Brain Science You Can’t Afford to Ignore


Have you ever sat down to write an article or to do something really important – only to get up two minutes later to do something like get a glass of water? You might then go back to the important thing you were supposed to be doing but another minute later you drift off to make a shopping list for later in the day. Eventually you remember to get back to the task at hand, only to forget and make a doctor’s appointment instead. You try and try to get back to the task you’re supposed to be doing but then you decide that updating your Facebook status is a much better idea. Eventually you probably give up – throw in the towel for the day and you probably feel awful … like you just wasted your entire day.

Sounds familiar, right? We all do it.

We’re prone to distractions and all those little things that we distracted ourselves with is actually a form of self-sabotage! No one wins when you are sabotaging yourself and you have only yourself to thank!

Self-sabotaging makes everything feel longer, harder, and it becomes exhausting! Most people even berate themselves into oblivion – which just makes the whole situation worse. Fear not, I have some interesting scientific information for you about distractions and self-sabotage.

Neuroscientists recently discovered just how deeply the brain holds the patterns that eventually lead us to distraction and sabotage! There’s good news, though! Apparently, the brain can also re-wire those patterns so that we can take consistent positive action in our lives.

I often write about re-patterning and breaking away from self-sabotage – I even teach a free teleclass on it! If you identified with the person I described above, don’t worry – there’s hope!

It’s time to stop feeling stuck, exhausted, frustrated, and angry at yourself AND others – it’s time to set yourself free to accomplish YOUR goals! Take a moment to visualize your current project and really take notice to what your brain is telling you isn’t working. Your brain can help you unlock the major steps that you’re missing or overlooking but you need to sit down first and take a moment. That moment helps.

Aside from taking moments to breathe – so you don’t become overwhelmed, you may want to consider your self-sabotage. If you want to learn step-by-step how to re-wire those negative patterns, stop thinking those thoughts like “I’m not good enough” and “I don’t deserve this” – and learn how to start believing that you ARE worth it because you ARE good enough! Negative thoughts will keep you from getting what you want.

I teach a lot of great tips like this in my Re-Patterning Your Negative Thoughts and Habits teleclass. My next class is coming up soon! If you want to learn how to eliminate those distractions that stand in your way of success, join me and register for this complimentary class on July 13th! To register, simply go to Your future is yours, let me help you on your path to success.

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