed to doing exceptional and transformation work. If this is you, the YES!

How do I decide between the FULL CERTIFICATION or the FOUNDATIONS LEVEL?  

A: I have designed this certification to be a 10-month full-service, highly immersive, highly supportive experience that gives you EVERYTHING you need to know, and gives you the time and space to truly process, integrate and master all of your new skills. The Sacred Depths Certification is truly incredible and very full.  

Foundations is a perfect starting place if you want to gain the core skills, techniques and have the community and a supportive place to practice your new and evolving coaching skills, with a shorter time commitment.

How much time do I need to devote to the training?  

A: Between class time, homework and optional buddy coaching time, you can expect do devote anywhere between 5-10 hours per MONTH (we meet for class most weeks, but not every week). Even the busiest of participants have shared that they have been able to complete the program and move at a pace that is right for them.

Do I need to attend the trainings live?  

A: While I do encourage everyone to make as many training calls as you can live, I understand that this isn’t always possible. We have certainly had very satisfied participants successfully complete the program and get certified who have listened to the recordings of each training. Our training calls will take place on Tuesdays from 1:00 – 2:30pm EST, and recordings will be available that evening.  

I’m having trouble filling my coaching practice. Should I wait till I am full to do this training?  

A: If you are going to use this training to hide behind, and not take active action steps to attract clients into your business during our 10-months together, then this is not the place for you right now.  

But here is what is much more likely to happen, based on what I've observed in this training in the past: I have had quite a number of women who were having trouble filling their client roster participate. And as a result of participating, clients started rolling in.  

How come? Because their participation in our training created a ton more confidence in their skills, which led to a ton more clarity & inspiration to create powerful & effective marketing materials, as well as excited motivation to outreach and be seen.  

If you sense you need more support & instruction in putting your marketing together, as part of your bonuses for this program, you’ll receive a FULL BUSINESS MASTERY PROGRAM, which includes a 40-hour homestudy with 15 modules & worksheets on how to create marketing that is fully aligned with the depth of your work, as well as an additional 15 hours of LIVE & coaching & Q/A specifically on marketing and business building.

I’m not a coach. I am [massage therapist, yoga instructor, real estate broker, fill in the blank here]. Is this training for me?  

A: YES, YES, YES!!!! If you are in the business of creating client transformations or supporting clients (or team members) to create a result, then you need coaching skills.  


10-months is a loooong time. Do we really need that much time to learn the skills?  

A: The skills, tools, and techniques you will learn in Sacred Depths are Master Level Ninja Techniques for Human Transformation. We’re not messing around here. We’re talking about you becoming the best of the best and leading your clients (& yourself) to the most sacred, authentic, powerful depths possible. 10 months is a drop in the bucket when you consider how many decades you’ll be applying these learnings over and over and over again.

I’m seriously considering registering, but I’d love to have a call to make sure it’s for me. Is that possible?  

A: Absolutely! I totally understand wanting to have a connection and ask questions, and see if this is the right training for you. If you’d like to set up a call, get in touch at, and we’ll get you set up right away!  

Here's what I want for you...

More than anything, I want for you to finally leave all of your self-doubt behind. I want you to know in your heart and soul that you are a Sacred Catalyst who makes massive impact on the people you serve. I want you to create the most amazing results for you clients and audiences so that first and foremost YOU feel fantastic about the work you do, and then from there so that you create a community of raving fans who buy from you over and over and over again, and who tell everyone they know about you.

I want you to stand as the leader in the room & in your sessions, in your full power, and to activate the power inside of every person you reach. I want you to know that your business is built on quality and on integrity, instead of feeling like you’re always needing to do slimy marketing to get to the next place.  

I also want for you to join me in this revolution to raise the quality of the transformational and self-help industries, because I believe fully that those of us who commit to mastery and who commit to being the best of the best are the ones who will change and heal the world. 

And let’s be honest, the world really needs us right now! 

"I am coaching much more masterfully. I also feel so much more confident reflecting the truth & calling out resistances and fears. This results in more powerful results & being able to go much deeper with clients in a shorter amount of time."

I have grown so much as a result of participating in Joanna’s Sacred Depths Coach Training Program. I feel so much more comfortable in my enrollment conversations, knowing that they are a gift to the client, regardless of the outcome. This results, naturally, in more clients and much more confidence in my work.  

I am coaching much more masterfully: I have new lenses through which to look at things (befriending fears, black/white thinking, etc) and I also simply feel so much more confident reflecting the truth & calling out resistances and fears. This results in more powerful results &&being able to go much deeper with clients in a shorter amount of time. It also results in clients sticking to the work longer. Being able to go deeper with them creates the trust in the relationship that allows my natural gifts &&skills to surface: I have been so much more daring in weaving energy work, dreamwork, &&symbols etc. into our sessions, which has created powerful breakthroughs.  

I also feel a lot more confident following up with people (who miss enrollment calls, etc.) as well as letting go of clients I see are not ideal (not honoring or valuing what I offer). I grew in my confidence—the buddy calls helped with that!! I feel a lot more confident in my pricing & &kills. I am a lot more aware of where I still need to grow, namely developing systems, being persistent & &onsistent, acknowledging my fears, and taking it ONE step at a time. Last but not least, I feel so much more confident with client RESISTANCE & when THEY PROJECT (mommy) onto me and how to deal with it.  

Unlike every other coach out there that I've worked with, who has either projected onto me or been disempowering in imposing their own filters, ideas, strategies onto me, Joanna is empowering and guides her clients to find their own answers within. This is a crazy balance I have yet to find someone else who masters like Joanna--she provides many tools, much information, hands-on support & gu&dance--yet, ultimately, empowers you in finding & ex&ressing your OWN voice. To me, this is TRUE empowerment, and I feel so grateful to have been in this container of Sacred Depths. I feel that I've been on an experience that has stimulated me intellectually/cognitively, but also touched and moved me emotionally, creatively, spiritually. I've seen results in my income and with clients, but, most importantly, I feel more on a journey with my coaching & in&pired to continue growing in mastery than I ever have.  

Thanks so much, Joanna!! This is a journey for the committed souls--sensitive, deep thinkers, artists, ritualists... looking to grow their sacred business & selves WITH integrity!!  

— Tanya Dantus,