A Love Letter to the Ones Who Go Deep

If you are a coach, practitioner, facilitator or healer who likes to go deep, you and I are definitely coming from the same place.

I wrote today’s “love letter” and manifesto for you to inspire you to keep on doing what you’re doing and to remind you of the incredible value that you offer.

It’s too easy to lose sight of this in a transformational industry that can sometimes be a bit flashy or surface-oriented.

We created the manifesto as a pretty PDF so that you can print it out and keep it close at hand when you need it.

Here it is: http://JoannaLindenbaum.com/LoveLetterPDF

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  1. Cherrie Coluon

    Your letter is such a light filled gift and invitation. It reveals what lovely heart work you do. I want to use my knowledge and acquired wisdom to mentor and support women transitioning to “retirement”. Women looking for the next thing to do. At 74 I look back at a life of self exploration and training. How wonderful to find “the Work” growing,and thriving. Do know I feel deep gratitude for you and your work. Cherrie

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