1. I love this post. I always thought I would be a content stay at home mom, and I was, but I wasn’t if that makes sense. I love staying home with my kids, and knew I didn’t want to leave them, but I also wanted to grow personally, emotionally, and mentally. The idea of starting my own business began to take shape, I could work when and how I wanted, doing something that was fulfilling more than just a need for more stuff. I could show my daughters that they truly could be anything they dreamed. Wonderful post!

  2. Emily, thank you for your comment. We seem to have been in the same boat, so to speak. It’s comforting to find and meet other women with the same internal conflict…wanting to stay home with the kids, yet wanting more at the same time…and by more, I mean personally or professionally, not materialistically. I actually stopped by your site earlier and plan to visit you often….

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