An Immersive Experience for Transformational Practitioners

Wicked Stepmothers and Lowly Handmaids:

Unblock the energies of jealousy and comparison within yourself...
So that you can serve with more integrity and impact, using the power of archetypes

July 30th, 2020
12pm to 3pm EST/9am-12pm PST

This is your invitation to participate in a ground-shaking, transformational (virtual) experience with the founder of the Sacred Depths Transformational Practice, Joanna Lindenbaum...

All women (consciously or unconsciously) long for Sisterhood. It is our birthright. And yet… 

There is often an undercurrent of betrayal, unhealthy competition and envy that keep us from the truest expression of Sisterhood… and keep us from the fullest expression of ourselves. 

In this 3-hour Masterclass we will unpack, navigate and transform these undercurrents using the Archetype of the Wicked Stepmother and the Lowly Handmaiden. 

These archetypes keep us stuck in roles that do not serve our greater mission and purpose. They keep us playing small. They keep us from our highest integrity and impact. To be the most expressed and empowered version of yourself, you must reconcile your complex experience with other women.

Why go ‘there’ when ‘there’ is full of so much pain?

Because the rewards are so incredibly rich. Each of us has been the Betrayed and the Betrayer. We’ve been the victim and the victimizer. We’ve taken from other women, and raged when other women took from us. 

In our businesses, these energetic patterns emerge in ways that keep us from our most authentic leadership.

  • We yearn for the success that we perceive other women have, and admire their brilliance without every fully claiming our own. 
  • We get stuck in “not good enough,” and fail to launch. Or we constantly reinvent the wheel, abandoning ideas and projects before they have time to take root. 
  • We don’t trust our own work, and create integrity breaches by claiming others’ work as our own (not because we’re bad… because we’re scared)... 
  • Jealousy runs beneath our admiration. Competition becomes something we fear, versus something we relish. 

In a sacred & transformational container, over the course of a 3-Hour, Deeply Interactive Workshop, we will explore how to:

  • Look with clarity at how jealousy has impacted your life and business and relationships
  • Uncover the Shadows and unseen origins of your jealous tendencies and behaviors and bring them out of the blindspot
  • Work on the intellectual, emotional, energetic and body level to harness the Shadow of jealousy inside you and transform it into empowered action, clarity and a deeper sense of purpose
  • Learn practices you can use any time to continuing transforming jealousy into valuable life force energy  

"Joanna’s understanding of ritual is vast, deep and rich. I learned things at this training that were completely new to me – and I’ve got 20+ years of ritual experience myself! "

— Elizabeth Purvis, 7-Figure Goddess

"I would not have been able to create such a powerful experience for my clients without Joanna's support."

— Christine Dyan Thomson,
Christine Dyan International

Igniting the courage, trust and confidence it takes to create actual Sisterhood our lives and in our work. And becoming more powerful because of it.

Ultimately discovering that you…

 Feel more empowered and confident in yourself and your own brilliance

Reclaim time and energy by being way less distracted by what others are doing

Enjoy deeper, stronger, more intimate and authentic relationships with colleagues and friends

Experience less guilt, shame, self-criticism

Experience more confidence and motivation to market proudly and with integrity

Have a greater ability to shine and reveal your gifts and talents

Initiate and say yes to powerful collaborations with others

Can empower your own clients more deeply and cleanly

And discover how to activate the same for all those you serve.

Wicked Stepmothers and Lowly Handmaids:

Unblock the energies of jealousy and comparison within yourself...
So that you can serve with more integrity and impact, using the power of archetypes

July 30th, 2020, 12pm-3pm EST/9am-12pm PST

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I experience in the masterclass?

A: Our time together will be rich and experiential. You’ll enjoy an immersive experience with time for learning, journaling, experiential exercises. It is a highly interactive container where you will be in conversation within other women about this potent topic.

I’m a seasoned and accomplished coach. Is this workshop for me?

A: In short, YES! As a seasoned coach and as a transformational leader, I’m sure you know the importance of constantly holding yourself to a higher standard & being on a journey of continuous learning. I’ve been coaching for nearly two decades, and I am both an expert at it as well as in the perpetual mastery experience.  

It is vital that as a practitioner committed to mastery, that you add new tools to your “medicine bag” as they speak to your heart and soul. And this is a heart and soul masterclass, most definitely! 

I haven't yet started working with clients. Is this workshop for me?

A: This content is 100% suitable for new practitioners who are very smart and learn quickly, who enjoy going deep with others and are committed to doing exceptional and transformation work. It will absolutely support you to release much of what is holding you back, and get you out there doing your work in the world (as all Revolutionary Leaders do!).

Do I need to attend the trainings live? 

A: While I do encourage everyone to make the training live, I understand that this isn’t always possible. We have certainly had very satisfied participants successfully complete the program and get certified who have listened to the recordings of each training. The recording will be made available within 24 hours of the live 3 hour masterclass.

I’m not a coach. I am [massage therapist, yoga instructor, real estate broker, fill in the blank here]. Is this training for me? 

A: YES, YES, YES!!!! If you are in the business of creating client transformations or supporting clients (or team members) to create a result, then this information and practice will serve you.  

Is this workshop for women only?

A: This workshop is open to, inclusive of, and nourishing for anyone, regardless of your gender. We will be looking at jealousy through the lens of Sisterhood and use female archetypes to go deeper, but you are encouraged to apply your experience to make it powerful for you.

"Joanna doesn’t waste your time with fluff. She over delivers because she genuinely cares."

—Loha Raphael,

"My sessions are definitely richer, I am more skilled and confident taking my clients to more distant places within themselves."

— Joni Lane, 

Wicked Stepmothers and Lowly Handmaids:

Transmuting Jealousy & Envy into Empowerment

July 30th, 2020, 12pm-3pm EST/9am-12pm PST

Meet Joanna Lindenbaum

Joanna Lindenbaum teaches master level facilitation and coaching skills to coaches, healers and speakers so they can respond more powerfully to the issues their clients bring to them. 

Using her extensive background with Ritual, Archetypes and working with the shadow side of ourselves, Joanna’s approach to facilitation and coaching brings wisdom from the past into modern day dynamics. Her clients gain a level of skill the majority of their peers don’t have. They become the best of the best at what they do and many experience personal shifts as they step into this mastery level. This, in turn, positively impacts their businesses as they get proven results that attract more clients and opportunities. She’s also successfully shared this training with medical professionals, eating disorder specialists, and therapists.  

Joanna has led hundreds of retreats, circles and workshops with thousands of participants and clients in the US and abroad. She apprenticed for over four years in learning the art of Ritual, cycles of life, and how they apply to our goals, dreams, and daily lives.

"I have so much gratitude for what is genuinely a sacred and deep immersion, and for Joanna’s fearless commitment to holding high standards in this field.

If you are seeking to tap into a expansive well of wisdom honed over decades, and be held in a compassionate container as you develop and refine your own coaching finesse, Joanna is for you. She’ll meet you where you are and expertly guide you to where you want to go."

—Monika Nataraj,

"I can’t speak highly enough of Joanna and her commitment to excellence when she knows transformation is at stake. I’ve been working with Joanna since 2017 and it was because of her training that I was able to have the confidence, direction and focus to create my first 9-month program.

Since that time, I’ve facilitated 2 retreats that were incredibly transformational. I know that it is because of the training and wisdom that I’ve received from Joanna that allowed me to facilitate in a masterful way, creating true breakthroughs for my clients."

—Erin Elizabeth,