Locker Room Drama


I am thrilled to present an inspirational post from Cora Poage –  the Owner of Sexy Soul Wellness. She is a Board Certified Wellness Coach and will be receiving an MD in Spiritual Psychology in August.  Cora’s specialty is guiding her clients in co-manifesting the body AND life of their dreams through intuitive eating, exercising, and living. She guarantees that her clients love their bodies, own their power, and live their dreams. She is also a guest teacher for her Alma mater, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she leads classes on Soul Centered Coaching and Business.

Cora spent her late teens and early 20’s struggling with a diet and weight control addiction.  Her dream and passion is to assist other people in finding freedom from weight and body concerns. For more information on loving your body, tapping into your power and living your dreams, you can visit her at

Recently, I heard a loud commotion break out in the locker room of my gym. Women were speaking to one another anxiously and with intensity.

“Oh that almost just demolished my day,” I heard one woman share.

“I know. I’m not sure how I would have made it through the rest of my work out,” another voice contributed.

What was going on? I wondered. Had some famous leader been assassinated? What natural catastrophe had occurred and where?

It was then that I realized they were gathered around the locker room Scale. Joining the throngs, I asked what had occurred.

“Oh, the scale is about five pounds off. On the heavy side,” someone shared with me. “Thankfully, Elaine figured it out. We were dying thinking we had gained all this weight!”

I started to move into judgment. You mean a defective scale caused all this drama? A few pounds would have been life shattering? I felt myself feeling rather superior because I didn’t use a scale to measure MY worth.

Then I took a deep breath and recalled WHY I choose not to weigh myself. For years, I had been completely obsessed with my weight. I weighed myself multiple times a day. If the number stayed the same or dropped, I felt pretty good and able to face the world. If the number increased at all I was mortified. I allowed the number on the scale to completely define my worth.

Finally, I reached a point where I was tired of giving my power away to a metal inanimate object. So I let go of my addiction. The only way for me to do this was to go cold turkey.

This was very difficult at first. I can still relate to the women in the locker room and their intense fear of weight gain, their choice to connect their worth to a number. However, when I let go of the illusion of controlling my weight, and surrendered to my bodies natural way of Being, I felt, well…Free.

My friend’s mom bought her a special kind of scale. When someone stands on it, the scale does not present a number. It reads: Gorgeous, Fabulous, or Stunning.

What would happen if I replaced my gym’s scale with this one? Would there be a commotion? Would the women complain? Would their days be destroyed?

Or would they look at each other and smile knowingly, recognizing the Truth that has been imprinted on our hearts since the day we were born. That we are all gorgeous, beautiful, and worthy, no matter what number appears on the scale. I think they would walk out of the gym that day, feeling, well…Free.

Or would they breathe a sigh of relief? Would they learn to accept the magnificence of their body, mind, and Soul? Would they look in the mirror and finally Love what the see?


  1. Wow, Cora – your words speak volumes! I’ve been trying to lose weight for a year and on my most recent diet, I was told to calculate every morning and evening what my weight gain/loss was. I was so mortified if I gained even a quarter of a pound that my husband gave up and “lost” the battery for the scale. It was the best gift I received.

    Thank you for sharing this story – we should all feel the love that’s in our hearts and know that we’re all created differently. Adding or subtracting 5lbs won’t make someone love us more or less – so why do we love ourselves less when we gain and love ourselves more when we lose??

  2. Janice

    I love the idea of having a scale that sends positive messages!
    I think in this country we put a lot of emphasis on how we look rather than how we feel, and that these things become tangled up when the goal is a certain weight. We need to exercise and eat right because it makes our bodies and souls feel good and gives us positive energy, and healthy body weight will just fall into place.
    Thanks for sharing your story Cora, it takes a lot of courage to talk about your issues with body image, as well as the inclination to judge others.

  3. Hi HillyG!!

    Thanks for the comment! I love that your husband gave you such a beautiful gift and that you can acknowledge that so beautifully!

    Your words are very powerful. Thank YOU for being so inspiring!!

    Out of curiosity, do you still weigh yourself or have you gone cold turkey?



  4. I can’t find the battery to the scale and I don’t like the scale at my gym so I’ve pretty much gone cold turkey. I now base my weight on how I feel and how my clothes fit. It’s funny, when I was thinner – I never thought I was thin and when I was single, I never had a problem finding boyfriend when I was heavier, only when I was thin. But people complimented me more when I was thin. If I gained weight, people I knew were in an uproar and it made me feel horrible about myself. I’ve been searching for something to love about my body and I decided I love my legs – they’re powerful and even if they ARE bigger – they can defend me if I need it. :-)

  5. anita

    i want that scale that reads beautiful… magnificent… stunning. what a wonderful article. keep living and loving out load cora! thank you for your wisdom!

  6. Erin

    I’m looking forward to hear what happens after your next locker room visit. How will you get the scale in? Possibly bring a big gym bag with the new scale in it.

  7. Hi Janice! Thanks for your feedback!!! I love what you said about eating and exercising because it FEELS good and our bodies like it versus because of a number on a scale! What are YOUR fave healthy foods and activities??

    And HillyG, I so hear you! I think so much growth takes place when we let go more and more of what other people think and just focus on what WE think and what WE love about ourselves. YES!!!

    Anita, thank you so much for commenting…let me know if you want more info on where to get that scale!!

  8. Michael Poage

    Yes, Cora’s dad!!!! :) You said to write a comment….you are amazing. At my age
    (65) you teach me many things. I never use a scale so what I learn is not really about
    gaining or losing 5 lbs. You teach me about living and loving. I love OUR sense of humor
    which I wish your readers could experience first hand….you are brilliant and beautiful…
    and a great teacher.

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  10. QRP

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