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Befriend Your Fear Workshop – September 2020

When understood at the deepest levels, fear is a catalyst, a super-power, and a tool of transformation.

When misinterpreted, and allowed to run amuck (unconsciously) fear is the greatest obstacle in all areas of life… It’s the root of self-sabotage, lack of follow-through, and the inability of clients to reach what they set out to achieve with you.

You begin to feel frustrated with their lack of progress, which leads to feeling like you’re not doing enough, or the right things, as a practitioner. You begin to question whether you’re really going deep enough to have an impact that supports the change they came to you to make in the first place.

Eventually, if you don’t have the skills to work with the fear that is stalling their progress, clients disengage or choose to end their work with you.

When you are masterful in working with fear, you become a practitioner of an entirely different caliber. We need to learn how to befriend the fear and activate it as a super-power. Once you can do this, you will become the kind of practitioner people seek out for deeply transformational work that connects them to their soul & changes their lives in unimaginable ways.

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The Sacred Rhythms™

Wisdom guides us to follow the path of least resistance. To protect ourselves from reactivity, clinging, fighting the flow and misaligned decisions.

But the quiet of wisdom is often drowned out by the noise of fearful voices, false expectations, social trappings, & outdated survival instincts. When there is a problem to solve, a challenge to overcome, a difficult decision to be made, or an opportunity to harness…

We forget how to listen intently for the information that lies far deeper, & how to leverage the gold in front of us, creating repetitive patterns of behavior, indecisiveness, effort and resistance. We self sabotage. We react instead of respond. Or we freeze, and do nothing.

This is an invitation to DO & BE differently… To access the innate wisdom of the natural cycles of LIFE, by embracing The Sacred Rhythms™

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The Sacred Depths Authentic Sales Workshop

The Sacred Depths Authentic Sales Workshop is a live workshop on the ins and outs of having a soulful, authentic and effective enrollment conversation.

This is a different kind of sales training where your heart and soul take the lead, and you confidently succeed in enrolling clients in a way that feels good. This totally unique home study workshop will help you uplevel your enrollment conversations. You’ll walk away with your own personalized sales script and strong & effective practices for successfully bringing prospects into your offerings and feeling good about it!

In this training you will receive a 5-hour workshop, worksheets, templates, AND a live bonus Q&A call with Joanna.

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Catalyzing Breakthroughs

Catalyzing Breakthoughs is a deep dive into some of the most potent & transformational skills that we bring to bear as coaches and facilitators. Over 8 90-minute Training and Practicum Calls you’ll experience what it is to go deeper in the work that you do with your clients, thereby creating more powerful breakthroughs for the people you serve. So that they keep coming back for MORE.

Your experience will include a powerful mix of teaching, transformative inner work, demonstrations, and practice. You’ll expand, deepen and enhance your most fundamental coaching skills and have a new understanding of the delicate balance required to deliver epic breakthroughs to those you serve. Because of the skill-building, this workshop is suitable for all coaches & healers, from beginners to very advanced practitioners of transformation.

Through real Coaching Mastery… we can create reliable and life-changing BREAKTHROUGHS for those we serve.

Some might call these the BASICS, but the truth is that even the most experienced and effective coaches in the world return to these POWERFUL COACHING BUILDING BLOCKS to deepen their knowledge, understanding and embody these skills in a more potent way.

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Sacred Depths Coahc Training

Sacred Depths Coach Certification

The Sacred Depths Coach Certification is a virtual, 10-month, fully comprehensive training for new and very seasoned coaches, teachers, speakers, facilitators or healers who are looking to develop master-level coaching skills in order to support your clients to create bigger breakthroughs, more long-lasting transformations, and real forward movement.

There are too many “surface” coaches out there who are not able to deliver quality results to their clients. They don’t know how to navigate client resistance or how to articulate questions that actually create breakthroughs or how to support clients through obstacles and fears.

Through this training, you receive master-level coaching skills alongside layered the most dynamic content in the industry on human behavior relevant to helping clients achieve their goals. Additionally, you go on an intensive and life-changing inner journey that supports you in being the best coach you can be.

All genders are welcome in this program!

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The Master Ritual & Facilitation Training

The Master Ritual & Facilitation Training is for women who want to create deeper and more profound results and transformations for their clients & workshops participants.

This is an intimate and sacred in-person training environment where you will learn all the basic and advanced skills you need to be able to create the best retreats, workshops and programs in the transformational industry. There are a lot of good quality retreats out there, but when you go above and beyond to create the master level retreats you find that you sell more, your clients keep on coming back to you over and over again, and your reputation grows.

In this training you will learn how to help move clients through blocks, support your clients to have profound connection to themselves and their inner wisdom, and to community, help clients feel more connected to you, and connect more deeply with yourself, your sacred rhythms, your spirit, and your TRUTH. You will also learn the very advanced skills of how to work with Shadow, Archetype and the Resistance Archetypes of the Victim, The Judge, the Confused One and The Know It All.

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The Curriculum Lab

The Curriculum Lab

The ability to stand out and create incredible, life-changing results for your clients lies in the power of your curriculum.

Curriculum can make or break your retreat, workshop, circle or online class. You don’t want good enough curriculum. You want a masterful curriculum.

In this 4-module training, I will teach you everything you need to know to create a curriculum that showcases your thought leadership, that helps your clients travel a transformative journey, and contains exercises that promote real learning and growth.

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Private Mentor Coaching

Private Mentor Coaching

Private Mentor Coaching is for individuals who have already created success in their business and are committed to taking a quantum leap in their business plan, retreat facilitation or coaching skills.

Joanna works with you intensively through either ongoing coaching sessions or intensive VIP time to up-level your visibility plan, create a team that supports you, develop systems that save you time and headaches, or completely create your curriculum and facilitation strategy all while consistently helping you face the fears and inherent resistances that arise as you take HUGE leaps toward your personal and professional expansion.

Joanna’s private clients are touted as some of the BEST in the industry, and she helps her clients become remarkable coaches, teachers and healers that clients remember for a lifetime.

Private mentor coaching programs are catered to your needs specifically. They require a complimentary, private conversation with Joanna once you apply.

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