A love letter to the ones who go deep

Don’t call me a coach. Or do…

In truth I feel conflicted, because it seems than anyone can call themselves a coach these days…. And while I honor every person’s journey, I worry about the dilution and impact…

On the work I hold so dear.

What I know to be true, is that my work is my calling. I’m here to see the unseen, hear the unsaid, and examine the hidden truths and bring them into the light.

I am here to create Transformation.

Not fleeting transformation that ceases to be felt a day or two after a breakthrough…but real, long lasting change and healing.

I am here to support those I serve to love themselves all of the way, in and through, and down and around. The pretty parts and the not-so-pretty parts.

I am here to navigate the unchartered waters and rearrange the wiring that has people believe that they are anything less than… 100% sacred.

I am here to bring the Shadows out of my clients’ blindspots and help them reclaim all parts of themselves…to become whole.

And to do this I hold myself to a higher standard. I know that to ask others to explore the craggy shadows of their fears and shame, I must do the same.

I can’t ask others to go where I have not gone.

I am willing to go first.

So call me coach, maybe… but know that the term barely scratches the surface of who I am and what I do. It barely scratches the surface of the alchemy of my own growth, my expertise as a decoder of the human behavior and the willingness I have to hold those I serve through whatever they bring to me…

Their anger. Their fear. Their shame.

Their dreams. Their desires. Their brilliance.

This is what I do. This is who I am.

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