Your Sacred Business 2.0

Your Sacred Business includes training calls, private coaching calls, and much more that will train you in the practical and spiritual marketing foundations needed to help you bring your Soul Purpose into the world and begin to make a living from it. This program will provide you with the basics of being BIG, SEEN and SUCCESSFUL in your business and work.

Are you a woman who:

  • Is ready to have your work valued in the world?
  • Wants more visibility and recognition for your work in the world (without selling your soul)?
  • Knows that you want your business and your life to connect to your heart, spirit, and inner wisdom?

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I believe to the core of my being that women are the ones who will heal and transform the world. It is my sacred purpose to educate and mentor those women to be able to develop, market, and execute your brilliance so that your ideal clients find you, know you and want to hire you.

And I also know that too many creative, talented, soul-centered women out there have not been taught how to publicly claim your talents in a way that allows you to easily attract paying clients. You haven’t been taught how to market at all, or to market in a way that feels aligned for you. The result: You hold yourself back, you stay stuck, you don’t let others know about your work in productive ways, or you undercharge (or don’t charge at all).

And year after year, you find yourself still yearning to make a difference, to be BIG, to build your business, to earn an income…yet not much farther along then the year before.

I know you feel this way, because I used to feel this way, too.

For way too long, I literally didn’t know HOW to market in a way that was effective and also felt aligned with who I am. Traditional ways of marketing OR flashy online marketing fads just didn’t feel good to me…and I didn’t know of any alternatives. So I simply didn’t market.

Here are the results I experienced. Maybe you can relate to this too:

  • Not too many people know about you or your sacred message.
  • Clients trickle in here and there without any rhyme or reason.
  • You undercharge gravely (think: $15/hour).
  • You have no clue how to have a conversation with a prospect that actually works.
  • You feel ashamed, disappointed and resentful everyday that your business isn’t taking off.

Here’s the good news:

Once I finally got my act together, I figured out how to market and build my business in a soulful AND effective way, and I created a multiple 6-figure business working part-time.

I now have a full private coaching practice and multiple group programs that fill time after time after time. I charge what I’m worth. My message gets out to thousands. I am confident from the inside out and have so much more time for myself, my family, and my life.

Group with Joanna

And I want the same confidence, energy, success and abundance for you too!!!!!

Here’s how we are going to create this for you together:

Your Sacred Business is a 6-month supportive, encouraging, and empowering mentorship with PRIVATE support and COMMUNITY connections where you will learn the basic – yet vital- steps to attract your first or next clients.

Unlike other foundational business-building programs, I believe it is of absolute importance that you receive PRIVATE COACHING TIME with a coach who is there to guide you, give you support, and hold you accountable. I have seen soulful entrepreneurs in large group programs get lost time and time again because they did not receive the attention needed to really stay on track and get a business off the ground. That is why I’m thrilled to be able to offer you personal care and attention in this powerful program.

Here are some examples of how the program will help:

  • Learn and easily implement the marketing foundations to easily bring on your next clients
  • Shift from having a great, unrealized business idea to attracting clients and sales
  • Uncover your unique marketing style and what will have your ideal clients “hear” you more clearly and be more excited to buy from you
  • Move beyond the fears of visibility and success that are keeping you small and “safe” and into your BIGness
  • Claim your unique brilliance and authentic way of bringing healing and transformation to the world
  • Overcome the fear of having the “sales conversation” and learn the basics of how to have it
  • Learn how to lead from your heart, instead of from your fear so that you make decisions that are aligned for you
  • Receive easy strategies for “following up” with prospects so that they say YES
  • Identify your tribe, where to find them, and how to attract them into your programming
  • Get prepared so that you totally rock your next Presentation, Pitch or Preview Teleclass with folks running to work with you
  • Understand how to expand your community so that you consistently have more ideal clients to share your message with
  • Demystify online marketing so that you can use it as a tool for greater visibility and impact
  • Create a solid foundation for your offerings and programs so that you confidently speak about them with others
  • Manage your energy so that you can take consistent and persistent action towards your goals
  • And so much more!

Claudia Lopez

I learned how to communicate and structure my business in a way that cannot only meet my business goals but my personal ones and in a way that feels true to me. I learned how to have honest and authentic enrollment conversations and became a lot more comfortable with them.”

When I began the Your Sacred Business Program, I had come out of 2 big moments: leaving my full-time job to pursue a business of my own and becoming a first time mom. I had finished a very rigorous coach training program that, as good as it was, left me with no actual business building tools. The level of intensity and demand for accomplishment left me feeling broken and in constant breakdown and somehow in the making of it all, I lost my voice and I never found my why. I knew I needed a different kind of support. I was looking for community, mindfulness, balance, support, guidance and care, and I found Joanna’s Soulful Coaching for Busy Women and I am so glad I did!

As a result of my work in the Your Sacred Business Program, I reconnected with myself and with my purpose and regained my voice – that alone was so powerful, I will be forever grateful. I learned how to communicate and structure my business in a way that cannot only meet my business goals but my personal ones and in a way that feels true to me. I learned how to have honest and authentic enrollment conversations and became a lot more comfortable with them.

Joanna and her Accountability Coaches are full of love, knowledge and wisdom. This is not any business-building toolkit program. This is a program that really holds a safe, loving and encouraging place for you. The community of women that this program attracts is like no other. The women in this program have a true soul-centered vision for the value that they want to create in this world through their work, not a make-six-figures-quick goal. They know that their worth is in the value of their contributions, services and programs, not on how much they think they are worth. And some of them are already killing it financially.

When you sign in for this program you will find loving support all around. Joanna and her Accountability Coaches will check up on you and always meet you exactly where you are. You will also receive a lot of advice and inspiration from the community. The Facebook group is a jewel, and I always got so much from it.

Given that this is a bit automated, and you only get one one-on-one call and one group call per month, I thought it was going to feel diluted and that any momentum would be easily lost. However, it was the opposite. The group calls were great and I always walked away with a lot of new insights and my one-on-one calls with my Accountability Coach were always powerful – filled with lots of insight and tools. We would solve things in the moment and she would work with me in doing so. When I needed help she would jump in to provide her perspective and I really loved that!

What I truly loved about working with Joanna and my Accountability Coach was how good they are at what they do. How sincere they are in their work, how every time you talk to them you can feel that you are being listened to, that they are seeing your possibility, that there is no judgment. The way they work is genuine and inspiring.

—Claudia Lopez,

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Give me 6 months, and together we’ll walk a sacred journey to your success where I will teach you:

MODULE 1: Your Sacred Message and Your Ideal Client

Here is where you get crystal clear on your Soul-Centered Vision & Mission and on who your Ideal Client and Target Market is. You will be led through a deep and effective process that helps you hone in on EXACTLY what your sacred message for your work is and EXACTLY what skills and brilliances you use to bring yourself and your sacred message to the world.

In other words, this is the module where you get fully focused in on your brand and on what your work is really about.

Using that information, we then go deep into identifying your niche and who your ideal client is and how to speak to them.

MODULE 2: Your Soul-Centered Offerings & Brilliance-Based System

In this module, you develop your exact offerings, what they include, and what their value is. You will get super creative as you also develop your Brilliance-Based System: the journey you take your clients on to help them achieve results.

After this module, you will have a fully focused outline of what offerings to put out into the world and how to describe them effectively to your ideal clients.

MODULE 3: Move with the Flow of Time

One of the most common obstacles to success is not knowing how to manage time and not knowing how to balance time. Nearly every single woman I meet tells me that she feels frazzled, exhausted, and pressed for time. As you move forward to grow your business, it is important that you learn how to make your schedule work for you. It is only by taking control of your time, deeply respecting your priorities and boundaries, and learning how to “BE” that you can succeed with ease and grace.In our work together, you will have an opportunity to take a close look and carefully re-vamp how you spend your time, at what is working for you in your schedule, and what is wasting your time and energy.

MODULE 4: Soul-Centered Copy Writing Techniques

Whether you’re a writer or not, you need to know how to touch your ideal clients effectively and with authenticity. In this module, you learn foundational techniques of soul-centered copywriting, plus I’ve got a sure-fire, heart-centered and integrity-based marketing formula that results in higher sales, higher registrations, and higher enrollment. I walk you through this formula step by step and teach you how to apply it to your work, your copy, your marketing strategies, and your target market.

MODULE 5: The Invitation: How to Bring Paid Clients into Your Offerings!

Here is where we really roll up our sleeves to help you craft your personal strategy for engaging your contacts and attracting clients into your offerings.I will lead you through my easy-to-execute signature system for gracefully introducing prospects to your work and for ease-fully generating ideal referrals, new contacts, and new opportunities.(Watch out, world! Here YOU come!)

MODULE 6: The Enrollment Conversation: How to Effectively Talk to Prospects from your Heart

Most beginning entrepreneurs I’ve met approach the “sales conversation” as if you were going into mortal combat with your most vicious and cruel enemy. You view the prospect as the “Other” whom you must convince, cajole, and win over…and that doesn’t usually yield results.In this very important module, you will learn the foundational principles to be able to have a productive and effective enrollment conversation. You will deeply integrate the basics of this vital skill that can literally make or break your business…and you will learn how to approach your prospect with an open heart to create deep connection!

MODULE 7: Befriend Your Marketing Fear

It is my firm belief that whenever we step into bigger visions and goals for ourselves, there is always a fear to address and a risk to take. There is always some relationship, image of self, held belief, or situation that is at risk when we commit to our soul-centered projects. This is where we explore how you can take risks in your business (i.e. market yourself fully and authentically) in order to create energy and achieve your wildest dreams.

MODULE 8: Soul-Centered Pitches, Presentations, and Preview Classes

If you want visibility and income generation in your business, then knowing how to passionately, purposefully and artfully communicate your sacred message to audiences is VITAL. This is yet another one of those game-changing skills that we weren’t taught in school.In this module, I will lead you step by step through my secret formula for creating presentations that will knock the socks off of your audiences and have them running to the back of the room to sign up with you.

MODULE 9: Expand Your Community, Expand Your Visibility

No matter what stage you’re at in your business, a key to success is to continually connect with new prospects and consistently widen your reach and your community.You will learn the foundational principles and strategies for expanding your visibility and community, including Soul-Centered Networking and Soul-Centered Partnerships. You’ll also learn how to begin to implement these strategies in a way that is manageable and fun.

MODULE 10: Introduction to Online Marketing Tools

In this age of technology, even the wisest healers are beginning to implement and master online marketing tools and strategies. I, myself, used to be turned off by the thought of utilizing the internet to grow my business until I realized this important fact: The internet is a vehicle for major expansion that allows you to easily connect in with those you are meant to serve.

In this module, we’ll safely and sacredly step into the world of online marketing and demystify some of the tools and strategies out there so that you can navigate marketing technology and use it to your advantage.

The Your Sacred Business Program 2.0 is for you if:

  • you are committed to taking persistent and consistent action to growing your business
  • you are committed to activating entrepreneurial perseverance and working through fears and obstacles that stand in your way
  • you are ready to show up fully (110%) for yourself and your business
  • you are ready for private sessions alongside group-work
  • you want accountability to your weekly and monthly actions

The Your Sacred Business Program 2.0 is NOT for you if:

  • you’re not really committed to staying on target with your actions
  • you sense you won’t show up fully for yourself
  • you’re not willing to work through the fears that stand in your way of success

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As a result of my work in Your Sacred Business, I developed, marketed, filled, and successfully completed an 8-week and a 6-week session of a movement and creativity class for children.

When I started with Soulful Coaching, I knew I had ideas for my business, but I didn’t know what my offerings would be or how I would go about bringing people into my work and explaining what I do. I also had a lot of different things I was interested in and felt overwhelmed by all of the choices of where to focus my attention. Your Sacred Business helped me zero in on what was most important and let go of things that were clouding my vision. It also helped me make decisions and start somewhere and trust that the next steps would unfold naturally. This has made for a more organic process rather than one where I’m frantically trying to get all the pieces in place before I even get my work out there. It’s also helping me listen to what I’m most interested in right now and to shape my business by staying true to what feels right for me today.

As a result of my work in Your Sacred Business, I developed, marketed, filled, and successfully completed an 8-week and a 6-week session of a movement and creativity class for children. This season, I’m starting a new 12-week session and adding elements to the offering. I wrote and delivered my first online newsletter. And I planned for and attended a national networking event related to my business. Upon my return, I secured two new clients in the same day, and that was just enough to believe that this dream could become a reality. I am still very much in the beginning stages of this business but I’m so happy about that because it means I’m not on anyone else’s timeline, and things are developing in ways that feel manageable and joy-filled for me. In other words, I’m witnessing every part of it and enjoying the process. This is not a cookie-cutter process that I’m going to look at one day and wonder how I got there.

There are definitely other coaching possibilities for the type of business I’m creating, but I feel like Your Sacred Business is successfully helping me create my business, rather than a type of business. It means I’m creating something that no one else is creating, because it’s true to me and authentically mine. It’s also addressing all of my fears and seeing them as assets rather than deficits. I need help with the logistics, but I also need help with the emotional hurdles and Your Sacred Business helps me look at those as a commonality that is welcome in the discussion in order to move through the logistics. In that way, it’s both “how to” and a “powerful, supportive community”.

I love working with Joanna and my Accountability Coach, because I know they are coming from a female perspective, and they walk their talk of being women entrepreneurs, who are also committed to being present in their own lives and the lives of their children and families. It matters to me that they understand this and aren’t trying to work around it or pretend it’s not there. It feels authentic that they are finding ways to incorporate all aspects of themselves into their lives and their work, and that they value all aspects equally and talk of how each supports the other. I am enjoying my family and myself more because of this work. And my business benefits tremendously from these relationships. I no longer see these two aspects of my life as being in competition with one another or as one of them holding me back from things I want to do in the other.

On an inner level, my confidence is growing, because I’m taking care of myself, and I’m growing something that is important to me and vitally mine. I’m starting to see how it enriches other people’s lives as well, and I’m coming to understand my own value. On an outer level, I’m starting to slowly put the pieces of the puzzle together, as far as all the things that it takes to create a business, and I’m earning money and helping to support myself and my family doing work that I love. Going to bed at night and waking up to a job that I created is exciting – never boring!

-Stephanie King,

Meggie Winchell

In just three months my income doubled, my clientele grew, I taught a fantastically successful teleclass, and my group coaching program filled with ideal clients.

I’m a soul-centered life coach with a passion for helping women transform self-doubt and live their heart’s calling. I began Joanna’s Your Sacred Business program when I was struggling with how to balance my deep commitment to motherhood with my desire to create a sustainable, vibrant coaching business. I dreaded marketing. It felt like I had to choose between walking my path with integrity or being profitable. Joanna’s class zapped this block and introduced me to a new paradigm, one where I could be true to myself and simultaneously be abundant in my life purpose. The Your Sacred Business Program has given me the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to grow my Soul-Centered Life Coaching practice authentically and passionately. Joanna skillfully demystified the tools for successfully bringing my work into the world. In just three months my income doubled, my clientele grew, I taught a fantastically successful teleclass, and my group coaching program filled with ideal clients. To top it off, Joanna shared valuable, concrete techniques for magnetizing my business. Now I understand that marketing is truly a unique opportunity to connect with my ideal clients so that I can better serve them, and in doing so, the world. Best of all, I am now embracing the mindset of an empowered, heart-centered entrepreneur and have a clear vision of what my next steps will be!

—Meggie Winchell, Life Coach & Women’s Empowerment Facilitator,

Here’s the way we’re going to do this:


TWELVE 60-minute Sacred Marketing Training Calls that focus on the Soulful Coaching for Busy Women Entrepreneurial Success System ($2,000 Value)

You’ll receive weekly 60-minute training call recordings. These deep, and information-packed calls will provide the inner and outer building blocks and skills you need to market your Sacred Business, as well as homework and coaching to put them into practice in your life and project right away. That’s 12 hours of incredible information and learning with me!


SIX Private 40-minute coaching calls with one of my top, hand-picked and trained-by-me coaches. ($1450 Value)

On your private coaching calls, you will get personalized attention and support to help you move forward with your business and with your marketing. This private attention and focus is VITAL to your success. Your YSB coach will track your progress, get to know you and your business well, hold the space for deeper learning, make specific suggestions on marketing and systems improvements, give you further instructions, and help to make sure you’re staying on track with your goals. Can you just imagine? Not only do you receive the in-depth training with me, but then you receive follow-up 40-minute coaching calls with one of my top, expert, trained-by-me coaches to keep you moving forward!


SIX 60-minute Semi-Private Group Coaching Calls with Master Coach Joanna to help keep you on track with your goals and assignments ($1800 value)

I am told time and time again how I have the distinctive ability to laser coach women to create huge shifts on inner and outer levels. Once a month during the program, you will have the opportunity to ask me anything about your soul-centered project and receive direct coaching on it. You can use this time in many ways that will support you, including brainstorming, moving through obstacles, keeping on track, marketing, messaging and finding solutions. You will see that these laser calls inspire and motivate you to move forward even more quickly, as well as provide easy-to-implement ideas to bring more visibility and success to yourself. You will also receive the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women in the program and learn from them.


Powerful homework worksheets, exercises and activities ($300 value)

I am a big fan of homework and giving away LOTS of supplemental materials to you. These materials will support you in the work and learning you do in between our calls. Each of these exercises and activities are designed to accelerate your growth and achievement, to move you forward in the process of attracting more clients and are re-usable for later use as well.



Full-Day Virtual Enrollment Conversation Training Workshop ($1200 value)

The often-confusing and difficult topic of Enrollment Conversation is of the biggest places where entrepreneurs lose potential business and income. If you aren’t equipped with tools for an effective Enrollment Conversation, you have less confidence, you find yourself charging less, you stress out before each prospect connection, and you make less money. Mastering the enrollment conversation is crucial to building a strong foundation for your business, for increasing your income, and for leveraging your other marketing activities. We’ll have an entire virtual day together to learn the Anatomy of a Successful Enrollment Conversation. You will gain strong & effective practices for successfully bringing prospects into your offerings and feeling good about it!

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Jessica Michaelson

I have a clearer vision of my business structure and plans, and am taking huge leaps forward in visibility and influence…my income has doubled since I began the program!

When I began the Your Sacred Business Program, I was doing well, but unpredictably, and I felt very frantic and disorganized. I was also very busy doing client work that wasn’t exciting me as much as it used to.

As a result of my work in the program, I have reached clarity about who I work best with and what unique value I bring to parents during the intense early years of parenthood. I am building a thriving community of parents who support each other on a daily basis. I am regularly invited to speak about how to change the culture of early parenthood from one of anxiety and comparison to one of self-compassion and support. I have also launched my first large scale group coaching program with tremendous success!

Joanna and her team coaches do a phenomenal job of balancing guiding me through inner work on things like confidence, with guiding me through practical marketing and business systems strategies. You get the best of both worlds.

I love that Joanna and her team coaches are also women balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship. I always feel very heard, understood, and challenged by them.

I now feel much stronger in my conviction about the importance of my work, and am able to support more parents in deeper ways. I have a clearer vision of my business structure and plans, and am taking huge leaps forward in visibility and influence. My income has doubled since I began the program, which ain’t bad either!

-Jessica Michaelson,
Caroline Cain

The work that I did with Joanna was invaluable in terms of setting up the foundations for my online business and programs.”

I decided to work with Joanna to bring my business online and in order before the arrival of our first child. I was worried about the amount of work involved, how it would actually work out for me but Joanna got me, she got the ‘mother thing’ and helped me to feel safe, supported and that yes, it was possible to be a hands on mother and grow your business. The work that I did with Joanna was invaluable in terms of setting up the foundations for my online business and programs. Joanna also provides such a wonderful example of authentic, deep level coaching that to this day I am extremely grateful of and inspired by. What you see is what you get with Joanna and her grounded approach is very refreshing. I have recommended her to a few of my friends who have gone on to successfully work with her to build their business.

Now that I’ve earned my first 6 figures in my business, I can see better what an impact working with Joanna had on me. As my first ever business coach, Joanna totally set the pace, which has enabled me to grow my business my way, on my terms, trusting that consistent persistent action is where it’s at. This has allowed and still allows me to spend as much time as possible with my daughter. For this, I am truly grateful!

Thank you Joanna!

-Caroline Cain,
Megan Slaven

I have a list of clients that is continuing to grow, and I now see opportunity where I used to see defeat.

Before starting the Your Sacred Business Program I had an idea and a little knowledge on how to turn it into a business. I knew I was good at what I did and that if I could just break free of the conditions of my job and coach the way I wanted, while incorporating yoga, I could really serve my clients and help them change their lives. But, I had no website, no leads, and no list or community to speak of.

Your Sacred Business was my solution. It gave me direction and addressed my fears. I gained the confidence I needed to really step into my own and it enabled me to get really clear on my mission in this world. I released my black and white thinking around needing to have a website, a newsletter, and a long list of followers in order to start my business, and gained the courage to just start.

In doing so, I moved from a dream to a reality and left a job that no longer was aligned for me. I have a list of clients that is continuing to grow, and I now see opportunity where I used to see defeat.

If you are a visionary and have a dream to create a business that speaks to your soul, then this program will make it a reality. It’s not just about taking action steps, but about addressing the inner pieces to help you do so in a way that supports you and leaves you feeling empowered.

Joanna and her team coaches have a unique way of getting straight to the heart of the matter in a way that is supportive and sincere and offer tried and true suggestions to move you forward. The training modules alone are invaluable, but the one-on-one time and small group Q & As are priceless.

With deepest gratitude,

-Megan Slaven, Yoga and Life Coach,

Here is my guarantee to you:

  • Both me and my team will show up for you and your business 110%.
  • We will go above and beyond to make sure you are fully satisfied.
  • I will share with you fully what I’ve learned from building my own soul-centered business.
Here is what makes working with me different from other business programs out there:

I am told time and time and time again that my clients feel SEEN and SUPPORTED by me WAY beyond that of any other coaching program out there.

I don’t say this lightly.

It is so important to me that each of my clients know that I am there for them and that I’m willing to go the extra mile to help them achieve their dreams.

I care about you. And I care about your sacred work in the world.

So, what you will find is: If you choose to fully show up and participate, you will be seen, get your questions answered, and be taken care of. This is my promise to you.

Your Sacred Business 2.0: Marketing Foundations for the Soul-Centered Visionary Program is open for registration NOW!!

Spaces in this powerful program are limited. Be sure to reserve yours right away. Make 2016 the year that you claim your Sacred Purpose and step into the visibility, motion and success that you’re ready for!

Feeling like this is truly in line with you and your heart’s desires and want to learn more? Schedule a complimentary Intuition Activation call and we’ll get really clear really quickly if this is the program for you.

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Joanna Lindenbaum

So, I want you to check in with yourself and with your heart: If you don’t register for this program, where will your business be 6 months from now? Or 1 year from now? NOW is the time to commit to yourself, your voice, and your value!

It’s time for you to have the kind of change, forward movement and more ease and joy in your life that Your Sacred Business Program will bring you, sign up right away – there are limited spots available!

Wishing you health, happiness and success


P.S. Just so you know – research shows that more and more women are launching small businesses and projects. I want you to be able to be in that top percentage of women who actually MAKE it and take their dreams to the next level.

P.P.S. I really look forward to serving you in stepping into the authentic, soulful, and successful Wise Woman that you are!!

Gitte Pederson

I have gained deep insight and clarity in areas where I was feeling totally stuck both personally and business-wise

Soulful Coaching and the Your Sacred Business Program have been a major steppingstone in my business.

It has been truly amazing. I have gained deep insight and clarity in areas where I was feeling totally stuck both personally and business-wise and I love the Sacred spirit that flows through the whole program.

This work goes so deep if you allow it…Thank you so much.

-Gitte Sebrine Pedersen,
Regena Garrepy

With Joanna’s leadership, I learned to trust other women and let go of comparison and competition. I now passionately believe in helping other women support other women knowing that it is when we link arms that we heal the world.

When I first began working with Joanna, I was a woman who knew deep down that I wanted to help women reclaim their essence but I doubted my ability to create a business that could financially support me. I was worried that I wasn’t good enough to really make it. I struggled with clarity on what exactly I had to offer, how to bring in more clients, how to market myself, how to put business structures in place and get supported. I was barely making “minimum wage” while feeling like I was working all the time. I was struggling from a place of scarcity. Even though I was scared about spending the money, I was really scared to fully commit to myself. I chose to work with Joanna because she had the business model, approach, and principals that I wanted to embody and have for myself.

Since working with Joanna, my entire life has changed. Inside, I feel confident and clear about the work I do, I have systems in place for marketing and client care. I feel less frazzled and have shed my cloak of inadequacy. I have a growing and thriving private coaching practice including VIP clients through my company Reclaim Your Essence. I also created and co-lead the Bye Bye Good Girl Movement which grew its revenue by almost 300% in one year. We led a 4 day women’s retreat in Cancun Mexico, developed and filled programs including a 9 month mentoring program for Badass Visionary Women. I have given speeches on big stages, travel regularly, and am living the life I had only dreamed about before. Through my work with Joanna, I have integrated into her community of soul-centered women. Some of my best friends, soul sisters and joint venture partners have come from this supportive community of women. With Joanna’s leadership, I learned to trust other women and let go of comparison and competition. I now passionately believe in helping other women support other woman knowing that it is when we link arms that we heal the world.

Joanna not only teaches business essentials that truly work to establish a consistent and growing business, but she supports you emotionally to work through your fears, heal and transform your old stories and pushes you lovingly yet firmly to keep taking steps forward. She asks you to stretch yourself and has compassion for the whole process. Joanna not only is a source of inspiration because she walks her talk, but she creates a space that is so loving and without judgment that I can embody that within myself. What I want everyone to know about Joanna is that she and her team is committed to you 100%. When you sign up for any program with her, she deeply cares about your progress and she pays attention. As long as you show up, she is right there to support you fully. What makes Joanna special is how much she truly believes in me. She has always seen me as successful, as a light worker, as a leader among leaders, and as a messenger. She held the vision so fiercely and firmly for me that it created the mirror so that I could begin to see what she saw. I rose up to her vision of me which was always the vision I held in my heart for myself. She sees you and she acknowledges and cheers you on until you begin to internalize your own strengths.

Joanna Lindenbaum has been the most influential woman in my life as a leader.

This year I am on track to make more money than I ever did in a traditional full-time job. I have a marketing strategy and plan for the year, I have clear systems in place to attract clients and serve them, I have programs and offerings that I not only feel confident in offering but I feel excited about doing. I have learned, with Joanna’s help, how to work through my fears and limiting beliefs, how to overcome distractions and become productive and focused on expansion. I am much more comfortable in being fully visible and committed to my mission and vision. I have sacred structure in place to nourish my self-care and spirituality. I enjoy time with my family. Joanna’s support has led me to a place where I feel hopeful and positive and know that I am a soul-centered leader in the world and that my work is just beginning.

-Regena Garrepy,
Mentoring for badass visionaries, recovering good girls, supermoms and messengers,
Rita Garnto

Not only has the number of regular massage clients increased by 156%, but I am also getting ready to launch my self-care program for women.

My mission and purpose are now clearly defined, and I am able to keep focused on making my dream a reality. Not only has the number of regular massage clients increased by 156%, but I am also getting ready to launch my self-care program for women. All of this is thanks to Joanna, my Accountability Coach, and the work I have done with them.

Before I started with the Your Sacred Business Program, I felt pulled in a lot of directions with the variety of streams of income I wanted to pursue through my massage business. This scattered thinking caused me to feel like I never had enough time to work in my business, on my business, be a Mom, a wife, all while keeping the essence of “me” in the mix. I was continually exhausted, irritable, and had “my crabby pants on” almost 24/7.

Since I joined the Your Sacred Business Program, I have become so much more focused and have not only discovered, but embraced my gifts, my brilliance, and my true purpose to serve. I have also been guided to befriend some of my biggest fears, and through that process have gained so much self-confidence and belief in myself.

Having the drive and passion to accomplish my vision was never the problem. The problem for me was the “how”. Your Sacred Business helped me realize that I am not alone in business, and I didn’t have to re-invent the “wheel” – in this case, the path to success. The step-by-step process that Joanna’s Your Sacred Business Program uses is clear, precise, and logical. There are definite formulas to follow AND they work!

One of my favorite parts of the coaching program is the grounding meditation at the beginning of each training call. Each meditation is so powerful as it leads you into the world and belief system you have created in your head. These meditations help clear up the myths in your belief system and make you better, stronger, and more confident. The meditation on befriending my marketing fears has literally changed my life. As I embark on the next phase of my journey into success, I am keeping Joanna and my Accountability Coach’s insights, notes, and trainings close to me for continued guidance. I am looking forward to joining Joanna in the next phase of coaching in the near future.

If you feel scattered, overwhelmed, or just alone in your business, I would highly recommend looking into the Your Sacred Business Program. This program has truly changed my life. Thank you for your great coaching and being my cheerleader! Thank you to Joanna for creating this program with your brilliance and helping business women feel not so alone!

-Rita K. Garnto LMBT, RRT,
Our refund policy: If you’ve gone through the entire program and have done all the homework and worksheets, and the program doesn’t work for you, we are happy to give you a year to apply your investment in this program into another Soulful Coaching Program.

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