1. I love this piece and so identify with it. Friends and colleagues often suggest I do certain things to market my business and typically, I let it go out the other ear. I just recently said out loud yesterday that I wasn’t ready to really market my business yet because I was still wanted to do X, Y and Z. Afterward, I thought, I’m totally full of crap! I know how powerful fear is and I’m often paralyzed by it but getting out there and shouting from the mountaintops is OK, especially if you have something powerful and helpful to share with the world. Thanks for reminding me to push through those fears, Joanna.

  2. SO wise of you to share this. YES i have places i’m hiding and see where others do as well. Always helps to know we arent alone in that and hopefully will/can come out in ways we dont really even know yet with the right tools and support. I know i need it. Keep sharing. Looking forward to many coming out parties ahead.

  3. Joanna, I can so relate!!! I love your new pictures!! Especially the one with that amazing necklace. I am so glad we connected! I can so relate to the icky feeling of competition and the loving feeling of collaboration! Here comes the new feminine paradigm Eh?
    Please know you are so supported as you become more visible. I still deal with the “visibility factor” on a weekly basis. Funny to think back to only a year ago…I said, no way am I joining facebook!! So much growth through all of the fear as you well know!!
    Thank you for your bravery in sharing so authentically! Sending you loving support and admiration for such bravery:))

    • Joanna

      Hi Rebecca –

      Thank you! And your words are so wise! So glad you overcame your fears and joined Facebook! :)


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