Guest Posting Today on Baby Blog Addict

baby_blog_addict_baby_smallI am SO excited to share some great news with you! I’m going to be featured on today with a brand new post entitled Inner Wisdom – You’ve Got It but What Is It? It’s an information (and eye opening) post on something we discuss a lot here at Soulful Coaching – your intuition.

Here’s a brief idea: have you ever found yourself in a situation where you didn’t want to do something but you did it anyway because you were afraid of the consequences? Maybe that situation involves a last-minute lunch with a friend when you have a mound of paperwork to do. Perhaps it’s buying a big-ticket item even though you weren’t really ready for the big-ticket expense. It can even be going on a date with someone you weren’t that keen on going out with in the first place.

Any of those sound familiar? If you’ve been stuck in one of those situations, head over to my guest post on Baby Blog Addict. I can’t wait for you to read what I have to say about intuition! You can read my post here:

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