So what do we do now?

Over the last several newsletters, I’ve been speaking to you about the need to raise the bar on the quality of coaching and event facilitation in the transformational industry.


Because I believe to the core of my being that the coaches, teachers, trainers, priestesses and healers are meant to play a MASSIVE role in the healing of the world…

I also believe that, as an industry, we are READY to be delivering MUCH more transformational and life-changing results…and I believe that NOW is the time.

Way too much focus has been placed on marketing, in lieu of mastery. There. I said it.

And here’s what I know:

When you commit to becoming the best of the best and know that mastery is a journey, not a destination…When you are willing to continue to hone your craft for as long as you are doing the work…When you deliver on the promise you make to those who trust you with their transformation…

Your business will thrive. Money won’t be a problem. Clients will come to you easily.

Will you carry this torch with me? If so, I have an invitation for you today.

I’ve created a brand new assessment for you. It’s called the Facilitation Mastery Assessment, and it will show you where you’ve got room to grow as a transformational leader.

>>You can access the Assessment Here<<

You’ll learn about the five pillars of engagement that are vital to your events delivering on their promise. And you’ll access insights on why you may have been having some challenges.

If you’ve ever:

  • Felt exhausted or gotten sick after an event
  • Had a participant “hijack” the room with excess attention seeking, acting out or drama
  • Worried that your clients weren’t “getting it”
  • Noticed that the attendees weren’t bonding in the way you’d hoped

Or if you’re constantly having to find new clients because the people who came last time aren’t coming back for more…

(Because…I promise…when you reach mastery, they always come back for more.)

Then I invite you to take the assessment and make a commitment to yourself and those you serve.

A commitment to mastery.

I don’t believe we (or our clients) should settle for anything less.

Here’s to your greatness,


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