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In today’s coaching, speaking and online world, the emphasis has shifted to MARKETING and closing SALES, but very little attention is being paid to the DELIVERY of quality material, curriculum and experiences.

And this is a big mistake because the most sustainable and lucrative businesses are built on repeat clients, referrals, and wide industry reputation for being the BEST of the BEST.

Here’s why:

The self-development industry is totally saturated.

Every program and every entrepreneur looks like everyone else.

Very few practitioners STAND OUT for helping their clients create stellar results and REAL CHANGE.

Practitioners are so focused on marketing that they’ve moved away from becoming masterful coaches & facilitators that revolutionize people’s lives.

Very few people have learned how to facilitate groups skillfully and effectively (they do not teach this to you in Coach Trainings, Yoga teacher trainings, etc.)

The truth is that most workshops are mediocre or pretty good at best…and I know you want your workshops to create massive transformation and healing in your clients.

Better workshop facilitation is your key to more money, more repeat clients, raving fans and a better reputation.
Your work will consume a lot less of your energy and you’ll spend a lot less time having to help people privately who didn’t ‘get it’ in the workshop.

We don’t need more entrepreneurs with better personal branding or fancier marketing…what we need is more kick-ass transformational coaches, healers and facilitators.

(Because the world NEEDS the transformation industry to STEP UP right now so we can truly help heal the planet).

When you know in your heart that you’re delivering a superior product (your groups, retreats, workshops, etc), then EVERYTHING changes. You don’t have to use manipulative marketing, you don’t need to embellish, you’re in a place of TRUTH, HONESTY…
There’s a psychological and energetic freedom that comes from someone who knows 100% in their bones that they’re not faking it. And that’s what you’re teaching.
Details coming soon about 2018 enrollment. Join the wait list and be the first to find out.

When you are a master at teaching and facilitating your groups, retreats and programs, your business gets easier. Word of mouth about you spreads like wildfire. You feel more confident & authentic in raising your rates or to becoming more visible and bold in your marketing.

Imagine how different your life and business would be if you could establish yourself as one of the leaders in your market and you’ll never have to worry about where your next clients are going to come from.
Retreat group
This is what happens when you truly BECOME a transformational facilitator.

(VERY IMPORTANT: If you’re reading this and you already ARE an amazing and seasoned facilitator, and you’re thinking, “I don’t need to go further with my mastery “, I want you to consider this:

If you are a true Transformational Facilitator, you know that it’s important that we always hold ourselves to a higher standard. It’s WAY too easy to tell ourselves – “I’m already good enough”, but when we do this, we miss something GOLDEN – an opportunity to evolve to our next place, an opportunity to serve our audiences even more deeply and effectively, an opportunity to create stronger and more impactful communities, an opportunity to heal this world even more. )

You may be asking…

What IS a transformational facilitator?

A transformational facilitator is one who powerfully, lovingly and effectively transforms people’s lives on the deepest level.

A transformational facilitator knows how to hold sacred space for groups and communities to come together and heal.

A transformational facilitator creates experiences that deliver the highest level of learning and healing, experiences that change their clients forever.

It is a person who is clearly the guide, yet doesn’t come across as snooty or on her high horse.
flower petals
A transformational facilitator is one who can move large crowds while also helping each person feel seen and heard in intimate ways.

A transformational facilitator knows how to gracefully handle tense situations in groups – situations where folks may get grumpy or take up more space than appropriate.

A transformational facilitator knows how to give fully and generously WITHOUT exhausting herself or draining her energy.

A transformational facilitator guides in ways that don’t overwhelm others, teaches in ways that the learning & growth actually stick permanently instead of falling away as soon as her students leave the room.

A transformational facilitator knows how to skillfully control her community without being controlling OVER her community.

She knows how to help her audiences feel connected and safe and vulnerable instead of disconnected, suspicious or disengaged.

She knows how to easefully lead even when a variety of backgrounds and skill levels are in the room.

She knows how to not be afraid when big emotions come up.

And a transformational facilitator is a person who is REAL and AUTHENTIC, someone who herself shifts, heals and transforms as she steps more and more into who she is as a leader…..

A transformational facilitator is a guide, a teacher, a coach, a speaker whose clients and audiences remember her, whose clients and audiences have immense gratitude and love for, whose clients and audiences credit as one of the main reasons they are as successful as they are, credit for helping provide the greatest learnings and transformations, and whose clients and audiences talk about and refer to others.

That is what I want to help you step into. And I know exactly how to do it.

Elizabeth Purvis

Joanna’s understanding of ritual is vast, deep and rich. I learned things at this training that were completely new to me – and I’ve got 20+ years of ritual experience myself!

And yet…what most impressed me was Joanna’s ability to create and hold space for transformation in group environments. I completely shifted an important issue that had been holding me back for years, in a way that no other coach had even seen. What’s really wild is that Joanna didn’t have to see it either – she created the container, provided the focus and the ritual did the work!

—Elizabeth Purvis, 7 Figure Goddess

Wendy Swanson

I had the opportunity to implement her amazing training at my own 4-day retreat. I felt more confident, less drained and the retreat seamlessly flowed together.

A few months ago, I participated in Joanna’s 4-day Ritual and Facilitation Training Workshop. I had the opportunity to implement her amazing training soon after at my own 4-day retreat. I felt more confident, less drained and the retreat seamlessly flowed together. Joanna’s training was a perfect balance of practical and experiential allowing me to digest the material intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Joanna’s unique gifts helped me to take facilitation from the mundane step-by-step process to the life changing level. I personally am not the same person as I was before training with Joanna. I can’t wait for more!

–Wendy Swanson, BE Yoga

Brenna Smith

I have become a more empowered public speaker, which has resulted in an increase in my private client practice.

I have been able to successfully apply several of the concepts from the training in my work with great success. I have become a more empowered public speaker, which has resulted in an increase in my private client practice. I have sensed a deeper connection in my group work, which has allowed my teaching to support others in even deeper transformation and life changes. I also feel a sense of light heartedness, fun and play in my work, which has inspired more creativity around areas of my business that I have been wanting to cultivate and flourish.

–Brenna Smith, Meditation and Mindfulness

Regena Garrepy

This year I went from running one full 9 month group program to leading two and bringing in another coach. Part of this is because I so many of my clients wanted to continue working with me because of what they receive.

I have been doing ritual work and facilitating groups for the past four years and find it to be one of my gifts. I took the course because I knew that I wanted to deepen into this work with my clients and I couldn’t think of anyone more powerful and skilled to learn from than Joanna Lindenbaum. Her ability to create sacred space with community, craft transformational rituals and lead women intuitively by has deeply impacted the way that I create retreats. Joanna is a master facilitator and mentor. I have learned how to read the room, handle emotions that come up and how to create more transformational content. I’ve also learned how to honor my own sacred rhythms and honor those of my clients. I feel more confident in the programs I lead and know that the value I deliver has increased. This year I went from running one full 9 month group program to leading two and bringing in another coach. Part of this is because I so many of my clients wanted to continue working with me because of what they receive. My work is deeper and richer because of what I’ve learned as a facilitator from Joanna.

—Regena Garrepy, Red Hot Visionistas

Here’s how and why I can make you this promise…

I’ve dedicated the last 17 years of my life to MASTERY of all transformational leadership and facilitation. Over the last 17 years I have led literally HUNDREDS of Retreats, workshops, rituals, classes and seminars. In that time I’ve led thousands of women and men in the United States and abroad.

I’ve led workshops with 8 participants and I’ve led workshops with 400 participants. Indoors and Outdoors. In gorgeous spaces and in makeshift spaces. I’ve led tree-hugging hippies and corporate lawyers and everything in between. I’ve led 8-year-old girls and 80 year old grandmothers. I’ve taught on everything from business building to self love to healing disordered eating to managing your schedule. And I’ve done it through lecturing, leading women through magical quests in the woods, and everything in between.

I am very proud to say that every single one of those HUNDREDS of workshops and circles I’ve led have been a home run.

Hand to heart, they’ve all been amazing.

Of course, some have been better than others. And, of course, I’ve come upon some doozy situations too. And I’ve made some mistakes.

But each event I’ve led has transformed participants deeply and in very sacred ways, has yielded results that I would have never imagined, has created friendships and networks and deep sense of community, has generated more income for me through participants resigning and telling their friends, and has left me feeling satisfied, connected to my brilliance, and knowing I am living out my sacred mission in the world.

Not only that, but my clients and students that I have taught facilitation skills to also receive these rockstar results.

My clients are coaches and yoga instructors and business mentors and transformational speakers and real estate agents and massage therapists and music teachers and sleep coaches and pilates instructors and beyond. Some have just begun facilitating and others are very experienced facilitators over decades time. But here’s what they all have in common – through my mentorship….

My clients bring the house down at their retreats and workshops.

They have raving fans.

They are known as the BEST at what they do.

I share all this with you not to impress you, but to impress upon you that mastering your facilitation skills is not optional if you want to have a thriving, impactful business that you feel amazing about.

There are certain skills and elements the Facilitator must master to successfully create REAL shifts, healing and openings for participants.

In fact, I’ve learned the hard way that without these tools, things can go very, very wrong. Your workshops and rituals can fall flat, or someone in the group will dominate and upset everyone else, or you will complete it feeling exhausted and spent.

Most practitioners these days can fall into this trap because they have not been taught how to become masterful facilitators.

And you aren’t simply born with facilitation skills – even if you’re a “natural”, the only way to become an EXPERT is to learn how.

Most facilitation trainings out there don’t teach the “secret sauce” to go from good or great facilitation to ROCK THE HOUSE facilitation.

What’s the “secret sauce”? – Ritual, Archetype, Shadow..and a deep understanding of human nature.

I am able to lead any group – women, men, academic or spiritual – with confidence, mastery and success, and to deep transformation, because of my training as a Priestess and Ritualist, and because of all the personal and professional experiences that have given me deep and nuanced insight into human nature, family dynamics, and the ways that our brains and body learn, process and integrate information.

18 years ago, I was disconnected from my deepest self, I felt empty about most things, and I wasn’t able to unleash my full potential to support others in transformation.

Everything changed when I learned Ritual, Shadow and Archetype work.

I was initiated into the powerful women’s traditions that have been the bedrock of empowerment and deep soul connection for millennia.

By literally walking on fire, dancing with snakes, activating the Warrior Woman inside of myself, befriending the Crone, and honoring the power of my womb, I was healed.

Through ritual, I learned how to love myself fully, how to hold myself sacred, how to create real meaning in my life, and how to become a leader who helps my clients transform in the most profound ways possible.

And this is what I now teach my students (including gurus in the coaching, speaking and training fields – word has gotten out about the power of the work I do, and heavy hitters come to me privately to learn it for themselves). They thank me time and again for showing them how to get close to Spirit, how to embrace their truest souls, how to live the magical way of the Earth & the Feminine Divine, and how to become master facilitators who know exactly how to shift & heal rooms full of people.

My students are successful because the self-love, self-authority and connection to Spirit I lead them into not only creates a transcendent experience of life, but it also helps them become outrageously effective coaches, teachers and healers. (My students are told all the time that the retreats they lead, the circles they facilitate, and the sessions they provide BLOW their clients away. Whether their work is “spiritual” or not, they are regularly told that this ritual work heals issues that have persisted for decades. This is why they can charge higher rates and why they have repeat business without even trying).

You can do this, too…

When you learn to create rituals that are so sacred it will bring your clients to their knees, by learning how to hold space for others to find their souls, and by honoring the truth in your core that it’s your birth-rite to feel sacred and holy… EVERYTHING CHANGES.

And, instead of learning a new facilitation “method” – which can only take you so far – you’ll walk away with the confidence and the skills to create your own methods. You’ll be able to create incredible transformational experiences, no matter what content you use. And you’ll step more fully into who you are as a transformational facilitator because you’ll be able to use the foundational and advanced facilitation skills in any situation.

If this all feels like a “YES” in your heart… the invitation:

The Master Facilitator Training Program

This program is delivered in two phases:



You’re going to uplevel your facilitation skills

to become one of the TOP 1% of leaders of workshops, trainings and other live events


You’re going to learn how to create and lead profound rituals

and transformational experiences that go very deep so you can support your clients to connect to their most sacred selves


You’re going to learn an amazing and effective coaching system

that will multiply the impact of any type of work you do (yup, embedded in this 4-day program is an ENTIRE training on one of the most powerful coaching methods out there!)


You’ll experience deep shifts, insights, and breakthroughs

that embed this new information so deeply into your mind and body that it will become second nature for you


You’re going to feel super-connected to Spirit,

feel super-connected to your Priestess Self, and…do some of the deepest and most transformational personal work you’ve ever done for yourself (i.e. – in addition to emerging as a MUCH better facilitator, you’ll do 5 years worth of therapy in 4 days!)

Here’s everything that you’re going to master in our work together:

Containers that Create Transformation

This is the most important tool of facilitating any kind of ritual or transformational experience for an individual or group. If your container is leaky, your participants will get bored or won’t go as deep as they could, or get upset at you or others in the group.

You will learn:

  • How to create a safe and sacred container, even before people step into the room, so that the group feels like a tight community that is ready to be open and do deep work
  • The true definition of Sacred Space – why it’s important, how it easefully encourages your participants to be more vulnerable and open, and how to create it
  • Advanced strategies on Safety issues: how to create safety so that you can do processes that go very deep
  • Advanced strategies on how to ensure group members don’t get stuck in anger at you, individuals in the group or the group as a whole
  • How to elicit productive sharing, brainstorming and masterminding that doesn’t feel forced or off-point
  • How to Manage Your Time so that you don’t go over time. You don’t give too much, and you don’t give too little
  • How to create a container that lasts over the period of multiple days so that when the group comes back after lunch or evening breaks, you don’t have to waste time re-building your container
Curriculum that Creates Transformation and Deep Learning

One of the biggest mistakes I see facilitators make is having good content that doesn’t flow. They just throw a bunch of pieces together for a ritual or workshop or retreat, but the content doesn’t take the participants on an intentional journey. It doesn’t matter if your content is amazing or your individual exercises are powerful. Your entire curriculum needs to work together for maximum impact and effectiveness.

You will learn:

  • How to take participants on a Journey so that there is a clear beginning and a clear ending and each exercise builds on the next
  • The essential Foundational and Advanced Elements to make ANY content relevant and effective to everyone in the room
  • How to make quick decisions on the spot/change curriculum on the spot/ based on what your group needs
  • How to handle any emotions that come up in the room and turn it around for deep and profound learning for everyone in the room
  • How and When to Navigate between “mental” exercises and experiential exercises for maximized learning
  • How to “Time” your curriculum so that you don’t pack too much or too little in
  • How to “use” the power of the group and their wisdom to take learning deeper
Powerful Ritual and Experiential Processes for ANY type of content

Think back through the most transformational and healing experiences you’ve had. Chances are, they engaged all 5 of your senses.

Deepest learning and receptivity happens through your participants’ bodies. In order to fully process emotion, you must learn through your body. In order to not only have a breakthrough, but activate the shifting in your cells to break patterns, you must learn through your body.

You will learn:

  • How to set up ritual actions and exercises in a way the brain can process, learn, and grow
  • How to encourage depth
  • Journaling tools that make everything better
  • How to come up with ENDLESS curriculum effortlessly
  • Hundreds of Ritual ideas including releasing rituals, manifesting rituals, commitment rituals, growth rituals, etc.
  • Other fun tools like: Divination practices, how to integrate movement, art, music and singing, and much more!
  • Exactly how to create meditations and visualizations that are productive and moving
Sisterhood & Community that Fosters Safety, Vulnerability, a feeling of Belonging…and Participants who keep on returning for the COMMUNITY as much as for YOU

If you are leading a workshop, ritual, or any other transformational experience that includes a group of people, creating a strong sense of community, sisterhood and belonging is critical. Instead of having a “flat” workshop, you’ll create one that is engaging and transformational – where clients participate, open up, learn from you and learn from each other. Any group experience isn’t just about the leader or guide who is facilitating. It’s about everyone in the room. You need to have a solid step-by-step process for creating a sense of community that will help everyone feel welcomed, seen, and connected.
You will learn:

  • How to bring a circle or community together immediately, create love, respect, and connection in the room (even when everyone just met for the first time 5 minutes before)
  • How to make everyone feel seen, heard and held, even if hundreds are in the room (if they feel seen, they will learn better & transform more easily)
  • How to speak to and facilitate to different levels of experience and learning
  • People always tell me I attract the most amazing women in the world (which I do), but I also facilitate to bring out the best in every woman present. I’ll teach you how to do this too
  • How to create more engagement, more sharing, and more vulnerability
  • How to craft a community that is so tight, that part of the value of your offering is the power of the community
  • How to move your clients forward, encourage them to learn and shine WITHOUT comparing, judging or becoming jealous of others in the group (Comparison is one of the TOP blocks to forward movement)
Sacred Rhythms for Life, Business and Workshop Facilitation

All of life and business is based on the model of the 4-part cycle: Birth, Growth, Harvest and Death. When you are unaware of and disconnected from these cycles, you are out of sync, blocked from your natural flow, separate from your intuition, tired and WAY less effective. When you understand and are aligned with these rhythms and cycles, your entire life takes on deeper meaning, you become more effective and successful, you feel more at peace…and you understand how to facilitate on much deeper and advanced levels.

You will learn:

  • A unique, intuitive and HIGHLY effective coaching methodology to easily integrate with your private clients and your groups
  • All about traditional Women’s Wisdom, Women’s mythology, the Divine Feminine – and how to use this for yourself and others
  • How to leverage and harness the power of the Earth Cycles in your retreats and workshops
  • You will also discover new layers to your own self and your own soul – healing from decades of limiting beliefs, fears and old stories
  • How to become a powerful Business Priestess
  • To determine exactly when your clients and participants are ready for initiation, growth, harvesting or release (knowing the right “rhythm” makes ALL the difference in your ability to lead others to success)
Be in FULL Leadership: Make Sure No One Takes the Group Hostage

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen to unseasoned facilitators over and over again. You’ve created a beautiful ritual or retreat, your clients are engaged and learning, and then all of a sudden one participant takes the group hostage. This participant has no boundaries or awareness of other people’s boundaries so she speaks for way too long, or demands more and more of your attention. She may have an inappropriate outburst or say something very offensive to someone else in the group. When this happens, it’s extremely difficult to recover without getting frustrated and entering a power struggle. We want to make sure you know how to handle this.

You will learn:

  • How to do deep work without triggering others or resistance
  • How to get buy in from your participants and bypass eye rolling or resistance or confusion
  • How to handle Family Dynamics: projections onto you as mother or father/ Sister issues (competition, jealousy, judgement, dislike) among participants
  • How to work with an individual in the group for total group learning
  • How to Handle the Major Archetypes of Resistance & Disruption:
    —The Judge
    —The Know-It-All
    —The Sarcastic One
    —The Confused One
    —The Angry One
Stepping 100% into who you are as a Transformational Leader & Facilitator

Being a truly transformative leader & facilitator isn’t just about having the best facilitation skills. You can have the best skills in the world, but if you haven’t fully stepped into the Archetype of the Transformational Leader, you won’t be as effective or feel at peace.

You will learn

  • How to find your unique facilitation Style and Voice
  • How to activate your leadership skills and your unique leadership archetype
  • How to develop your confidence
  • How to overcome any fears or reservations around your leadership or facilitation skills so that you are FREE to take risks, be experimental, lead big and small groups effortlessly and don’t stress about any of it


Here’s what rookie facilitators don’t get – masterful facilitation ISN’T about the content. It’s about the ENERGY.

When you know how to channel and harness energy, you can create the deepest levels of healing and transformation.

Level Two gives you everything you need to be a true transformational facilitator: You will learn all aspects of facilitation, curriculum development, ritual, archetype and Shadow so that you become the weaver and crafter of the energy, learning, and healing in the room.

Help your clients identify their own personal Archetypes

and then teach them how to leverage those Archetypes for incredible transformation and to reach their highest goals more quickly and easily

Become aware of and friends with your own personal Shadows and Archetypes

in order to do the deep work with your own clients, recognize their own Shadows and blocks, keep 100% clean and clear with your clients, and bring much more awareness and healing power to all of your work

Stand out as a transformational leader

who does deeper work than most others in your industry

You’ll gain confidence in your ability to navigate the “negative” emotions of fear, shame, guilt, grief and anger,

and be able to hold space for your entire audience as you support and transmute these powerful energies

You’ll become a safe haven for others through your ability to be with intense and deep emotional processing and clearing,

and you’ll find that you can do so without it impacting your emotional state and presence

Ultimately, you will have new skills, confidence, and authority

as a leader of sacred retreats, and because of this you’ll enjoy the ability to easily attract clients who are ready for the depth of transformation available through shadow and archetype work

Become a Master at Energy Transformation

Ever notice that the BEST sporting events, shows or classes are the ones where the ENERGY is working well? Being a Transformational Leader and Facilitator who makes a REAL impact on your audiences means being able to change, manipulate and shift the energy of the room in an instant. It means being able to shift the energy within an individual. And it means being able to lead your entire group into an “entrainment” of energy – to all be in the same energy.

You will learn:

  • What to do when energy in the room is low or confused
  • What to do when a participant gets stuck, and their block is in their blindspot
  • How to hold yourself and your energy so that you are seen and heard and have command of the room
  • How to activate your intuition (instead of getting caught in your anxiety) when you are leading
  • How to positively manipulate energy and environment for deeper emotion, learning and transformation
  • How to ensure your “emotion evoking” exercises don’t fall flat
  • How to evoke Joy, Celebration, Sorrow, or any other emotion that is necessary for your client’s growth
Create the Deepest Levels of Healing, by working with the Shadow

Learning how to masterfully work with your own Shadows, as well as those of your clients, is one of the biggest factors to have you completely stand out in your industry as the go-to person that transforms others. When you master these skills, you never again have to worry about client’s blocks, fears or limiting beliefs showing up to sabotage the room or their own success. I will lead you to heal your Shadows FIRST because you aren’t truly able to do this level of deep work with others until you do it for yourself.

You will learn:

  • How to recognize and work with your OWN Shadows (some of the deepest personal development work you will ever do)
  • How to show up 110% as clean and clear for your clients, audiences and workshop participants
  • Immediately bring deep understanding & big shifts to your clients about their own blocks and patterns
  • Step fully into your Light Shadows for greater presence, brilliance and power
  • Take personal responsibility and be in full integrity as you lead clients to do the deepest work that they will ever do
  • How to hold and work with ALL emotions in the room, particularly the deeper darker ones like anger, grief, jealousy and judgment.
  • How to heal larger, collective unconscious issues that make their way into your clients’ personal stories
Lead Participants to feel Whole, Integrated and in Love with Themselves (no matter what your curriculum is!)

Every single human being is comprised of dozens of Archetypes. These Archetypal energies create love, hate, compassion, joy, anger, grief, judgement, fear, sense of lack, sense of abundance, and beyond. When you are able to understand the Archetypal energies that your participants are consciously or unconsciously bringing forward or rejecting, and when you know how to channel, harness and draw out those energies, Integration, Self-Love, Forgiveness and Confidence are created for your participants instantly.

You will learn:

  • The ins and outs of channeling Archetypal energy for a group of 2, 20 or 2,000
  • How to help clients integrate seemingly at-odds personality traits within themselves
  • Ways to help participants fully own their brilliance and their unacknowledged superpowers
  • How to manage the energy in the room, no matter what comes up
  • How to skillfully bring mythology and storytelling into your work for deeper client learning

Program Details Level One
Limited to 24 Women
Master the Art of In-person & Online Facilitation & Curriculum Building and Creating Transformational Experiences for those you Serve

We will come together for virtual trainings, and most importantly – 4 powerful and potent in-person days to dive deeply into Facilitation Mastery so you can create outstanding results with your clients. You will step into your leadership and claim your gifts. You will be seen. You will evolve deeply personally and professionally.

You’ll have access to a treasure trove of training, support, community and sisterhood.

The Container:

  • The Retreat, July 24 – 27th in Charlotte, NC: The anchor of our training; a totally magical, transformative and content-packed 4 days in person to go deep into Facilitation and Ritual Mastery.
  • 11 Training Calls to learn online facilitation, advanced ritual & facilitation tools, and ask any questions you have as you’re out in the world practicing your new facilitation tools. (8 LIVE and 3 Pre-recorded)
    • The Curriculum Lab: a 4-session course to help you design a full transformational curriculum based on your own, unique thought leadership
    • The Soul-Centered Coach Training Program: 6 Bonus Modules on Advanced Coaching Techniques and Tools You Can Use with your clients right away
    • Authentic Enrollment Conversations: A 4-hour virtual training to support you in making more aligned and easier sales
    • How to Fill Your Workshops, Retreat & Events: 2 Modules with step-by-step instruction!
Program Details Level Two
Limited to 16 Women
Become a Master at creating magical healing moments at your retreats by learning how to direct the energetic journey that is at the core of the deepest transformation you could ever create.

This level is for you if you are committed to diving deeper into Archetype and Shadow in order to have full understanding and mastery of human nature. These skills will take your retreats, workshops and coaching to a whole other dimension of power and transformation.

Level Two will be anchored by an additional retreat where you will deepen your relationship with yourself and your own Shadows in ways you never thought possible, and truly step into the inner circle of circles in terms of Transformational Leaders making massive impact in your clients’ lives.

The Container:

  • Everything in Level 1
  • The Retreat, November 15-17 in Charlotte, NC. The anchor of our training; 3 full days in a very intimate community where you will learn how to direct and leverage all the energies in the room for mind-blowing healing and transformations.
  • 5 LIVE Training Calls to learn advanced ritual & facilitation tools, and ask any questions you have as you’re out in the world practicing your new facilitation tools.


Details coming soon about 2018 enrollment. Join the wait list and be the first to find out.

Bryce Goebel

Through the Shadow and Archetype work Joanna taught me, my groups and reputation have grown!

I’ve been able to add shadow and archetype work to my coaching practice and my women’s groups. It’s been a powerful addition! I’m able to effectively and powerfully lead other women to identifying their shadows, working through the cause, and “free healing” through different release exercises.

Seeing the other women openly weeping caused something inside me to break and become free. I saw the power of being vulnerable, raw and real with clients and women I serve. They love coming to my monthly Goddess circle. They know they’ll be learning something new each month. They’re learning more about themselves.

Why does it matter?

Any woman who is sincere about helping other women create transformation needs to be in the workshop. No matter your background, you’ll learn lots of new techniques and tools to serve your community. You learn how to create powerful transformative events and healing sessions, hold space for them, and how to lead women on a journey back to their innermost, authentic selves.

—Bryce Goebel, A Reiki Place

Ritual Training Info

Lauren Beurskens

The tools presented at the retreat are now at the center of what I am offering to my clients, it’s the thread that weaves it all together. I can’t imagine what my professional tarot practice would look like now if I hadn’t taken the training.

—Lauren Beurskens, Wise Woman Birth Services

Melanie Elkin

With the facilitation and curriculum building skills I’ve learned, my clients have come back to me over and over again, they’ve referred their friends, and new women at my live events are eager to connect and take the next steps to further deepen our work together.

I have had the beautiful blessing to work with Joanna for over 4 years now. I continue to work with her for many reasons and one of them is the unique and powerful way she facilitates her work. She creates a container that is safe, sacred, and where I feel like I can fully express myself (no matter what I am feeling). I feel, without a doubt in my mind, that the space Joanna holds as a facilitator is what supports my openings and breakthroughs each time I connect with her. I also appreciate that as a facilitator myself I have learned so much from her over the past 4 years and have seen the powerful and deep transformations for the women I get to serve as well (it’s the ripple effect). With the facilitation and curriculum building skills I’ve learned, my clients have come back to me over and over again, they’ve referred their friends, and new women at my live events are eager to connect and take the next steps to further deepen our work together. I appreciate Joanna so much too in that as a leader and facilitator one of the other qualities that makes her teaching so unique is her willingness to be human, to be real, to be vulnerable, and to collaborate (instead of claiming to be a guru with power over) – that is something that I do not see often in the coaching world and that Joanna embodies on every level.

—Melanie Elkin, Yogalicious

Frances Darnell

Joanna is an incredibly intuitive and powerful facilitator. She has an amazing way of welcoming everyone in a group into the circle and holding a safe space.

I have learned from her many personal practices for how to set up an experience for groups, and how to lead the group to invite more connection, sharing, collaboration, and community. With these tools and facilitation practices I now feel more peaceful and grounded when I am leading a group, and feel much more confident in what I am providing in my group programs which shows in the growing group size and enrollments.

—Frances Darnell, Dynamic Woman Pilates


Before you say YES, I want to let you know about a couple of bonuses I’m going to give you so you can get started right away and get the greatest value from our time together. With these bonuses, you might even make all your money back before we even get together for the live training.


Bonus #1: Curriculum Building Practium (4-week online course!)

One of the most common requests I get is to share my tools and tricks on how to create curriculum for classes, online programs, and retreats that create transformation, deep learning, and big time results for clients.

Solid curriculum building skills are vital to creating events and programs that will have participants raving, telling their friends and coming back for more.

In this 4 week course I’ll teach you:

  • How to set up ANY content that you teach so that it is understandable and digestable for your students.
  • The 5 foundational pieces that are required in your setup of any class or program (online or in person) to ensure that clients will learn at their highest level.
  • How to take complex ideas and teach them so that your students find it simple and exciting.
  • How to eliminate any “extra” ideas that don’t really move your curriculum forward.

The Value of this bonus is $795


Bonus #2: Soul-Centered Coach Training Program

The Soul-Centered Coach Training Program is a homestudy training for new & seasoned coaches, therapists, healers, teachers, trainers, brokers and leaders who are ready to guide their clients, teams, and communities to deeper shifts, greater awareness, more accountability and bigger results.

This program will help you create deeper shifts and massive growth in your clients or team members. You’ll help them break through the resistance and obstacles that are limiting their results.

You’ll get full access to the six 90-minute Soulful Coaching Training Modules that teach you the Soulful Coaching Skills Success System. And you’ll get all the homework, worksheets, cheat sheets, and reference sheets to easily integrate this information into your work so you can have a greater impact on your clients.

The Value of this bonus is $2000

Coach Training

Bonus #3: Authentic Enrollment Conversations Workshop (4 Hours Online!)

I’ll show you how to enroll your ideal clients to your retreats, workshop and private work in an authentic and feminine way. When I started as an entrepreneur, I hated having conversations with prospects. The process of enrolling new clients felt slimy and really difficult to me. Maybe the same is true for you. This bonus will transform that for you.

There is absolutely no way I would have been able to create the business I have today without mastering the art of Authentic Enrollment Conversations.

Here’s just part of what you’ll get:

  • You’ll learn the energetics of the enrollment conversation. You’ll learn how to connect deeply with your prospect instead of feeling afraid or trying to be someone you’re not.
  • You’ll learn how to successfully guide your prospect through the 3 types of resistance that keep them stuck and that prevent them from getting the results they want in their lives.
  • You’ll also get a full set of done-for-you templates for scheduling prospect calls, reminders, followups and more.

Just by using this bonus to enroll one extra client that you would have lost could pay for the entire training.

The Value of this bonus is $995


Bonus #4: How to Fill Your Workshops, Retreats and Events (2 session training)

Having top-notch facilitation skills is so much better if you also have the skills you need to fill your retreats and events – that’s why I am so excited to share with you two content-packed modules on the exact steps to take in order to fill your events.

You’ll receive:

  • Step-by-step instructions to create the Sacred Message for your Retreat, Workshop or event so that you’re prospects’ ears will perk up when they hear you speak or write about it.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to create copy that will activate potential participants for your events.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to invite people you know and don’t know to your events so that they will be interested.

The Value of this bonus is $295

These bonuses are worth far more than your investment in this program. This is our gift to you – so that you take this learning and divest it powerfully and effectively into the world through your sacred work.

Details coming soon about 2018 enrollment. Join the wait list and be the first to find out.

Here’s Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What We’ll Create Together…

workshop group

  • Stand out as a transformational facilitator who is known for creating incredible results for participants and clients
  • You’ll discover exactly how to develop curriculum that creates transformation and deep learning
  • You’ll understand exactly how to create amazing events now instead of spending $10,000 or more in event mistakes and misfires
  • Instead of spending years trying to figure this out for yourself, I’m going to hand over EVERYTHING you need to create transformational events where learning and transforming happen for EVERY person in the room
  • You’ll know exactly how to create an open & loving community and sisterhood, even if you’re new to giving workshops.
  • You’ll know exactly how to make sure no one takes the group hostage, and what to do to quickly regain control if it slips away
  • You’ll feel confident and clear as a facilitator, knowing how to make the best decisions in the moment & how to support folks who are struggling
  • Get lovingly thanked by your clients over and over again for the incredible work that they have done with you
  • Get paid for being the priestess and spiritual leader that you are
  • Receive tons of referrals to your workshops and retreats + receive repeat business over and over again
  • You’ll be able to create more group engagement and more feelings of belonging and sharing
  • You’ll know exactly what to do if someone in the group has a meltdown – and how to turn it around for growth and learning in the whole room
  • You’ll understand how to have a MUCH deeper impact on your audiences
  • You’ll know exactly how to simplify your complex material to make it easy to learn
  • You’ll be able to create deep learning and transformation in short periods of time
  • You’ll learn how to easily avoid cross-talk and distractions among participants so you can stay focused and on point
  • You’ll fully understand and step into the mind-set, the heart-set, and the soul-set of a transformational leader
  • You’ll discover how to bring a sense of depth, sacredness and connection to ANY type of curriculum or material
  • On a personal level, you’ll learn how to powerfully attune to the seasons, honor yourself as a woman more deeply than ever before, and connect with your most authentic self (all of which are 100% necessary to facilitate as an expert).

Nicole Libschik

Joanna has created a sacred train-the-trainer course for women ready to step into their leadership. It had been a year of my co-facilitating women’s circles and I was ready for a teacher to guide me through the next level.

Joanna, a shaman spirit, one whom I can trust, and be/feel held by, came into my life in divine timing. She skillfully and symbiotically facilitates whilst integrating “the behind the scenes” of a facilitator. Joanna is a role model of love and humility, and takes us deep in real bare bones work without the glitz BS. I am grateful.

—Nicole Libschik, Holistic Hands

Elaine Torrance Gingrich

My business is shifting due to this experience as I continue to digest the powerful teachings and integrate them into my own work. I am owning my Queen and am standing in my power.

For some time, I had been feeling that my work was meant to go deeper – to be more of a spiritual experience. Joanna’s Wise Woman Ritual & Facilitator Training Retreat was an answer to my prayers. I just knew that I was meant to be part of that program. It called to me at a deep level that I am not even sure I am able to articulate, and the experience of this program is beyond words for me. My business is shifting due to this experience as I continue to digest the powerful teachings and integrate them into my own work. I am owning my Queen and am standing in my power as the Goddess of Laughter & Possibilities in my work and in my life. If you are considering this program, if it calls to you in any way, then your Inner Goddess is speaking to you. Listen to her.

–Elaine C. Torrance-Gingrich, Avalonian Moon

Think about how great you’ll feel when you’re marketing an event that you already know is going to be a hit!


    • When you step into your highest potential as a workshop and retreat leader, you move more into doing the REAL sacred work you’re here to do.
    • People will be buzzing in-person and on social media about how life-changing your events are.

  • You begin to leverage your time and energy so you can serve more people without overworking yourself.


Details coming soon about 2018 enrollment. Join the wait list and be the first to find out.



I’m a seasoned & accomplished facilitator. Is this training for me?

A: In short, YES! As a seasoned facilitator and as a transformational leader, I’m sure you know the importance of constantly holding yourself to a higher standard. I’ve been facilitating for nearly two decades, and I am both an expert at it as well as in the perpetual mastery experience.

Some of the tools I teach in this program will reinforce what you already know, thus making you more masterful at them. And many other of the tools I teach will be completely new to you, and will help you become even more effective at creating results.


How do I decide between the FULL program, or just Level 1?

A: I have designed the program to be a 10-month full-service experience that gives you EVERYTHING you need to know, and gives you the time and space to truly process, integrate and master all of your new skills. If you are committed to becoming the BEST of the BEST at what you do, I highly recommend the entire enchilada of the program.

If you’re looking to get your toes wet by learning some new skills, then Level 1 only is for you.


I don’t like to travel – will you ever do an online version of this training?

A: This training will always and forever be live and in person (& the investment rate will go up after this year, too). The reason is because one of the biggest component to mastery of new skills is by taking in a master modeling those new skills, and I can really only do this for you in person.

I get that it’s a pain in the butt to leave your home twice for 3-4 days and leave behind your daily business activities and leave behind the dishes and the to-do lists and to pack and get on a plane and get here. And…we both know what a gift it is to take time and space out of your mundane activities to come into sacred and elevated space and learn and transform. As a culture we spend a little too much time online these days, don’t you think? In person is truly where the deepest magic happens.


I am kick-ass when it comes to 1-on-1 work, so do I need this?
A: One thing I’ve learned in all my years of doing private work and group work, and training others to do so, is this: Group work and Events are a TOTALLY different animal than 1-on-1 work. Yes, you still use your brilliances, but you need to understand human nature and know how to lead in VERY different ways than in 1-on-1.


I’m having trouble filling my workshops/retreats. Should I wait till they are filling to do this training?

A: The honest answer to this is that it depends. Here’s what I can share: I have had quite a number of women who were having trouble filling their events participate. And as a result of participating, their events filled.

How come? Because their presence in our training gave them a ton more clarity about what and how they want to teach (which led to a ton more clarity in their marketing), it gave them so much more confidence in their ability to facilitate and lead (which carried over in their marketing), and it gave them a ton more inspiration and motivation to facilitate to full groups (which carried over into their marketing).

Also, as part of your bonuses for this program, you’ll receive a full 4-hour training on how to successfully conduct sales calls, as well as a 2-hour training on how to fill your events.


I get lost in big trainings – will there be personal attention?
A: YES, YES, YES!!!! I could pretty easily fill these trainings with 50+ women, but I don’t and I won’t. The max in the room is 24 so that we can go very, very deep, so that we can be intimate, so that I get to know you very well, and so that there is plenty of time and space for us to interact and connect, and for you to become a master.


I’m seriously considering registering, but I’d love to have a call to make sure it’s for me. Is that possible?
A: Absolutely! I totally understand wanting to have a connection and ask questions, and see if this is the right training for you. If you’d like to set up a call, get in touch at, and we’ll get you set up right away!

Joanna LindenbaumMore than anything, I want for you to finally leave all of your self-doubt behind. I want you to know in your heart and soul that you are a transformational facilitator who makes massive impact on the people you serve. I want you to create the most amazing results for you clients and audiences so that first and foremost YOU feel fantastic about the work you do, and then from there so that you create a tribe of raving fans who buy from you over and over and over again, and who tell everyone they know about you.

I want you to stand as the leader in the room, in your full power, and to activate the power inside of every person you reach. I want you to know that your business is built on quality and on integrity, instead of feeling like you’re always needing to do slimy marketing to get to the next place.

I also want for you to join me in this revolution to raise the quality of the transformational and self-help industries, because I believe fully that those of us who commit to mastery and who commit to being the best of the best are the ones who will change and heal the world. And let’s be honest, the world really needs us right now!

Details coming soon about 2018 enrollment. Join the wait list and be the first to find out.


Wishing you health, happiness and success,
Joanna Lindenbaum


Linda DeCarlo

I learned so much watching her coach women throughout the 4 days with precision, compassion and ease. I found myself constantly writing down questions she asked effortlessly in some pretty serious situations.

As someone who has conducted well over 600 workshops myself, I came to learn from and observe the unique blend of workshop leadership that is one of Joanna’s gifts. Joanna is one of the very few people who manages to attain a Leadership Presence (organized, structured, on point, on time) while being Present in the Moment (able to read the group, not rushing through things to get to the next exercise and missing what is happening, reading the group’s confusion, overwhelm and/or fear and dealing with it on the spot). Most facilitators do one or the other competently. It is rare to have the opportunity to be part of an experience that showcases both so well simultaneously.

–Linda DeCarlo

Marni Setless

Joanna’s workshop helped me finesse, smooth the edges and create deeper connectivity between clients and the theme…and my clients keep on coming back for more!

Joanna’s workshop helped me finesse, smooth the edges and create deeper connectivity between clients and the theme. I used what I learned to help develop a stronger container and increase the flow of my own program. I connected all the reasons people would be in the room to create a strong bond between them and their energy. I wove what I taught in such a way that the workshop not only flowed, it connected like a circle. One area rolled easily into the next from beginning to end. The “dots” connected. What took it up another notch for me? The ease of using what I learned. My workshop wrote itself. My fun soared. What an incredibly invaluable bonus. Powerful, amazing and EASY to use and remember!!

Since Joanna’s training I’ve developed another workshop. I didn’t have my notes accessible from Joanna when I began writing. Yet, the powerful and easy improvements I learned from Joanna came to me naturally. Each step had a purpose which was easy to see, understand and develop within my own facilitation creation. When I double-checked my notes later, I discovered I hit each point. My new facilitation creation flowed with the same tight circle container and powerful weaving of the theme. Even my call to action flowed where it had been more awkward, less natural, before Joanna’s workshop.

The new ease I experienced in creating delivered something else unexpected. Time. Since the amount of time to create and write workshops shortened significantly, I realized more time to devote to other components in my day.

Joanna delivers powerful information and guides you in a nurturing way with loving detachment. She asks tough questions making you think, feel uncomfortable sometimes and ultimately providing you a choice for your growth affecting all aspects of your life. I know Joanna cares about my understanding of the material and my success. I can feel and hear the depth she cares and the investment she brings to my success. Her creative, consistent and authentic delivery bring an ease and fun to pushing the edge of your comfort and taking yourself and your business to the next level.

—Marni Setless,

Kaeleya Rayne

Joanna has a way about her teachings for facilitating your powerful work in the world…through this my business has already increased 3 fold.

Joanna has a way about her teachings for facilitating your powerful work in the world…they envelop your heart, mind, and soul…and not only do you feel the Wisdom she emanates, you also feel your own Wisdom rising up to meet her on the path, as if her Light brightens your own path and destiny to serve your Divine Right clients. She is a Gift from The Goddess and I treasure her as a teacher and a mentor as I navigate my own Sacred work.

—Kaeleya Rayne, Soul Conscious Business

Catherine Ewing

The training has had a significant impact on both my personal life and my business …[It] provided me with tools, techniques and an approach to creating ritual that I have incorporated into my own Women’s Circles.

Leading up to, and during the four days of the retreat, Joanna skillfully created the tone and the container for our time together. She is both a masterful facilitator of ritual and workshop leader. Those skills, combined with her authentic and intentional personal sharing, created a safe container and the opportunity for deep healing, open sharing and personal risk taking.

–Catherine Ewing, Sacred Heart Alchemy

REFUND POLICY: Payments and deposits are non-refundable. You are responsible for the full fee for the entire course of the program, regardless of whether you actually attend or complete the program, and regardless of whether you have chosen a one-lump-sum or multiple payment plan. No refunds will be issued or monthly payments forgiven.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money or complete any project.