1. Shannon Lynch

    Thank you so much for this re-framing reminder–it came at exactly the right moment. When I find myself tossing and turning at nigh because of anxious thoughts, I often lull myself back to sleep with a gratitude list, but I often forget to do the same during the waking hours when I find myself frustrated and Comparing & Despairing!” Thanks again for sharing your wisdom!

  2. You’re welcome Shannon. I’m thankful you were inspired by the post. Re-framing is a powerful tool. I personally believe all of our negative experiences, if we look close enough, can be re-framed. It releases you from toxic emotions: grudges, blame, regret, shame, spite and the like. Re-framing allows you to be compassionate and it helps you to have the courage to live your life in gratitude.

  3. Gratitude is so powerful…..changing to this stance, this space…has amazing results…thank you to Adalia for reminding us….Our words and thoughts are powerful….Using more words that express gratitude changes the very atmosphere around us….this is how we change our world for the better……

  4. Thanx, Adalia! Not just because this is a stressful time of year professsionally and personally, but that the time is always right to encourage and remind us of the gratitude piece in our life!

    Thanx, too for your enlightenting newsletters…

    With Eyes to the Future… Dawn

  5. Lynne Aime

    Being able to reach out inside yourself and find your TRUE potential … not being afraid to step out of the box and keep learning from the universe under a coach patient and loving guidance … setting up goals to heal oneself while helping heal others … discovering that you are a source of encouragement to others despite your own lacks and failures … being able to find true joy despite living in pain … humbles you and makes you grateful for BEING alive and at service to the universe and others…. Thank you Ms Adalia for your enlightment and words of wisdom … Looking forward to the future …. Lynne (?F?OHF?BO blog in progress)

  6. Colette aka workfmhomediva

    This is a great post Adalia, being grateful in all areas of our life is important and yes you are right sometimes we forget to be thankful for small mercies.

  7. Hello KM,
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about gratitude. Shifting negative thoughts into positive action is a success accelerator, this takes confidence and discipline but with the right mindset it can happen.

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