The Power of Ritual and Coming Together in Community

As you read this, I’m in my old Brooklyn neighborhood of Prospect Heights. I’m here for the weekend to support one of my best friends in the world who was recently diagnosed with cancer, and to celebrate with her that her surgery went really well! I’m also here to celebrate a 40th birthday & engagement with another dear friend from our circle.

Me and one of my best friends…many years ago!

I’ve known these two women for a long time now, and they are two of the members of a women’s circle that I’ve been circling with for nearly 10 years. Through those years, we’ve been supporting each other through thick and thin, laughing together, crying together, and meeting nearly every month to be together in ritual space – to revitalize, to reconnect to source, and to be in community.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of being part of many women’s circles and communities, and of starting a few on my own. I can tell you that there are few things as powerful as both ritual and women coming together in community.

I highly recommend it! It will enhance your personal as well as your professional life by leaps and bounds.

Wherever YOU were this weekend, I do hope it was with loved ones or that you were doing something that makes you smile!

With love,

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