The Struggle with Time

Here’s the straight up truth: One of my biggest struggles…er, I mean opportunities for learning…in this lifetime has been related to Time.

Especially when my business first started getting busier, it felt like there was never enough time. My schedule would be packed. I’d start seeing clients early in the morning till late into the afternoon. There would barely be time for a lunch break.

I was exhausted and overwhelmed, and felt like a slave to my schedule.

As my business grew even more and I transitioned to a smaller private practice and more group work, I eventually got my schedule straightened out, but the struggle with time still felt pretty pervasive.

It wasn’t the insane client schedule anymore. Not it was figuring out how to be a mom AND run a business…AND have time with Jon…AND maintain friendships….AND have time for myself.

And I was noticing my clients were similarly struggling with Time. Whether they were parents or not, it seemed that many women often felt they didn’t have enough Time, were running out of Time, were challenged to make Time.

And none of the “Time Management” strategies seemed to really be working for them…or for me.

Yes, the Time Management strategies would help me get a lot done….but they didn’t ease the feeling of constant pressure and running to catch up with Time.

This is when I realized that what needed to shift for me (& my clients) was our beliefs about Time. Our Relationship with Time.

When your relationship with & beliefs about Time are misaligned, there is really no way that Time is going to work well for you.

Here is what I learned as I started exploring my own Relationship with Time and also exploring with my clients:

Most of the time, our beliefs about either the Universe, our own self-value, or Authority Figures get projected onto our beliefs about time.

In other words, in many cases, our relationship with time is really just a mirror for our relationship with either the Universe, our self-value or authority figures.

If you believe the Time is in control of you, chances are you believe someone or something else is more powerful and controlling of you.

If you believe there’s not enough Time, chances are you believe that the Universe offers scarcity more often than not.

So, if you’re struggling with Time, or working with clients who struggle with Time, in addition to the Time Management Tools, you want to work on the inner pieces. Here are some questions to start with:

–What are my beliefs about Time?

–What did I learn (or not learn) from my parents or guardians about Time?

–What kind of relationship do I have with Time?

And – this is important – just so you know….I haven’t yet 100% mastered this Time thing. It’s something I work on a lot and make forward movement in, and then sometimes take a few steps back in. Didn’t want display any kind of Myth of Perfection here because that won’t serve you at all!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this one. Enjoy!

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